Our impossible love (Part 1)


It was a bright cold day in January, and the clocks were striking thirteen…though it’s a noon there but the fog was so much that hardly you can see anything… In between fog two lights strikes away tearing the fog with its bright headlights…it’s speed was enough to say that the driver loves to fly..
Suddenly car stops it’s side mirror opened driver came out of car n open it’s back door n stands straight waiting for his boss to come a high pitch voice came “so what I don’t care my time is much precious ….”he get out of his car tall …..He had distinct cheekbones and an angular jaw, his pale skin made him look devilishly handsome
He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. I guess he must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked his way followed by overcompensating with a non chalant gaze and a weak smile. Of course the blush that accompanied it was a dead give-away. It didn’t help that he was so modest with it, it made the girls fall for him all the more…..he was wearing three price suit with a muffler gazing his jaw line his hands we’re in his pocket n a goggler on his face… His walking was full of confidence..
They entered at a cafe a nice pretty girl with long hairs n with smile on face was waiting ….as he entered they make eye contact both of them exchanged smile… She stand on her place he came near her n with hands action said sit down….It was rare to find smile on his face his sparkling eyes were speaking a lot ,his gestures well enacting as if he had won a battle…. Girl said ” papa business tours n meetings m aap yh b bhool gy k yhaa aapki family b h… ” a sign of sadness suddenly came on her face

The man sit on chair n touches her head n said “keerti you all live in my heart… Yh Jo b m karrah hu tmhaary liy h th h… Jaan ho tmlog meri… Mai duniya bhoolskta hu pr meree. Bchoo ko kbhi nhi”
Keerti suddenly said kartik…… N great pause everywhere she shook her head off n start crying
He stand up n said in grieving voice m manish goienka the tycoon ,I m power but still m so unlucky my very own son hates me.. Didn’t want to see my face even…. When will he understand my love… Kb tk… Yh intezaaar meree h hissy m q…. Fyn Kroonga m hr koshish krrongya …..wh mera beta h manisgh goienka ka mere pass aaega ekdin ussy aana hi hga…. Kyoki haamary jitna pyaar usyy koi dehinhi skta
Keerti wiping her tears” yes dad u r the best or mera bhai h wh…..waapas hmlkyy aaengy usyy… ”
They both hug each other ….

He wore his Googles n came out of cafe with keerti ..they both sit in car
Driver- sir aaj fogg jyada h n office k raasty m abhi kuchh trees hawaa k wjh s girgyy…
Manish – ohky.. Turn back to goienka Villa ….
Goienka Villa.. The hill view vilaa was sign of their royalness ..it was very levish
. Goienkaa’s home sweet home comes with lavishly decorated indoorsand beautiful gardens on the front side.While the bungalow has neo-classical elements incorporated within itself, the interiors of the house are very modern and stylish, adorned with curios and objects of artfrom around the globe…
The vast door made of saagwaan wood opened with both sides security checkpoints
Thy get out of car and entered house in sofa area two persons were waiting for them. ….
Manish with his mother go their they joint their hands and .. The two person stand up with namashkar
Dadi – aap ko hmny kbhi yha dekha nhi…. Naye naue aaei h…
One persons said my name is naitik singhania n he is my son naksh singhania
We were here for naira
Naira!!!!!! Kon naira……. Dadi said with eyebrows high
Keerti entered …

Naksh got a smile on his face naturally seeing her
Keerti said raadhy Krishna… ??? papa dadi naira bhaiya k gf h
With sudden shock everyone stand up dadi n manish was angry
manish said how did uh know about it???? Keerti n y hvnt uh tell this earlier……
Dadi staring at naitik n naksh said “hamaara Kittu ko kis k nazar lagagy itnii badi baat hogyi or kuch btayaa b nhi ”

‌ Precap dadi n manish in singhania house

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