Our impossible love 18#Trick 2


Hi guys ayushi is back but I am sorry if this episode will be short bcoz MATHS exam ????on 24th I need ur wishes guys Plzzzzzz pray that I pass in maths ??After 24th long episodes I promise?so here goes the 18th episode of our impossible love
Imagine and enjoy ?
Aru and others come running and Aru just hugs aryan??
Aru(still hugging):Aryan we won we won
Aryan was shocked at first then hugged her back ?
As soon as Aryan hugs her she realises her state and breaks the hug she was feeling very uncomfortable so she left
Varun:Ohhho hugging and all(said in a teasing tone)

Shivani:see I told u she too loves u
Aryan:yaar I don’t think so
Aryan:see Na how she just left
Shivani:Aryan stop being negative and see at the positive side
Aryan:what positive
Varun:that she hugged u idiot
Aryan:oh yes she hugged me for the first time after love realisation
Saying this he hugs Varun
Varun:Aryan leave me I love Shivani not u ?
Aryan leaves him

Aryan:guys what are we going to do now??
Shivani:idea we can ask Aru what kind of life partner she wants and then if there is something that is not on u then u can change urself
Varun:nice idea Shivani
Aryan:who will ask her??
Varun:Shivani will only ask
Shivani:why me?
Varun:who gave the idea ?
Varun:who will ask Aru ?
Varun:now go and ask

Shivani goes to Aru and both of them are hearing the convo roaming here and there bcoz there is no space to hide ?
Shivani:Aru what all qualities do u want in your life partner?
Aru:Shivani what kind of question is this?and why all of a sudden?
Shivani:u tell no
Aru:kk my life partner should love me more than himself
Now after hearing this the trio are very happy
Aryan(to Varun)yes I love u more than myself?
Aru:he should be caring,understanding and should maintain a balance b/w family and work
Varun(to Aryan)aryan Congo bro u have all these qualities ?
Aru:and most importantly he should be nice to my friends In fact he should consider them as his friends
Varun(to Aryan):oh no Aryan u don’t even talk to Rahul properly ??
Shivani:kk Aru thanks
She comes to both of them and Aru gets engaged in her work
Shivani:Aryan from now on u have to talk to Rahul very nicely and politely ?
Aryan:I can’t do this ?
Varun:Aryan u have to do this!!
Shivani:we r not giving u a choice ?
Varun:u love aru no?

Varun:then do it for her
Aryan:kk Aryan get ready pyaar mein kurbani Deni padti hai (u have to sacrifice not love?)
He goes to Aru and Rahul,rahul was doing work
Aryan:Rahul I will do it
Rahul:no Aryan it’s okay I will do it bcoz I am from the loosing team
Aryan:no Rahul I will do it bcoz a friend in need is a friend indeed??(in mind:I am doing this only for Aru not for u?)
Aru was shocked at this bcoz the Aryan who always fights with Rahul is talking with him about friendship?
Aru(checks his forehead):Aryan are u ok?r u having fever??the weather is not suiting u ?
Aryan:no Aru I am perfect what happened?

Aru:Aryan u always fight with Rahul and now it is the reverse ?
Aryan:but he is my friend no
Aru:Yaa who said that he is not ur friend if u fight with him then also he is ur friend
Aryan:so u have no problem if I fight with him?
Aru:no what problem will I have??
Aryan:kk nothing Aru I will come in a min
He goes to Varun and Shivani ego just ran after hearing their convo and are now sitting at a corner far from everybody
Varun:Shivani Aryan is going to kill us ?

Shivani:I know that?
Varun:and this is bcoz of ur stupid idea idiot ?
Shivani:but u agreed with me too
Varun:but u only gave me the idea
No they saw Aryan coming
Varun and Shivani:Aryan we r really sorry plzzz forgive us
Aryan:u know Na I hate it when Rahul is with Aru and u made me talk to him so nicely and that too went in vain
Shivani:u forgave us

Aryan:yes but I don’t think now that Aru too loves me
Shivani:but she didn’t say that she doesn’t love u so first be sure and then do something
Varun:hey Aryan don’t loose hope
Shivani:cheer up yaar
Varun:we will do something else now
Shivani:smile now
Aryan smiles
Aryan:okk guys but what to do next
Shivani&varun:let us think
Aryan :kk

Precap trick no 3?
So here I end it guys

How was it do tell me through ur comments ?
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  1. Nitha

    Chota epi but nice.. Dea rock ur exam ?..all d best don’t worry. maths s actuly easy nly?.do well

    1. Manya

      Thanks ?

  2. maza aa gaya. Bechara Aryan. I know how it feels when u have to do some wrk u dnt want to & suddenly u get to know that it was not needed. The situation is more lyk Maths whn u put so much efforts & apply tricks & ans becomes ‘0’. But I loved the whole epi.Best of luck for Maths .you’ll do good. ♡

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot?

  3. Komal randhawa

    Awesome,amazing ??

    1. Manya

      Thanks ?

  4. Nice episode ??
    Best of luck for ur math exam
    I have language exam tomorrow

  5. Best of luck for ur exams? episode was awsome ohhh aryan poor soul? waiting for next episode? plz upload soon?

    1. Manya

      Thanks aishoo ?

  6. Nice epi ?all the best for maths exam?by the way I too hate maths ? thank God I just don’t have to study it now?

    1. Manya

      Thanks Sayali ?U r so lucky?

  7. Hi Ayushi. ..ua ff is really nice.. I m a silent reader here…I read kd written epi and then read ur ff. .. its better to read ur ff than watching kd which is like srssly irritating …but still only watching fr darling sheave. … ur ff is fun to read and soothing. .. well done and keep it up ??. .. ??… and yes I understand. .. I too have my maths exam on 24

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot I too watch kd only for Shravan now?

  8. Hi Ayushi. ..ua ff is really nice.. I m a silent reader here…I read kd written epi and then read ur ff. .. its better to read ur ff than watching kd which is like srssly irritating …but still only watching fr darling sheave. … ur ff is fun to read and soothing. .. well done and keep it up ??. .. ??… and yes I understand. .. I too have my maths exam on 24

  9. silent reader

    best luck for exams
    i read KRISHNADASI update and feel angry and then urs and is so happy
    i love araaaa

    1. Manya

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  10. Really very enjoyed it. Aryan ??
    Keep it up. And ace your math exam. My wishes with you! ?❤️

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  11. Ahana

    All d best for ur exam…..

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  12. Rhimjhim

    hey hii i just luv ur ff… well in the last epi u asked if anyone here loves maths… well i just hate it and i am with u in this… keep posting amazing episodes like these…luv u…

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot rhimjhim?❤️

  13. Ayushi where r u n ur nxt epi??

    1. Manya

      Sam here i am and I have posted my ff sorry went on a small trip with my family and it will be a short one but I promise 20th episode will be very lenghty?

  14. Ayushi..1st of all, Am sry i cant comment on previous epi but also i read ua evry epi f dz FF.Itz really intresting & lill funny??Really i laughed a lot..Dz z ntetaintment..Really LoL.Plzz..upload next part asap..And also me too hate Maths&with the help f calculator i won????

    1. Manya

      It’s okay Rebba and thanks for commenting dear??

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