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Hi guys ayushi is back Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments and I will not leave it in the middle if u all will keep reading it and commenting ?so here goes the sixteenth episode of our impossible

Rahul is singing the song and dancing a bit he sits on the bed near aru’s legs and again starts dancing disturbing Aru
Aryan:Aru get up
Aru ??Rahul plzz stop it I am getting disturbed
Aryan goes to Rahul says something in his ears ?and now they both come on the either side of the bed and start singing the song aloud and shake Aru
Aryan:arre o jhumma Meri haan-e-man (takes Aru to his side)Bahar nikal
Rahul:aaj jhumma hai(takes Aru to his side)aaj ka Vaada hai Dekh main aa gya
Aryan:Tu bhi jaldi aa Mujhe mat aur Tadpa (takes Aru to his side)
Rahul:arre Tu boli thi pichle jhumme Ko
Now Aru is in the centre covering her ears with the pillows and Varun and Shivani are giggling and enjoying like us ?
Varun and Shivani:hey
Aryan(raises his finger towards him):chumma dungi
Varun and Shivani:hey
Rahul(raises his finger towards him)agle jhumme Ko
Varun:and Shivani:hey

They both join their hands and start jumping or dancing a lil :aaj jhumma hai toh aaja aaja
Both get down the bed and Shivani and Varun too join them(they shout very loudly):AAJA AAJA AAJA AAJA HEY

They all become sad bcoz Aru is still sleeping ???
Aru(removes the blanket):jhumma chumma de de de de(stands up)jhumma chumma de de chumma
Aryan:finally u got up go get ready in 5mins we all are on the lobby
Now of course they all are late bcoz of Aru
Shivani:now what is the excuse that we are late today
Aru:no fear when Aru is here
Aryan:that’s the only fear??
Aru:what did u say?
Aryan:nothing nothing
Varun:what solution
Aru:just wait and watch but agree with whatever I say there
Rahul:okk Aru ji (bows his head)
They all giggle

Near the reception
Mr shrama:may I know the reason why all of u are late today?
Aru:sir actually those memories where haunting me again and again and they all were worried for me so we slept late
Mr Sharma :kk kk now wait here bus is coming
He leaves and they all burst out laughing and giving hifis to each other ?

In the bus they all are sitting at the last seat with Aryan at the corner beside Aru and Rahul beside Aru and Varun beside Rahul and Shivani beside Varun
Varun and Shivani are busy in talking Aryan is looking out of the window and aru is eating chips but when he hears rahul’s voice his ears stand up ?
Rahul:waise Aru u should try in films u act very well ?
Aru:but I..
She is cut by Aryan:she wants to become an accountant ?
Aru:ya I wanna become an accountant
Rahul:but why u don’t like accounts?
Aryan:that’s none of ur business
Aru:Aryan it’s okay actually my grandfather has many factories and I want to be an accountant in his company
Rahul:but he can employ someone
Aryan:bcoz there are not much trustworthy people in the village and if they are trustworthy they are uneducated
Rahul:but u can also be his accountant u r so good at it
Aryan:no I can’t
Rahul:oh so u don’t like to work under somebody
Rahul:then what’s the problem?
Aryan(gets angry)that’s none of ur business Rahul stop irritating me ?
Aru:Aryan its okay actually are family are enemies
Rahul:woah woah so ur families are enemies and u r best friends ?so dramatic
Aryan:it is not at all dramatic ?
Rahul:kk kk waise u both are really daring ?just like Salman Khan
Aru:thankyou thankyou no autographs no photos ??
Mr Sharma:Everybody get down we have reached
All of them get down

Sumer:hey guys i am ur instructor and my name is Sumer so I guess many of u are doing trekking for the first time
Sumer:so to make it fun we will divide u all in two teams and then we will race till our first camp site and the loosing team will do all the work and winning team will relax kk?
Sumer:so who would like to become the captains?
Rahul and Aryan raise their hands
Sumer:come here both of u and choose ur teams
Aryan:I will choose first
Rahul:no I will choose first
Aryan:I will
Rahul:no i will
Mr Sharma:stop it Aryan u choose first
Rahul:that’s unfair we can do odd even
Aryan:kk sir I choose even
Rahul shows 6 and Aryan shows 2
Aryan:yes it’s even
Rahul:3 time battle
Aryan:that was not decided
Rahul:u have 2 say 0time Battle after u win but u didn’t so let’s do it again

This time Rahul wins and the third time Aryan shows 3 and Rahul shows 8 so basically Aryan wins
Aryan:I won and no more now
Aryan:I choose………(he took time bcoz he wanted to tease Aru)?
Aru(was expecting that he will choose her but he was talking so time ?):he chooses me ?
She goes and stands beside him
Aru:why were u taking so much time???
Rahul:I choose Shivani
Aryan:I choose…
He is cut by aru:we choose Varun
Aryan:Aru i am the captain
Aru:so ??
Aryan:leave it

They choose their teams and start the trek
So guys I will show you some scenes now ?
Firstly the five of them are walking together and talking Aru gets hurt and u know Aryan and Rahul come near her.rahul was about to speak when Aryan started ?
Aryan:Aru what happened??is it hurting too much.wait (in a very concerned voice)
He takes the first aid box from his bag and bandages her ?

Aru and Aryan are walking together followed by Shivani rahul and Varun.They both are enjoying and laughing

Now Aru and Rahul are walking together followed by Shivani and Varun and a jealous aryan?
Varun and Shivani have noticed every single thing of aara and have realised that they love each other but are unaware so they decide to tell them ?❤️(Rahul and Aru are at a distance so they cannot hear the conversation)
Shivani:Varun see his face he is so jealous ?I think I should talk to him
Varun:Aryan I think u love Aru
Aryan:no yaar she is just my best friend
Shivani:no Aryan u love her see u r so jealous now bcoz she is enjoying with Rahul ?
Aryan:jealous??me?no I am not jealous ??
Varun:Aryan stop acting u love her
Aryan:no I don’t she is just my best friend
Shivani:oh really who shows so much care for just a friend ?
Varun:Aryan see u r so concerned for her,u get get jealous when u see her with anybody else,u both fight too much but those are cute fights,u can’t stay away from each other
Shivani:these all are the signs of true love ?
Aryan(goes down a memory lane)all their cute fights,their eyelocks,his jealousy,their concern
Aryan:ya I love her saying this he hugs Varun and repeats I love her I love her I love her
Varun:go and confess it to her
Aryan:ya okay (he turns but sees Rahul and Aru laughing together)he stops
Shivani:what happened now??
Aryan:I don’t know she too loves me or not
Shivani:I think she too loves u
Varun:and if u will not ask then how will u get to know
Aryan:what if she says no?what if our friendship breaks?what if…..
Varun:stop it Aryan
Shivani:ok guys I have a plan
Varun:what plan??
Shivani:what if….
Varun:both of u stop ur what if what if??
Shivani:at least listen to it first
Shivani:what if Aru only confesses her love or we can get sure about that she loves u
Varun:then toh Aryan will confess no?
Aryan:of course
Guys they all were standing and discussing all this when
Mr Sharma:what are u all doing?
Aryan:nothing sir
Mr Sharma:then what are u waiting for Christmas ??
Varun:no sir
Come Shivani come Aryan
They all start walking again

Precap-Trick no 1?

So guys here I end it plzzzzz comment and let me know how was it through ur lovely comments plzzzzz bcoz if u will give more comments then I get motivated and I get lots of ideas in my mind that too nice one and I type very fast so do comment if u wanna read the next episode ASAP
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And guys this much length is enough???It is 3 and a half pages on my phone so do u want more lengthy??
And I am also very very sad that kd is gonna end ???????but all this is bcoz of the cv’s they have ruined such a nice serial if they wanted it could have been the best serial it had such an amazing story,amazing cast and most importantly aara ?but they ruined everything ?
But guys if u all will keep commenting like this I will not end it or maybe after ending will start a new ff if u all will read and comment then only I will keep writing so tell who all will read and come after kd is going off air?
Bye guys ?
Love u all ❤️
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