Our impossible love 15#funny accident


Hi guys ayushi is back sorry for the delay I had my social exam and frankly speaking I had done only 1 out of 10 chapters but my exam went nice ?So here goes the fifteenth episode of our impossible love do read and comment ?
Imagine and enjoy ?
Aryan:where were u guys??
The 2 goons which were left come and surround them ?
Aru releases her hand and stands in front of them?,raises her stick to beat them but they stop her when Aryan and Rahul shout
Aryan and Rahul:STOPPPPP!!??
They come their in full hero mode but get beaten themselves ??Aryan’s lips are bleeding a little
Varun picks up spices from the nearby shop and throws them on the goons ?
Varun:Guys runnnnn
They all start running again and reach a place to hide.It is all dark there but a lil bulb is going in the centre
Aru:Aryan is it hurting too much (awwww ?)
Aryan:of course Aru and this is all bcoz of u
Aru:what’s my fault that u don’t know how to fight ??
Aryan:this is all bcoz of that stupid game and then ur dream to be a hero and fight with them ??
Aru:ARYANN u r so mean I was just saving all of us
Aryan:oh really saving!?u know Aru wherever u go u have a small no no no big packet of problems with u
Rahul:what happened now
Aru:what 10??
Shivani:the time is 10
Aryan:so what’s the problem ?
Shivani:the problem is that we had to teach resort by 9:30
Varun:oh no and mr Sharma is the I charge of today
Rahul:and he is very strict about punctuality he will never let us enter
Aru:u have a solution
Aryan:what solution?
They all discuss aru’s plan and its muted
Everyone:done ?
Aru and others enter with all having sauce marks on their clothes which looked like blood marks to others
Mr Sharma:where were u all ??and what are these marks on ur clothes ??
Aru(innocently)sir we are really sorry but dere was an emergency ?
Mr Sharma:what emergency??
Aru:sir this is a very LONGGGG story but i will tell u in short ??
Mr Sharma:speak fast
Aru:sir actually when we were exploring Manali we saw a huge accident and no body was helping them so we took them to the hospital and they said that we will not treat them until police case is registered ten we had a fight and they finally admitted them and that’s why we got late (she was saying this too innocently and was suppressing her laugh too ??while all others were giggling silently)
Aryan:sir these marks are of blood only and u only told us too be helpful but if u will say no then we will not help anybody in future(?)
Mr Sharma :it’s okay go 2 ur room
They all start moving and just want to laugh loudly
Mr Sharma :how are those people now ?
Aru:which people ?(oh no what have u done ?)
Mr Sharma:the people who had the accident
Aru:those people….a……….a………they are fine now
Me Sharma:ok then before starting the trek we will go and meet them
Aru (shouted)NOOOOOOO
Mr Sharma:what happened??
Aru:sir those people are fine now they just had some minor injuries
Mr Sharma :but just now u said that it was a huge accident??
Rahul:sir accident was huge but injuries were minor ???
Aryan :sir if ur investigation is done can we go and sleep we have to get up early
Mr shrama:kk go
They all go Aru comes to boys room with a first aid box
Aru:Aryan come here I have to apply ointment
Aryan:for what ?
Aru:u got hurt no
Aryan:Ohhh okay
She is about to clean the blood
Aryan:Aru carefully
Aru:kk baba
She again comes near and when she was about to touch
Aryan:ahhhh Aru
Aru:I haven’t touched it till now ?
She again comes
Aryan:Aru be careful ahhhhh
Aru:Aryan stop it and look at me
Aryan looks correction stares her while Aru applies the ointment
Aru:good night Aryan
Aryan :goo……www actually while speaking he tastes the ointment ???
Then he says without moving his lips much :good night ???
They all sleep peacefully ??
Next morning
Everyone woke up except our sleeping beauty ?
Shivani:Aru plzzzzzz wake up
Aru:2mins more
Shivani:u have been saying this since an hour now get up
Aru:let me sleep plzzzzz
Shivani:kk fine only Aryan can wake u I am going to call him
She calls Aryan and Rahul comes free
Rahul:Shivani can I watch TV actually the one in our room is not working
He plays songs channel and the ongoing song is :jhumma chumma de de from Amitabh Bachchan’s film and it was shown in YJHD too ?
Aryan:Aru wake up !!
On the other hand Rahul increases the volume and starts singing aloud with it ??

Precap:Aru to wake up in a funny way and trekking fun ??

I can’t write more now do tell me is this long enough or do u want more length?
How was it guys?did u like it?? Do tell me through ur lovely and precious comments
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Will try to post soon ?
Bye guys love u all ?and do comment ?

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  1. MANYA plz can u write more longer coz it’s too interesting to imagine n read

    1. Manya

      Thanks Sam and next one is longer?And my name is ayushi not manya?

      1. Oh thank u so much n sorry 4 ur name btw when will be u uploading AYUSHI

  2. So excited. ????
    I know you must have rocked your exam! ❤️ Best of luck.

    1. Manya

      Thanks elaf ?

  3. Plzzz plzzz more lenghty ? episode was awsome nd full of fun?? i imagine all these scenes AaRa r soo beautiful y they r soo cute? nd yeah after KD will u keep writting or stop in the middle? Plz let me know ok?

    1. Manya

      Thanks aishoo kk I will write lengthy episodes?And I will keep writing if u will keep reading ?

    2. Yes y not i will keep reading ??

  4. Awesome
    But sad thing is it is gonna be off air on 14th October ?

    1. Manya

      Thanks ipsa ?I am also sad ?But my ff is not going off air so keep reading ?

  5. Komal randhawa

    Interesting story ???

    1. Manya

      Thanks Komal ?

  6. Nitha

    Ayushi ur such a gud writer Dea,little more lengthy n aara thy r so cutiee??..I’m enjyng each n evry line of ur story?..waiting for next..but nly sad think is kd endg,still no aara reunion ???..

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot Nitha ?
      Keep reading ?

  7. Fabulass*** write the next soon.. waiting for it** #happy#waiting#manya fabulas writter#aara…♡♡♡

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot gunika ❣❤️And plzzz call me ayushi ?

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