Our impossible love episode 2


Hi guys I am here with the second episode of my ff. And EID MUBARAK to everyone. Keep commenting like this and feel free to give ur suggestions.
Recap- aara fight and aru wins the quiz and gives a treat to Aryan.
They both go to their houses
ARUs house
Aru: aaba I won the competition
Aaba: you are my pride aru we will celebrate later bcoz I have to for some important work
Aru: ok aaba
ARYANs house
Kumudini: how was ur day Aryan
Aryan:it was good aaji
Kumudini:I will meet u later I hve to go for some work
Kumudini and aaba sit in their respective cars and leave at the same time and are about to clash when the driver stops at the r8 time and they both come out and have an argument
Kumudini:deva Krishna yeh kisi shakal dikha di aapne [ oh god Krishna whose face hve you shown me] Aaba: ae kumudini yeh humein bolna chahiye tujjhe nhi samjhi[ae kumudini I should say this not u understood] Kumudini[loudly]: nahi samjhi kya karlega tu?[no I hve not understood what will u do?] Aaba: abhi btate hain tujhe kumudini ki hum kya kar sakte hain [wait I am telling what can I do ]

Meanwhile the the servants inform Aryan and he calls aru
Aru: hi Aryan
Aryan: no time for hi aru my aaji and ur aaba are fighting again
Aru: what??????? Where????????
Aryan:in front of our house plzz come out fast
Aru: ya yaa I am coming
They keep the phone and head to that place[guys in front of their families Aryan and aru are enemies just like them and they pretend to fight in front of them] they reach the place Aryan signs aru and she nods in a yes
Aryan: oh hello aaba sahib u stay away from my aaji
Aru: oh hello mr.aryan chimaji tell ur aaji to stay away from my aaba
Aryan: aaji lets go it is a waste of time to talk to them
Aru: correction mr. Aryan it is a waste of time to talk to u people lets go aaba
They both have a sigh of relief and see each other and leave.
At night
Aru is waiting for Aryan in here room [guys they hve turns one day Aryan comes to aru’s room and sometimes aru to aryan’s]. suddenly there is a knock at the window she goes and opens it they come via window only [like spiderman or spiderwoman]. He comes inside and talks to aru
Aryan: do u really think that r families were once good friends [actually there families hve never told them directly bcoz the incident happen 22yrs ago when they were not born they hve heard some people talking about it] Aru: yes Aryan bcoz those people were talking about an incident which changed the friendship of our families into hatred and nobody dares to talk about the incident bco of aaba and kumudini have warned them
Aryan : still aru we need some prove atleast we cannot just believe what people say
Aru: u r correct Aryan then after college we will go and will try to find something about the incident
Aryan: ok but do not forget to tell ur family that u will be late or otherwise they will get worried
Aru: ok Aryan ji and u too
Suddenly there is a knock at the door both Aryan and aru look at each other

Precap : keep guessing

So guys did u liked the episode tell me via comments and plz do comment and tell me what do you think who is there and plzz keep supporting and commenting and guys do you know hindi as it takes time to type in english also plzzzzz tell
BYE guys and will try to post the next part asap

Credit to: Ayushi

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  1. amazing ayushi. sry i couldnt comment on ur last epis as i was busy.pls update asap

    1. thanks myna and i will try to post soon

  2. Awsomeeeeeeeeeee episode Ayushi??❤️❤️??…….and you too Eid Mubarik ??……..And I want to ask Ayushi are you a Muslim I’m also a Muslim??……..lovely going keep it up ????????……..

    1. No aribah i am a hindu but festival is a festival of whatever religion it is and thnx for the comment

  3. Fabulous episode ayushi and I liked ur way of imagination that makes u to write a ff and the main thing I liked in ur ff is aru and Aryan trying to clear the misunderstanding of their families and eagerly waiting for the reason which made the families to break up & try to update soon , lovely……………….

    1. Thanks alot sitara

  4. Wow…lil intresting episode..I ❤ it…But aayushii..Am frm kerela n I undrstand hindi by both action n dailogues..So i will try to undrstand..But add simple,simple words on ff..i try my best?
    Plzz..post the next part Asap..?

    1. Thanks rebba and i will give the english translations for u

  5. Amazing ayushi waiting for the next part post asap

    1. Thanks di

  6. Nice epi

    1. Thanks sanika

  7. it is amazing ayushi….. i am reallyyyyyyy sorry for the late comment… plzzz pardon me

    1. Thanks alot rhimjhim it means alot to me as u r my inspiration and nisha and tanu also

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