Our impossible love episode 3


Hi guys and thanks to you all for reading and commenting and guys my episodes might get late bcoz my father is coming from Kuwait as his job is dere so he just comes once or twice a year and I like to spend most of my time with him when he is here but as soon as I get time I will update the next part I hope u all will understand and here goes the third episode
There is a knock at the door and aara look at each other in shock
Aru:k…k..koun hai?[who is dere] Person:arey aru it is me ur aayi
Aru(whispers):Aryan u go I will meet u tomorrow and will try to find out the truth
Aryan goes via window and aru opens the door
Pavitra:arey itna time koun lagata hai darvaza kholne mein(who takes so much time to open a door)
Aru:wo..actually…aayi…I was in the sleeping but why did u came here at this time?
Pavtira:can’t I come in my daughters room
Aru:no ………… aayi I ……
Pavitra:I just came u to give this milk now drink it and go to sleep
Aru:ok aayi and tomorrow after college I have to go for some work
Pavitra:which work aru?
Aru:aayi…… for………………. some project ya for some project
Pavitra and aru wish gn to each other and go to sleep

In the morning
Aryans is as always ready for the college and thinks to call aru so the sleeping beauty aradhya wakes up but this time aradhya picks his phone in one time and is not at all looking sleepy from her voice(guys if they stand at the windows of their room they can see each other)
Aru is standing near the window and sees Aryan looking for something in the sky
Aru:Aryan what are u looking for in the sky?
Aryan :just checking from where did the sunrose in the morning from east or west?
Aru:but why?
Aryan:bcoz the sleeping beauty aru woke up early
Aru:hahaha it was not at all funny
They both come down for breakfast and Aryan tells tulsi that he will come late bcoz after college he has to work on a project. They were leaving their houses when aaba and kumudini said that they too have work so they will leave them to the college. This time the cars were parked outside their houses and they had to walk till the car and as always they see each other and are going to have an argument when Aryan stops kumudini and aru stops aaba they both make a face and leave Aryan makes a face to show to kumudini but aru makes a face bcoz she is angry on Aryan for the joke he cracked in the morning

In the college
As soon as the cars are out of sight Aryan talks to aru but she ignores
Aryan:hi aru
Aru ignores and starts walking
Aryan understands that she is angry but on what and he he knows if he asks this to aru she will get more angry so to be on the safer side he just acts like he is sorry on what he did without knowing for which mistake he is saying sorry(typical boys u know)
Aryan (making a cute face like aru) sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plzzzzzzzz
Aru still ignores
Aryan : chollllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aruuuuuuuuuu plzzzzzzzzzz
Aru laughs says its okay just bcoz we hve to investigate today but u will not crack any more jokes from now on
Aryan realizes on which thin aru was angry and says done no more of my pakkau jokes(pj)
They attend their classes (guys there r in d sme class) and go out to find something related to their families

Precap:they find an old man who tells them that ……………………….

Guys I think it was a boring one but next time it will be awesome I promise and plzzzzzzzzz do comment they encourage me a lot and many interesting ideas come to my mind plzzzzzzzz
BYE and will try to post the next part soon

Credit to: Ayushi

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  1. Ofcourse,Ayushi…When my father also came seriously, i will b bc tooo…Thatz quite nature.U just njoy the movmentzz…God bless u dear??
    Yyaa..todayz part was lil short but itz okie..Eagerly waiting for next part..

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  5. Awesome epi and i can understand

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  6. Awsomeeeeeeeeeee episode??❤️❤️?? Ayushi……..and I can understand because this has also happened to me??…..so plzzzzzz don’t worry ?? and take your time??……lovelyyyyyy going keep it up????????

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