Our impossible love episode 1


HI guys this is Ayushi ,glad u all liked my concept and keep commenting like this . As for now Aryan and aradhya are in the same college in krishnavati but soon they both will go to pune. So here goes the first episode .

A big house is shown with a huge sign board RAOs and below it was written dogs and CHIMAJIs not allowed
IN ARUs room
A beautiful girl is shown sleeping(of course it is aru bcoz it is her room). Pavitra comes there.
Pavitra: Aru get up fast
Aru: aayi just five mins more plz(she is just like me)
Pavitra: aru it is 7:45 get up you are getting late for your intercollege quiz
Aru(shocked to hear the time coz she decided to meet Aryan at 7:30 in the college and as always she is late):aayi you should have told me earlier and rushes to the bathroom.
Pavitra laughs at her stupidity

In the college
A handsome boy is seen ( it is none other than Aryan)
Aryan (in an angry tone): Now I will not talk to her. She herself make plans and always get late. This is not fair
Aryan is angry when someone comes from behind and closes his eyes
Aryan: I know aradhya you are here , I am very angry with u and this time I will not forgive you even if you make a cute face but this time I will not melt
Aru(comes in front): sorry baba you know na how lazy I am
Aryan (still angry): then you will not make any plans from now
Aru(makes a cute face ):sorry ,sorry, sorry ,sorry plzzz forgive me plz Aryan plzzzzzzzzz…………
Finally ayan melts and says you are forgiven
Aru(pulling Aryans cheek): This is like my Aryan
Aryan: ahh leave me do foot ki dinosaur it is hurting ahhh
Aru(pulling his cheek harder) : what did you call me huh? Say it again
After making his cheek red like a tomato aru tries to run but Aryan holds her hand and pulls her closer. They share an eyelock which is broken by an announcement
Aryan : Good luck aru
Aru :thankyou
Aru wins the quiz and aru gives a treat to Aryan
In the canteen
Aru : it will be so good if are families become friends once again
Aryan : yes but they hate each other very much and we do not know the reason of their hatred
They both have a good time and leave for their houses
ARYANs house
It is also a big house opposite to the house of aru with a board CHIMAJIs and below it is written mosquitoes and RAOs are not allowed .
They both enter their house
Episode ends
GUYS PLZZ DO COMMENT THEY WILL ENCOURAGE ME.BYE guys will try to post the next part ASAP

Credit to: Ayushi

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  1. mindblowing ayushi…i liked the writting on the signboards a lot…. RAOs… dogs and chimajis not allowed…… and ….. Chimajis…. mosquitoes and raos not allowed 😀 😀 =D

    1. Thanks alot rhimjhim and how can i change the profile pic ??

      1. Sujee

        U can become a registered member in TU or activate an account in gravatar.com(by this u can use the wallpaper in all sites u r commenting )

    2. Asmitha

      Awesome yaar

      1. Thanks asmitha

  2. Wow Ayushi that’s great…keep going… When u submit ur article, just above the blank that says ‘prove ur not a robot’ there is a button where its written ‘browse picture’ click that n then u can change the picture ?

    1. Thanks for the comment and help

  3. Nice one 🙂

    1. Tysm oshie

  4. Ayushi please update fast im eagarly waiting for the next episode yar and good u going

    1. Thanks a lot and I will try my best to post the next part asap

  5. Ruhani

    Superb dr.. I really liked their nameboard infront of their gate Hahaha… Omg aru is so cute

    1. Thanks ruhani

  6. Fabbbbbbbbbbb episode Ayushi??❤️❤️??……and the signboards are very funny??…….lovelyyyyyyyy going keep it up????????

    1. Thanks aribah

  7. Sujee

    Very nice one especially the signboard

  8. Awesome episode

  9. silent reader


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