Our impossible love episode 7

Hi guys this is Ayushi but I am very sad bcoz u guys don’t
Comment on my ff plzz silent and regular readers if u like
It then tell me and if not then too plz I don’t want to waste
Ur time and mine too so plzzzzz comment positive or
So here goes the 7th episode of our impossible love
And guys I will not mention the part when aara will
Meet jairaj and will decide to go to Pune they will be
Shown when they will come back to krishnavati

A girls hostel is shown and a jeep is shown which is in
Front of it and our hero Aryan is shown sitting in it (actually he
Is waiting for Aru ?)

In a room
Aru is shown sleeping peacefully suddenly the alarm rings
She switches it off in sleep and her phone is on silent mode
There Aryan is continuously calling her and she is dreaming ??
So he decides to wake her up but can’t go from the main door
So goes from the window
Aryan enters her room and finds her sleeping peacefully and
Gets mesmerised by her beauty and just stares her like??
Suddenly his trance is broken by the second alarm and he
Hurries to wake her up

Aru is still not disturbed by the alarm(literally sleeping beauty?)
And Aryan shakes her
Aru(still in sleep)Aayi sone do Na (mom let me sleep )
Aryan thinks that she will not get up like this.suddenly a
Mischievous smile comes on his face he takes the jug full of water
And SPLASHHHHH!!!!?(I hope u got to know that he threw the
Water on her face)

Aru gets up with a jerk and sees Aryan
Aru:what was this ???
Aryan(said with full attitude)u were not getting up so……?
Aru:oh really I will not leave u ?
Aryan :oh really first see the time ?
Aru(sees the time and it’s 7:50) oh no ??
She takes her clothes and rushes to the washroom
Aryan : I am going down come fast do foo…No no sleeping beauty ?
Aryan comes down from the window and after 15mins Aru came she
Was looking stunning and again our hero was just staring her when Aru
Snapped her fingers in front of him and he came back from his dreamland ??

Aru and Aryan are going to clg and they see three people asking for lift
Guys they are Shivani Varun and Rahul and when he saw Aru he couldn’t
Take his eyes off her
Varun:can u plzzz drop us at ABC clg
Shivani:Actually we missed the bus bcoz of this sleeping beast Rahul
Aru : we are from the same clg come we will drop u
Aryan :and we got late bcoz of this sleeping beauty Aru ?
Aru hits him playfully
The three of them sit in the jeep and Rahul sits behind Aryan so that
He can stare Aru ?

Precap -aara Shivani Varun become friends and masti ?

So guys I end it here but plzzz????????do tell me how was it
Plzzzz if not then this will be the last epi so plzz do tell
Positive and negative comments both are welcomed
And so sorry for delay but exams from 10th-24th and its my ninth
Wish me luck guys and I will try to post soon

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