Our impossible love 20#surprise


Hi guys ayushi is back with the surprise are u all ready??so here goes the 20th episode of our impossible love do read and comment
Imagine and enjoy?

Varun:Aryan will u go with Rahul or do the preparations?
Aryan:of course I will do the preparations ??
Shivani:ok then
They were discussing their plan when mr Sharma came in the center
Mr Sharma:Boys and girls there is an important announcement!!
We will start trekking for the final destination that is khipshi pass from today itself(oh no?)
Aryan:WHYYY!!!?(and everybody was like ?)sir but why we were supposed to start from Tomorrow
Mr Sharma:will u let me complete mr?
Aryan:yes sir plz continue
Mr Sharma:there is some issue….
Aryan:what issue ?(u r gone)
Mr Sharma:??
Varun(whispers to Aryan and Shivani):shut up idiot!!u r gone
Aryan:sorry sir!!really sorry plzzz continue
Mr Sharma:if u will speak once more then u will have to do all the work
Aryan:no sir sorry I will not speak promise
Mr Sharma:the weather forecast says that there will be a storm so we need to finish the trek as soon as possible(sorry guys didn’t get any other reason?)
Mrs Walia:so complete ur work fast we have very less time
Everybody:kk ma’am

All of them disperse
Aryan:ohh no what will we do know???
Shivani:u can propose her when we will get back to Pune
Rahul is listening this:oh no that will be too late I have to do something
He goes to them
Rahul:guys now how will I propose Aru?
Varun:u can propose her when we will get down
Rahul:good idea Varun
He goes and stands at a corner to listen to them
Aryan:what was this??
Shivani:Varun Aryan was going to propose Aru when we will get back
Varun:Aryan it’s okay u can propose Aru at our final destination and Rahul will be late then
Shivani:I guess that’s perfect u can propose her at midnight when everybody is asleep
Varun:it will be so romantic no our hero and heroine that is Aryan and Aradhya are awake at midnight when everybody else is asleep and our hero Aryan proposes Aru and the location is also so romantic ??
Aryan:shut up Varun ?
Shivani:why is always ur brain into Bollywood and romance??
Varun:okay okay ?
Shivani: so that’s final Aryan will propose Aru at khipshi pass?
Rahul listens this and smiles and leaves from there
Mr Sharma was again on a round to check if everyone was working or not and our Trimurti was again having fun
Mr Sharma came and stood at their back
Varun:Aryan u can(turns back)?
Shivani:what happened Varun have u seen some ghost(turns back)?
Aryan(laughs):what happened to u both??(turns back and his face from This ?turns to this?)?
Mr Sharma:u three never have any work see others they are always working and u three
Trimurti(trio):sorry sir

Mr Sharma:now what are u waiting for??christmas get back to ur work?
The trio disperse and start doing their work
Sumer:so guys lets start our trek ?
Everybody start their trek
A Lil scenes
They all are waking in a line with Sumer at the starting and me Sharma at the end
Aryan,Varun and Shivani are walking in the middle and aru and Rahul at the starting
Aryan:guys I am feeling very nervous ?
Varun:Aryan be a sport and just say it bro
Shivani:Aryan this is ur last chance and u have to say it
Aryan:but I am not sure that she too loves me or not what if
Varun:plzz don’t start ur what if again ??
Scene 2
The five of them are walking together
Scene 3
Aru and Aryan are walking together and the trio are walking at the back
Aru:Aryan I think u r changed after coming on this trip
Aryan:changed??me!!!no never why??
Aru:bcoz u spend more time with Shivani and Varun and less time with me
Aryan:Ohhh!!aru u r only busy in doing work all the time
Aru:and u r busy in gossiping all the time
They have a laugh
Scene 4
Shivani and Varun are walking together and the trio are walking together with Aryan in the middle
Rahul:Aryan can u come here I need to talk to Aru
Aryan:no I also need to talk ??
Rahul:u aren’t talking
Aryan:no I am talking Aru……….ummmmm…….did u like this trip
Aru:Yesss Aryan
Scene 5
Rahul is walking at the back and the four are walking in front
Rahul(to himself):I know Rahul it’s not easy but aru and Aryan love each other and u have to sacrifice ?
End of scenes and they reach their destination
Sumer:so guys this is our final destination
Aryan:sees a red flag on the top of a hill(just like Ranbir did in YJHD)
Hey can’t we go there

Guys I am not adding any ghostly story becoz Aryan will propose Aru over there
Sumer:actually our trek ends here only
Aryan(to himself):I will propose Aru there only
Sumer:guys u can take rest bcoz we will camp back next morning
Everybody disperses
Aryan:Aru come to meet me here when everybody is asleep
Aru:but why??
Aryan:just do as I say and u will get to know ?
He goes to Shivani and Varun
Aryan:guys I will propose aru over there
Varun:woho so romantic?
Shivani and Aryan:SHUT UP Varun ??
In night
Aru comes out and sees Aryan
Aru:Aryan tell me now fast I have to go and sleep too
Aryan:sorry Aru
Aru:for what??
Aryan:bcoz u will not be able to sleep today
Aryan:bcoz we are going there(he points out at the place)and drags her
Aru:Aryan but why
Aryan:u will not ask anything till we reach there
Aru:but why??
Aru:kk fine

They reach there and the sun is rising ?(guys imagine the place in YJHD)
Aru:now tell me
Aryan bends on his knees takes out a bunch of roses
Aryan:Aru I LOVE U
He shouts and. This echoes there
Aryan:Do u ??
She turns back and Aryan stands up
Aryan:Aru if u don’t love me then tell me atleast
Aru just hugs him tightly and he too does❤️❤️
After a while they break the hug
Aru:I LOVE U TOO ?(she too shouts)
Aryan:strange u love me but any of our tricks didn’t work on u
Aru:bcoz those tricks were so stupid and lame?
First was that ur pain my pain
Then the qualities of my life partner
And that plalat palat trick
Aryan was shocked?:how do u know that??
When they were discussing these things Aru heard it and realised that she too loved him but thought to do some fun and didn’t reacted to any of their tricks ???(shock laga Na)
Flashback ends

Aryan:so u were making fun of us all the time,I will not talk to u
Saying this he was about to go when Aru held his hands
Aru say on her knees,held her ears and made a cute puppy face and said:Chorry
Aryan:kk fine but don’t do it again
Aru was very happy she got up kisses Aryan and ran ❣
For a fraction of second Aryan was not able to understand but then ran behind her
Aryan:Aru wait Aryan Chimaji returns everything
But she was too embarrassed so she ran till the camp followed by Aryan
Everybody was asleep till now so they went to their respective tents and acted to sleep

So guys here I end this episode how was it??Do tell me through ur precious comments
Did u all like the surprise
Plzzz comment guys it’s2:06am and I am still awake and writing this for all of u plzzzzzzz do comment
Guys today there are 2 celebration
One is completing 20 episodes
Second is today is Ranbir Kapoor’s happy birthday ????❣❤️???????❣???????
Wish him a very very happy birthday bcoz he is my favourite ❤️❤️❤️❤️
And do comment guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzz????
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Negative and positive both comments are welcomed ?
Love u all ❣❣
Bye guys going to sleep but u all have to comment ?

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    Very nice ! Ayushi , I love it . That sceen when Aryan proposed Aru , it wss beyond amazing

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      Thank u so much ?❤️

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      Thank u so much ?

  3. muuuuuaaaahhh. A long flying kiss to u. This was so romantic. The place, the emotions, situation, The confession & all above our Aara are jst perfect. Imagining thm in such scens is a bliss alwys.Really shocking Aru knew evrythng. Loved it alooot.waitng to read next part.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Manya

      Thanku thanku thanku❤️❣
      A long flying kiss too u 2

  4. Hritika

    nice episode

    soo romatic loved it

    1. Manya

      Thanks Hrithik did u read my msg??

      1. Manya

        Hritika ?

  5. Nitha

    Hey suprbb romantic epi.. Luvd it…Dea..happy birthday Ranbir???my hero…

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  6. Each and every scene was awesome loved it. Wating for the next one

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      Thanks sayali❣

  7. omg omg! Amazing episode. I just can’t tell you how I feel right now! SUCH A LOVELY EPISODE! ❤️❤️
    I could imagine them both. Like seriously! ??
    Keep it up yo! ??

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      Thanks malik?

  8. silent reader

    very nice
    ranbir my fav too
    very nice dear
    give some spoilers

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  9. Wow wow wow just wow ????? so cute scenes i will imagine these scenes whole night inshaAllah?? waiting for next episode plz upload soon nd congrats for completing #20 episodes may u have many more?

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  10. Sorry ayushi i was bzy couldn’t read n cmntd but it was jst so awsm

    1. Manya

      It’s okay Sam ?

  11. N where r u frm 5 days n when will u post nxt epi??

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      Sorry for the delay it will be posted tomorrow ?

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    ayushi waiting for ur 21 part

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