Our impossible love (Part 3)


‌Hy guyzz hope you r liking my stuff….. M not a professional.. But loves to write my feelings ..this is the first time m sharing my stuff with public… I feel happy n reading your comments …do comment it enhance spirit of writing so back to story
Keerti- First Love is always special. And the effect of it – magical… We feel like we got everything.
Mishti- our home is mini yash Raj film… Whosoever meet us… Fall with us.. ( winking towards naksh)
Keerti- accha!! You r small in height only …(cuddling mishti)
Naksh- singhanias daughter r no less than each other… You will find every type of namoona here…
Keerti- whatever!! But m loving the namoonaas n their namoonagiri… I wish I could be here for some more time… It’s a pleasure to talk with you all..
Mishti – even you r very sweet d… Do visit next time. ….aap cheez h Mann m basny layak ho ghar ka kya h..
Naksh crossing his fingers,whispering himselves don’t go plzz plzz don’t go… Krishna ji do something don’t let her go so soon….
Dadi n manish enters there..
Dadi- keerti.. ..don’t be so lost in talking that uh forget tht some other people are also with you…
Keerti- sorry dadi!! Was coming only
Dadi- we will go at tym of sandhya aarti.. Muhrat s not good now
Naksh jump with happiness
Mishti – control bhaiyu control!!!
Keerti starts blushing
Keerti gazing out of window -wow !!! It’s raining outside so beautiful
Naksh looking at keerti – yeaa so beautiful
Mishti- kaira ka bhoot kisii or ko b lggya h kya..
Keerti you know what I Missed this bina mosam wali baarish….. Iska b apna mzzaa h… Ohhhh I m loving it
Naksh looking at keerti.. ( smiling) yes the rain that falls today is so different from the other days we’ve just had. Before the drops were not so beautiful so cute ….
Mishti shouting jumping with joy…. Wohoooo!! bff aagy… ( she run towards him n hugeg tightly)

A thick black eye brows with playful eyes.. His smile can make any girl mad… A guy full of smartness n miraculous looks…
Keerti- kartik (with tearful eyes)
Both huges each other….
Don’t talk with me.. N why will uh be doing so?? Who am I? It’s been a year forget about meeting uh didn’t even called. Me..
Kartik on his knees – sorry sissiee…. Plz don’t cry you know na I can’t see uh crying ……uh don’t look that good when uh cry… N m wherever I go I always miss uh…
Keerti- accha ohk ohk…. I know you r nautnki no 1 from childhood only…
Kartik- aaaaaachhuuuuuuuu…..( Sneezing) no it’s nothing lyk that… Ab m bdaa hogya hu
Keerti – shut up!! N sit down…. U r all wet sneezing so badly ( from her stole she wiped kartik’s head)
Kartik with eye close – I missed uh yarr… I miss your pampering very much… ( he huged her)
Keerti- how are you??? Or kya bdaa hogyaa hu lga rkhaa h… Thkk s apna khyaal th rkh nhi skty
Kartik- now you are here naa…. Tum rkhna mera khyaal
Keerti- yes bhai…… First of all have this Ginger tea… It will help you too get out from this cold ….u will feel relifed
Kartik- arey…. M olready relieved you r with me… Now with this Ginger tea let’s take a promise…
Mjhsy kbhi durr nhi hongy
Keerti -(smiling) hm durr thyy h kb ( holding his hands)
Mishti interput in between
Phoolu ka taaro ka sabka khna h ek haazaro aapki bhna h
Kartik yes one in thousands is my sister
Keerti- all our lives we have to stay together
Kartik- you are a cute goienka princess who always loves me
Keerti – since you went far away from my eyes all the dreams of life have been shattered
Kartik- the world could not know why you are sad c come close to me say what you have to say
Keerti – my prince goienka bhai left me alone that’s y m sad
Kartik- don’t cry I’ll be on my promise…. Will be with you foreva…. N yrr tery sath nhi that par pass th that….. Ab no more tears …..
Keerti – wiping kartiks tears yes no more tears ….n ab m tjhy khi b nhi jnyy doongi…
Dadi -mishti khii s bdiii s rassi leaao baandh do donoo ko
Mishti- my bff is very honest …wh apnaa promise kbhi nhi todty
Naksh- nhi nhi baandh h do…. At least for sometime he will be away from my sister…..
Everyone laugh n huged kartik…..

Precap- dadi to revel why she is here in front of singhanias
…..in real yrkkh wedding season is going on so don’t miss …stay tuned star plus @9:30 pm….

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  1. Hales

    Nyc one jiya! M waiting for naira to come soon n kaira together !?

    1. Jiya1312

      Yuppie.. Fearsome Indian tadky walaa surprise is waiting for uh

  2. Nice one…but pls add some kaira’s scenes

    1. Jiya1312

      …arey ???keep some patience baba …let naira enters the show… I promise you will give you romance h romance

  3. Hey going good dear….plzz add kaira scenes also na

  4. Jiya1312

    Yeapp… After naira entry some surprises r waiting for uh…. Stay tuned

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