He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 8

Dulaari calls Dhaani in her room and says that there is a marriage proposal for you, the boy is nice, family is also good you will be very happy with them. Dhaani says what mom? I already told you I don’t want to marry I cant leave you alone. Dulaari says Dhaani I am serious dear, jokes apart. Dhaani says but mom…. Dulaari says you think and tell dear, there is no compulsion. Take your own time dear and tell me tomorrow morning. Dhaani says ok and says good night and goes to sleep. Dhaani comes in her room and blushes and says oh so mom has already found my Mr.Perfect, wow!! I am so excited for it. I hope he is the most caring person in the world, always takes care of my needs and and…. Loves me a lot. And she smiles and sleeps.

Next day Dhaani comes down for breakfast. Dulaari asks did you think about what I said? Dhaani says mom it’s a yes as you are saying so. Dulaari says no dear not me, you should be happy. Dhaani says yes mom. Dulaari hugs Dhaani and cries. Mohan says ohh why are you both so happy let me also know the reason. Dulaari says Dhaani has agreed for marriage Mohan says wow and Dhaani blushes. The three share a hug. They have breakfast. Dhaani says ok now I am leaving for job. Mohan stops her and says now days you don’t think you enjoy your job and you happily go everyday. Dhaani says yes its good. Mohan says very good dear all the best.

In the office Dhaani thinks about how will he look like and she is in her own thoughts thinking about her Mr.Perfect when Mr.Arrogant stands infront of him with his angry face. He asks what are you thinking? Dhaani is shaken she says no no nothing I was just thinking about my work as you have promoted me I have more work burden, so just thinking about how to get rid of it. Viplav says what?! Get rid of it!! If you don’t want to work, the door is over there you can just leave. Dhaani says no sorry sorry… She thinks I was thinking about my Mr.Perfect and he came and stood infront of me!! How disgusting… And Viplav leaves from there. Dulaari calls Kanak and says theres a good news our Dhaani has agreed for marriage. Kanak says but did you think how will we conduct all the functions without showing them each others face, if they know each other then they will never agree for marriage. Dulaari says yes I know but what can we do? Dulaari says wait I have an idea, Dulaari explains to her the idea, Kanak says wow this idea is awesome. We can do this, so tomorrow we will come to your house to fix the dates. Dulaari says sure.

Dhaani comes to Viplav’s office for some work when she hears him talking to someone. He says mom I have already told you that I don’t have any interest in wedding shopping so you please go and buy as per your wish. Kanak says ok beta. Dhaani says so this Mr.Arrogant is also getting married. Ugh.. The girl might be so unlucky(that girl is none other than you Dhaani lol) Viplav gives an angry look to Dhaani as he hears what she said. He keeps the phone and says why have you come here? Dhaani says I had a doubt she shows the papers and it mistakenly falls. Dhaani sits down to assemble the papers, Viplav also sits down and Dhaani was picking up one paper when Viplav also goes to pick the same paper and he keeps his hands on Dhaani’s hand. Ishq Ishq…. Plays. Dhaani looks up and Viplav also looks up they share an eyelock. They look at each other for some time then a peon knocks the door, they come back to senses and remove their hands. Dhaani quickly assembles all the papers and stands, Viplav also stands. The peon give coffee to Viplav. He asks him to keep it and go. He agrees and keeps it and leaves. Dhaani clears her doubt and leaves. Viplav sits on his chair and thinks about what happened. He says how can I keep looking at her, ugh….

Precap: Vidhaa marriage preparations, Dhaani opens the envelop which contains Viplav’s photo.

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Credit to: Maria


  1. Amazing maria as usual. Good to read their fights n their parents preparing for wedding. Waiting to see dhani’s reaction on seeing viplavs pic .

  2. Pethu sri

    maria too good its really love to read all ikrs ff have different style of narration u r doing great job keep rocking…… ☺☺

  3. Rajee

    Maria superb episode.. I was reading it with a broad smile. So hiding my face with handkerchief so that nobody notice me.
    Ha ha ha…omg!what will b their reaction when they will get to know whom they r getting married. It will b fun. Good job Maria!

    • Maria

      Thank you so much Rajee yea it will be fun when they come to know!! Just wait and watch!! Keep reading 🙂

    • Maria

      Thank you so much joyee, keep reading you will like the further episodes also Inshallah!! 🙂

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