Our impossible love 21#holi

Hi guys sorry sorry sorry sorry maa Kar do ????????so here goes the 21st episode of our impossible love
Imagine and enjoy?

Everybody wakes up but of course our sleeping beauty Aru has slept and is not waking up
Aryan:Aru plzzzzzz wake up yaar who told u too sleep plzzz wake mr Sharma will kill us?
Aryan:Aru are u getting up or not?
Aryan:then I will not talk to u ?
Aryan:I will count till 3
Aryan:2and a half
Aryan:Three ok fine bye don’t talk to me now
He left and Aru woke up,got ready and left

She thought that Aryan was just joking but he was serious ?
Aryan,Varun,Shivani were standing
Varun:Aryan where is Aru??
Aryan:i don’t know?
Aru came
Aru:Good morning everyone
Shivani:good morning btw what happened yesterday?
Aru was about to speak when Aryan spoke
Aryan:that is not so important see mr Sharma is calling
They went down and Aryan didn’t even spoke a work he just had the angry young man expression on his face?

Now they are sitting in the bus Aryan sits with Rohan
Aru:Rohan can u plzz go somewhere else plzzz
Aryan:no need to go!!i will go
He came at another seat which was empty Aru came and sat beside him
Aru:what happened Aryan?
Aryan:u r saying this as if u don’t know ?
Aru:u know Na that I am a sleeping dinosaur ?
Aryan:this is not done Aru u told that u love ur sleep more than me ?
Aru:Aryan no it’s……
Before she could speak
Aryan:it’s okay now let me sleep I am very tired ?
He slept and Aru was left sad but then she came up with an idea(guys it’s Holi)

She went to me Sharma said something which is muted he agreed bcoz she was his favourite student ?
Aru:thanku sir ?
She came back to her seat saw Aryan sleeping
Aru:now we will see mr Aryan Chimaji what will u do???
She too slept.After some time the bus stopped me Sharma woke Aru and she left the bus(others are still sleeping)
Aryan got up and didn’t find Aru by her side and nobody in the bus it was fully empty.He got down and saw people playing Holi madly and enjoying???(u can imagine somewhat like YJHD)
Aru came with a bucket full of water and SPLASHHHHH!!!!!all on aryan?
Aryan:oh sh*t
Aryan:Aru u!!!u r gone today he takes a plate full of colours and runs behind her

Balam pichkari plays in BG ?
He finally catches her applies colour on her face badly
Aru starts singing: Itna maza kyu aa raha hai tune hawa mein bhang Milaya
Itna maza kyu aa rha hai tune hawa mein bhang Milaya(takes some colour and applies it in Aryan)
Dugna Nasha kyu Ho rha hai aakhon se Meetha tune khilaya(Aryan is standing and smiling)
He also starts dancing and singing:Ho Teri malmal ki Kurti gulaabi Ho gyi Tu chali chal kaise Nawabi Ho gyi toh??
Rahul,Varun and Shivani too join and they do the signature step of Balam pichkari
Balam pichkari Ho tune Mujhe masti toh seedhi saadhi chori sharabi Ho gyi ha jeans pehen ke no tune Mara Dhumka toh latto padosan ki Bhabhi Ho gyi
Song ends here?

Aru:this means u forgave me Aryan??
Aryan:who said that??
Rahul goes and brings a plate full of Thandaai but one glass had bhang which he gave to aru?
Aru drinks it in one go Rahul smirks seeing this?(funny tune plays)
Aru:why is everything going round and round and roun…..(stumbles)
Aryan:what happened Aru?
Aru:ohh 2-2 Aryan ??
Varun:what happened to her??
Shivani:Rahul u did something??
He was about to speak when they hear announcement
Aru:hello everybody enjoying the Holi party(stumbles hear and there)

Now let’s have some more fun?let’s dance 1,2,3 music
Aryan rushes towards the stage
Aru-Zara sa jhoom loon main(can I dance a lil)
Aryan:arre Na re Na re Na (no,no,no)
Aru:Zara sa ghoom loon main(can I roam a lil)
Aryan:arre Na re Na re Na(no,no,no)
Aru:aa tujhe choom loon main(come I will kiss u)
Aryan:arre Na re Na re na(no,no,no)
Aru:main chali banke hawa(I am going like air)
Aryan:Rabba mere Mainu bacha(God save me)
Aru rushes downstairs and goes near the Thandaai stall
Aru:uncle one more plzz
Aryan too rushes
Aryan:no uncle stop
Aru:why I want more??
Aryan:no u will not get
Aru:kk but atleast Thandaai without bhang
Aru:Aryan see me Sharma is calling u!
Aryan:where??(he turns)
Aru exchanges the glases with bhang glasses
They both drink it

Precap:Aara drunk??

I end it here so how was it guys I know I am super late uske liye sorry but I promise I will not be late now actually my mamu’s wedding is on 14th so was busy in shopping?
Plzzz comment and tell me how was it
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Bye guys
Love love❤️

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  1. Komal randhawa

    Finally u post …btw awesome episode ….plz post next epi ASAP….

  2. ??????Dz was fab my dea…???

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  3. Nitha

    Itzz lovely n my fav epi Dea I’m loving drunk aara, wantd to see dem like dis,?but can’t, no worry I cn imagin n enjoy ????..next post asap Dea..

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  4. oooooohooooo drunk aara in the precap? ??excited to read.epi was good . angry Aryan was very cute.And is bar thoda jaldi upload karna karna nxt part.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  5. It was too la8? i was waiting soo damn eagerly ? episode was awsome lush?? waiting for next episode …hope u will not take thaaaaaaaaaat much time to post new episode?

  6. Soo late?? I was eagerly waiting for the episode.. nice episode post next episode as fast as posible plzee.?

  7. silent reader

    so late
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  8. Please post another episode soon I am waiting from many days please please yar because krishnadasi is ended and I just read these fan fiction episodes

    1. Manya

      Kk dear I will post it by day after tomorrow bcoz there’s a wedding in my house tomorrow so it’s not possible
      Plzz cooperate?

  9. Hey ayushi why late all of us waiting for Nxt episode from many days dear so please post epi as soon as possible??

    1. Manya

      Soory dear actually there was a wedding today I will definitely post it tomorrow?

  10. Has wedding ended in ur house? ??if ended Thn plz post the nxt part. I know there may b time problems. Talking lil slfsh bt ab KD to end ho gaya only ur ff is my oxygen between these Carbon -Di – oxide type serials. sab bakwaas hain. plz post soon 🙁

  11. Has wedding ended in ur house? ??if ended Thn plz post the nxt part. I know there may b time problems. Talking lil slfsh bt ab KD to end ho gaya only ur ff is my oxygen between these Carbon -Di – oxide type serials. sab bakwaas hain. plz post soon 🙁

    1. ??Carbondioxide serial..Dz too funny..I lyk it..
      Xactly ayushii..?plzz..post dea.

  12. Ayushi plzee post yaar… u said.. plzee plzee waiting for it .. post it AFAS plzee

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