Our impossible love episode 6


Hey guys this is Ayushi you must be shocked to see such a fast update!!!actually I had nothing to do so thought to utilize the time . guys I am going to Ujjain and I will return on monday and the sad part is I will miss the epi on Friday….aara scenes…. Feel like crying very badly but my sister will be at home so I have told her to watch it on my behalf..i know u must be thinking how stupid I am but I have to give trp to aara so a big round of applause for mastermind Ayushi and guys there is an ff on ishqbaaz’s page it has shivika swasan and ishkara I requested her to add aara and so she did but it is not shown on kd’s page so guys plzz go and read it and comment too and guys do u want any gifts?????i will surely bring it but for that u hve to comment!!!so enough of my bak bak but plzz do comment one word will also do
And guys if u imagine everything it will become more interesting!!

Aryan:aru it’s done!
Now Aryan thought to apologize but aru is aru
Aru (angry tone):thanks but don’t think I have forgiven u !!
Aryan(also became angry bcoz he thought he was compromising ):oh really!do u think I did this for someone who doesn’t trust me?(and watched the other side)
Now aru was feeling guilty by his words
Aru(trying to get up):arya….aahhhhhaa
Aryan(immediately turned):aru what are u doing hve u gone mad??
Aru:yes I hve gone mad bcoz someone very special to me is very angry with me and is not talking to me!!!(making a cute face so that Aryan can melt)

Guys making a cute puppy face is a special weapon of aru and Aryan to melt each other’s heart
Aryan :oh really can I know who is that someone special?
Aru:why should i tell u what will u do?
Aryan:maybe I can solve ur problem
Aru:and if u will not be able to do then
Aryan:first try….
Aru:okay his name is…………………………. ZEROIQ
Aryan:aru I am not 0iq?
Aru:who said I was talking about u??
Aryan(jealous):then whom were u talking about?
Aru:someome special
Aryan:who someone special ?(now he was burning with jealousy )
Aru:arey I just told u 0iq my 0iq
Aryan:ur 0iq … now go and talk to him only
Aryan was about to go when aru held her hands
Now aru said sorry by holding her ears and was about to do situps when aryan stopped him coz she got hurt in her foot
Aryan:okay I forgive u
Aru:thanks but now u also say sorry and do 1000 situps
Aryan:for what?(hell shocked)
Aru:arey u also said me so many things
Aryan:but that is true na
Aru:nooooooooooooooo nothing is true just say sorry
Aryan:ok fine ….. (he says hitler in a very low voice)
He did situps like he did in the serial and was looking very cute
Aru:ok stop I forgive u!

Aryan did almost 100 situps but aru stopped him and he was so happy that he just hugged her(awwww)but when he realized he broke the hug and said sorry
Aru thought to tease Aryan
Aru:don’t u want to know the name of 0iq
Aryan(shocked):I thought u were acting
Aru:no why will I act about my 0iq
Aryan:tell me his name(in mind: I will break his bones)
Aru:his name is………………. Aryan chimaji
Saying this she ran towards the window
Aru:bye 0iq see u in the morning good night
Aryan was also chasing her
Aryan:I will not leave u do foot ki dinosaur
But she escaped from the window after reaching down she waved to Aryan and he too waved
They were too sleepy so they slept peacefully

No precap

Guys I want to know do u want them to shift pune or want some more epis in college guys plzz tell I am too confused the according to ur will and wish I will write the next epi and guys plzz comment plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Ayushii..really am surprised about ua fast update..But anyways i need some more scenes in clg…Haa..ua wish?

    1. Manya

      I know….??I am also surprised?and thanks for commenting??

  2. manikarnika78

    More college scenes, kd Cv’s didn’t give us but u pls try na

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      Thanks for commenting and I will give more college scenes??

  3. Crazy..Sheeba

    More College scene..i wish asa hota KD mai …lov ur epi

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      Thanks a lot sheeb??

      1. Manya

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  5. yes ayshi.. me too want sm college romance btwn arr

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      1. Manya

        Sorry maleesha….autocorrect?

  6. Doing an extremely amazing job ?????
    Sorry for the extremely late comment
    Just got time to read ff
    Can you tell me the name of either the page or the FF of ishqbaaz you wrote about?

    1. Manya

      Thanks elaf I don’t write any ff on ishqbaaz but I read all the ffs are really awesome ?

      1. Oh nice. ?

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