Our impossible love (intro)


Hi guys this is ayushi. I thought to start an ff so here goes the intro .
In this ff there is no krishnadasi thing but both the families are enemies bcoz of some past(which i will reveal later)


Pradyumn vidyadhar rao: He is the head of krishnavati ( in this ff he is a nice man and loves aaradhya but hates kumudini and her family)

Shashwat rao: He is the son of pradyumn and loves his family alot especially his daughters

Pavitra rao: She is the wife of shashwat and loves her daughters

Gayetri rao : She cares for her sister alot

Aradhya rao: She loves her family alot and is loved by everyone else too and is the best friend of aryan ( both the families are unaware)

Chimaji family

Kumudini : She is the mother of tulsi and grandmother of aryan

Yashwant chimaji : He is the husband of tulsi and loves his family

Tulsi chimaji : She is the mother of aryan and loves him alot

Aryan chimaji: He is the son of yashwant and tulsi and is loved by everyone he is the bff of aru ( but he secretly loves her)

Now the story revolves around the two families who are enemies but once used to be good friends(first kumudini was guilty but some misunderstanding made them enemies) Their houses are opposite to each other . Everynight aryan and aradhya meet . They decide to go to the same college and love blossoms here they get married to each other but when they return their family does not accept this marriage and they both get away from each other and then they try to reunite their families

So guys plzz tell me did you like the story, should i start and sorry if any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, plzz do comment in the comment section each comment mean alot to me plzz one word will also do
Positive and negative comments both are welcomed and feel free to comment

Question time
Your gender,age and where do you live?
I am a female of 14 from delhi
Bye guys i will try my best to post the first episode asap

Credit to: Ayushi

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  1. Wow Ayushi loved the concept…waiting for the first part

    1. Thank you so much nisha and can you tell me how can i change the profile pic to it?

  2. Yeah. The concept is very nice.. so plz do continue your ff

    1. Tysm maleesha

  3. Woww…Nyc FF..Aayushiii..
    U just start…Am ready to read???

    1. Thanks alot rebba dear

  4. RiyaDcruz

    Nice intro year…… Keep gng……..

    1. Thanks dear

  5. Sujee

    Nice concept dr. W8ing for the 1st epi.

    1. Thanks sujee

  6. Its very gud start yaar but directly marriage is not tht gud but other all is awesome

    1. Thnx for the comment but they will not directly marry first they will fall for each other

  7. grand intro ayushi loved the concept a lot hope to read it soon

    1. Thanks alot rhimjhim

  8. Superb intro dr.. Plz continue

    1. Thnx for the comment ruhani

  9. Nice sister .. lots of wishes fr uh…

    1. Thanks di☺?

  10. Lovely intro Ayushi????……plzzzzzzzzz do continue fabulous????????

    1. Thanks aribah

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