He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 9


Kanak, Shambu, Sushma and Dashrath come to Dhaani’s house to discuss the dates. Dhaani takes their blessings and smiles. Kanak says how beautiful my to be bahu is. Dhaani shies. They all sit on the sofa, Dhaani brings snacks for them. Daadi praises her and tells Dhaani is sunder,susheel and sanskari (beautiful,educated,respecting) all in one. Dhaani smiles and stands aside. Kanak gives an envelope to Dulaari saying that this contains the boys photo. And you should not show it to Dhaani as these are our customs that the girl and boy should not see each other before marriage. Dhaani asks but why and she seems sad. Kanak teases oh you are so excited to see our son, its ok when you both marry then you will come to know ok? Dhaani smiles sadly and thinks I will not be able to see him how sad. The engagement is fixed after two days.

In the evening,
Piya calls Dhaani and says I heard that you are marrying. Dhaani says yes sadly. Piya asks why are you sad? Dhaani says because I don’t even know his name and cant see him also… Piya says oh so you are so eager to know and she laughs and says I know him,(piya knows its Viplav, Dulaari has told her) Dhaani asks really?! Then please tell me di please, Piya says no you have to wait, and I hope you like him and she smiles. Dhaani says what di?! I didn’t expect this from you, I thought you are my di and share everything with me. Piya says oh hello stop your emotional attyachar (emotional blackmail). Dhaani thinks about the envelop which contains the photo and tells ok bye di talk to you later.

Viplav thinks on his bed about Dhaani. The moment when papers fall and he keeps his hand on her, and all other moments spent with her. He thinks the moment when she calls. Him arrogant. He says how can one be so rude, but he thinks why am I thinking about her so much. Viplav stop thinking. Shalu comes and sees him like that, she asks bhaiyya what are you thinking? Viplav blurts out Dhaani, he says I mean she is so annoying… always fights with me. Shalu smiles and says oh are you in love with her? Viplav says what rubbish, Shalu thinks wow I guess bhaiya likes her. Viplav throws a pillow on her she says sorry sorry bhaiya and says ok good night and leaves. Viplav is unable to sleep at night and thinks only about Dhaani. He has lost his sleep.

Dhaani goes to Dulaari’s room when they are sleeping. She slowly opens the cupboard and takes the envelop. She opens the envelop and takes out the photo from it and is shocked. She sees Dulaari standing infront of her, without seeing she keeps the photo back. She says mom I was just…I was… Dulaari says I told you that you have to follow the customs don’t you understand and she scolds her. Dhaani cries and says I am sorry mom. Dulaari says ok and they both hug. Dulaari says now go and sleep good night and I hope you don’t come again. Dhaani says I promise you mom. Dulaari thinks thank god she didn’t see the photo…

Next morning,
Dhaani gets ready to go to office and leaves. On the way she calls Riya and says tomorrow is my engagement. Riya is shocked and asks what, Dhaani says yes, Riya asks who is that unlucky guy, Dhaani says shut up and tells ok I will talk to you later bye.. Riya says but… Dhaani cuts the call as she reaches the office. She sits on her place. One peon calls her and says Viplav sir has called you. Dhaani thinks what is his problem always he wants to call me. The peon says mam.. Dhaani says yes I am coming. She goes to him. He says come inside. He gives her an envelop. Dhaani thinks this was the same envelop which was at her home. She asks what is it? He tells open it. She opens it and finds its her resignation letter. She is shocked. The scene freezes.

Precap: Vidhaa engagement…

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  1. go on Maria…loving it…… Viplav thinking about Dhaani…awwww 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear <3

  2. Maria it’s too good. When Dhaani went in Dulaari’s room to look for the photo that scene was truly very funny.

    1. Thank you Louella, keep reading 🙂

  3. Nice one maria..?
    I wonder how engagement will be there without looking at each other..???

    1. Thanks Arshdeep, yaa you will come to know in the next episode, keep reading 🙂

  4. What?? Resignation letter!! Update it soon Maria so that we can know what’s going on vipu’s mind. It was short but as usual interesting & I loved the montage too. So Mr. Arrogant is getting sleepless nights for his shikayati pudiya. Hmmm…aag lag gayi lagta hai.. Waiting 4 the maha episode. Keep rocking Maria!

    1. Thank you so much Rajee, i will update in in some time, keep reading 🙂

  5. Day by day it is interesting Maria.

    1. Thanks Porkodi, keep following 🙂

  6. Awesome too gid maria same question as of joyee how engagement would happen without seeing .

    1. Thank you Renu keep supporting. You will come to know it today…

  7. Amazing….epi…loved it

    1. Thank you so much Ahana 🙂

  8. maria u are impossible waiting for the engagement
    i think we both have a same track in ff 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Yaa I know we have same tracks but mine is a bit different style you can see it in further episodes and urs is a loving track but mine is hate… So it’s a bit different..

  9. Ary wah! Viplav is thinking about Dhaani! Seems, he is getting a little bit attracted towards her! Too good.. !! Waiting for the next.. engagement thingy!! ?

    1. yaa getting attracted!! but no episode today due to problem of telly updates yaar.. Feeling very bad even you are not able to post it.. I was very eager for your todays emotional episode but….

    2. Yep yaar. ? No fan fiction today! ?

      1. I know i cant spend a day without fan fiction. But one more day to go yaar… Its my vacation fan fiction was the only thing to keep me fresh but now no fan fiction for two days…

  10. I know i am commenting again but i could not stop myself?

    Maria u know what i can compare your story to something i really loved..❤
    I will tell you about that soon in upcoming episodes

    Thanks a lot for this story?

    1. Thanks a lot arshdeep means a lot to me, and yaa I am eager to know what can you compare this with, pls let me know now only because I can’t update next part till 29th due to tu problem. So please tell it now very eager to know plzzz ?

      1. Sorry maria but i am not going to tell you now..
        Wait for that..
        Will first confirm if it goes parallel to your story then only i will tell

      2. Is it about any serial which is parallel to mine.. Pls tell because it’s my original I have not seen it in any serial so just wanted to confirm. Don’t tell everything but at least tell is it parallel to a serial? Pls reply…

      3. Yaa its serial m talking abt
        Not till now but i feel it will be soon parallel to it..and m sure i will love it❤

      4. Is the serial still going on and last question which channel is it telecasted? Pls tell I want to know

      5. Hahahha so many questions..
        Nope its not going on now.. an old one..

      6. Sorry but one more question name the serial plsss. I really want to know

      7. I am not going to tell it now?

      8. It’s OK dear, will wait for it

  11. really good maria well done …..really love to read your ff keep rocking

    1. Thank you so much dear keep supporting 🙂

  12. nice episode..

    1. Thank you Nima 🙂

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