Our impossible love (Part 2)


Dadi manish goienka with keerti entered singhania house….
Keerti was surprised as it was new to her whole family was seating laughing n giggling together
Keerti- wow!! Everyone is seating here… Everything is so positive
Mishti – hello… Hamary yha sbhi eksaath esee h rhty h
Naksh was busy in staring keerti… The way she was enacting ,her hands movement, smile made him fall for her….
Sudden voice..
Naksh naksh… Duggu!!!!! ….
( mishti came with a jug full water)

With a mischievous ☺ smile
Mishti – bhaiya is busy in his dreams wait I hv a perfect solution ….( she thrown water on his face )
Naksh with sudden anger – mishti ki bchhi!!!! What the hell you have done…..
Naksh started running after her mishti ….mishti pushed naksh towards mishti …
Mishti- waaah bhaiya gir gyiii… ????????……I won ….bhaiya m mishti only my bff can handle me ….hrkisi k bass k baaat nhi h
Naksh n keerti blushing
Naksh- where is your bff?…
Mishti- mishti smiling… Kaira had gone on a a long bike ride…
Naksh- ohh…. Long ride..!!! It’s OK he is my sister ‘bf… But I don’t like him at all.. Sometimes he get really cozy with naira

Mishti interrupt in between – bhai he was here for some office work naira d insisted him beechary my bf dono bhaiya bhen kicks him like football
Keerti gets angry – what do you mean naksh??? My bhai loves naira… You should give them some space…
Naksh- no no no it’s nothing like that…. Meri jgh aaky dekho…
Keerti – when you will love someone tb pta chlega ladki k bhai k over protecting nature works as a kabab m haddi….
Naksh started blushing
Buadadi – eei chory….. Naira th choti h.. Phle yh chora k kerde phr h chori k krengy… Bhai s only bhn k krnaa chokkha thodi lgego
Mishti- jumping didi k saath bhaiya muft muft muft….
Naksh staring keerti laughing
Manish goienka – aapky yha chlta hoga hmaary nhi chlta…
Dadi- hmaary jaaan phchaan k bhot sary log dekhchuky h accha nhi lgta

Mishti- yh th band bajwaany h aaei h
Naksh- chupp!!!
Mishti- bdyy log bdyy log….
Everyone Start smiling
Keerti seeing naksh- here people are very sweet n cute too.. :^):^)
Mishti- khii p nighaahyy khii p neshaanaa
Naksh n keerti starting blushing looking at each other…
Bua daadi confused
Manish phone rings – yes!!! What… Yeah m here only….. KACHORI… !!!!
Kartik had told luv m kush about kachories… Now they want kachorie
Dadi- no no our dietician will not allowed to eat kachorie.. We eat low fat food in olive oil only…
Manish- yes…

Precap kartik entry

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    Wow jiya!! Awsum ..m waiting for kartik’s entry in next epi ??

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