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Hi guys i know this is super late but sorry plzz sorry but I have valid reasons firstly my father is here then I had viral fever last week and took off on wed,thurs,fri and Saturday and then had to do all the pending work of the school and also there is a maths and science exhibition coming up in my school so I had to prepare for that too . so now I have completed all my work and I am here with the fourth episode of my ff guys plzz do comment every episode the comments are getting less I think I am boring u guys plz do tell If I am ? silent and open readers plzz do comment

And today is shravan reddy’s birthday too
Recap Aryan and aradhya find an old man who tells them that………………………
Aryan:let’s go aradhya
They both head to find out the truth they ask many people but don’t find anything they were just going to give up when they see an old man sitting under a tree

Aryan:aradhya let’s talk to that old man
Aru:no yaar Aryan I am really tired we will carry on tomorrow plzz
Aryan:plz aru he will be the last person if he doesn’t know anything then we will carry on tomorrow plzz
Aru:okk but he will be the last person for today
Aryan:ok let’s go
Aryan and aradhya go to him

Aryan:Namaste uncle(hello uncle)
Old man(OM):maaf karna magar maine tum dono ko nahi pehchana(sorry but I didn’t recognize u both)
Aru sits beside him as she is too tired and gestures Aryan to talk
Aryan:uncle kya aapko pata hai ki 22 saal pehle kya hua tha ki chimaji aur rao dost se dushman ban gaye?(uncle do you know what happened 22yrs ago that chimajis and raos became enemies from friends)
OM:sab kuch bahut ache se chal raha tha ki ek bahut bade toofan ne sab kuch ujjad diya(everything was going good when suddenly a big storm destroyed everything)
Aryan and aradhya get excited that they were correct

Aryan:uncle plzz sab kuch saaf saaf btaiye(uncle plz tell everything clearly)
OM:tum ho kuan aur yeh sab kuch kyon jaanana chahte ho agar aaba saheb aur kumudini ko bta chal gay a toh voh mujhe maar denge(who are u and why do you want to know abt this if aaba or kumudini gets to know this they will kill me)
Aryan:uncle aap ko kuch nhi hoga main vaada karta hoon aur kisi ko kuch bta nhi chalega(uncle you will not get harm I promise and no one will get to know anything)

OM: magar tum dono kaun ho?(but who are you)
Aru:usse kya fark padta hain?(how does that matter)
Aryan takes some money and gives it to the old man :ab toh kuch bta do(now plz tell something)
OM:acha theek hai btata hoon magar kisi ko bta nhi lagna chahiye ki maine tumhe yeh sab kuch btaya hai?(ok I will tell u bt no one shld get to know that I told u everything)
Aru : ok but plz tell something
OM:22 saal pehle rao parivar aur chimaji parivar dost the magar ek din ek aisi cheez hui jiska kisi ko koi andaaz nhi tha aur dono parivaar dost se dushman ban gye (22 yrs ago raos and chimajis were friends and one day something unexpected happened and they became enemies from friends)
Aru:yeh toh hume bhi pata hain(we also know this)

Aryan :aru plz don’t speak in between let him speak
Aru gets angry , gets up and starts fighting with Aryan
Aru:Aryan this is my mouth and I will speak whenever I want to?
Aryan:oh really ms aradhya pradyumn vidhyadhar rao aaji is correct u raos are like this only
Aru is shocked to listen this as she was just fighting in fun and Aryan took it like this she felt very bad bcoz Aryan insulted her family and now she also became angry

Precap: keep guessing what happened to Aryan suddenly

So guys this was the fourth episode I know it was short and pretty boring but I had to end it bcoz of suspense but fifth one would be a big and an interesting one and guys plz comment and do tell me what do u think what happened to Aryan and plzz tell me if I am boring u guys ?????????????????????? plzzzzz don’t feel shy to give ur sugestions negative and positive comments both are welcomed but plzzzzzzzzz do comment each comment mean a lot to me

Credit to: Ayushi

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  1. Nice dr .dont worry abt being late. I’m also busy with my xams so i also couldn’t my ff.i will be free after aug13 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Thanks sujee

  2. Ayushi..Am also feeling not well frm few dayz..☺Anywayz Precape z lill intrestingg..But the same precape ..
    Anyways plzz post the next part asap..?
    Give importants to ua studies too…

    1. Thanks actually an idea popped into my mind when i was writing so just thought to add some suspence

  3. silent reader

    very good but please make it ineresting
    and no prblm for late
    we r always withu

    1. Thanks and the next episode wil be awesome

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