Our impossible love episode 7 (jealous Aryan ?)


Hi guys ayushi is back?actually guys I want to give more and more epics before my exams start.so here goes the 8th episode.hope u enjoy

Aryan is driving and Rahul is just staring Aru but she doesn’t notices
Shivani:Hey my name is Shivani.he is Varun my boyfriend and he is Rahul our friend
Aryan and Aru say hi
Varun:guys u are from the same clg but we
haven’t seen u once also Strange!!
Aru:actually we are new here this is our first day
Varun:oh ok but why did u join in mid
Aryan:we r from krishnavati it has only one clg and it closed so we r here
Shivani:but why
Aru:long story?leave it
During the whole conversation Rahul was just staring Aru
Finally they reached all rushed into the clg but
Rahul was blank but when Aru stepped down he came to his senses and rushed too
By chance allow them were in the same class

In the canteen
Aru was sitting and Aryan had gone to bring some food for them.when the
trio(Shivani,Varun,Rahul)entered they found the canteen full and Rahul noticed Aru and asked Aru can they sit there.she agreed
and he rushed and sat beside Aru

Aryan came balancing the two plates and did not notice them
Aryan:Aru here is your favourite..(looks up)oh
hi guys and then he noticed that Rahul was
sitting beside Aru and that was his place he had an unknown feeling (of course he is jealous ?)
Aryan:hey I was sitting there
Rahul:but I am sitting now
Aryan:so what that’s my seat
Varun:do u own this??
Aru:guys stop it why are u fighting like kids
Aryan u can sit there that chair is free
Aryan:Aru u too ?u know Na I always sit beside u ?
Rahul:Aru is correct
Aryan :hey only I have the right to call her Aru (possessive Aryan ?)
He sits down on that chair with an angry expression now Aru understands that and is going to sit beside Aryan but the bell rings and it was accounts period.
Varun:fight later it is mr.sharma’s period and he hates late comers

They all rush and aara decide to sit together but again no seat one is with Rahul and the other is with some other guy
Aryan :Rahul can u plzz shift with that guy me and Aru always sit together
Rahul : what’s ur problem??why u always want me to shift my place ??
Aryan was going to answer him back when teacher enters and tells them to settle down
Aru is going to sit with Rahul when Aryan immediately sits with him (too much aryan??)
Aru then sits with the other guy.class finished and they are going back to hostel
Aru is sitting at the backside with the trio and Ayan is just burning
Aryan:i am not ur driver do foot ki dinosaur come in front
The trio are confused
Aru:Aryan plzz don’t call me that at least in front of them ?
The trio laugh ??
Rahul:how can u call her do foot ki dinosaur??she is so Pretty
Now Aryan is just gonna burst ??? when Aru says thanks for the compliment ?but I have to go otherwise he will not drive (this only an excuse as she has sensed that something is wrong with him and decides to ask him at night)
Now they reached the hostel and guys Aryan is more or hell shocked that his room mate is none other than Rahul ?????

Boys room
Aryan is seen setting his room and Rahul is lying on his bed when aryan’s phone ring he picks it up and talks loudly so that Rahul can hear it
Aryan:Hi do foot ki dinosaur?why did u call
Aru:hi zero iq I called bcoz I know that u must have forgotten to call ur Aayi and she must be worried for u
Aryan:oh no ??thank u so much Aru u saved me today okay bye I will call u after talking to Aayi
Aru: welcome and yeah be on time
Aryan : wait I be on time u be on time?sleeping beauty
Aru:acha OK OK I will be on time good night sweet dreams
Aryan :Good night sweet dreams
Aryan calls tulsi,talks with her and sleeps ???

Precap-Aryan’s jealousy on peak ?

Hope u enjoyed and do comment

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  3. ??Itz lol..Really lyk dz episode..itz too fun to read??Post the next part soon…Ayushiii…?

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