He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 7


Next Day,
Dulaari is sadly sitting. Dhaani comes and says its ok mom don’t be so sad, one day or the other di had to go to her inlaws then why are you so sad. Dulaari says I am not sad for that reason infact I am not at all sad you go to your office I am very happy. Dhaani says ok mom and she hugs her and leaves for office.
In the office,
Viplav is as usual in his angry young man mood. Dhaani comes and starts to do her work. Vidhaa don’t have any talk. Dhaani calls Piya snd asks her how are you and how is jiju.She says we both are good. And she asks how is your work going on. Dhaani says very good today I didn’t have any fight with that Mr.Impossible. Piya says oh that’s great! But don’t you think now days you keep on talking about him only. Piya says ofcourse he is so stupid!! How can one tolerate him that’s why I share it with you. Piya says oh that’s it only this reason? Dhaani says yes what other reason it could be. A peon comes out of Viplav’s office and says Miss Dhaani sir is calling you. Dhaani says see I was talking about him and now he is calling me, now he will live for 100 years oh god!! Piya says ok bye do your work talk to you later.

Dulaari says to Mohan how will Dhaani marry now, she hates him so much. Mohan says its ok she will later start to love him. These cute fights are the sparks before love. Don’t worry we will convince her. Dulaari says ok. Mohan says anyways me and Shamboo have decided about their marriage one year back only and we had decided after Piya’s marriage we will make them marry. Dulaari says yes Dhaani cannot get a better in laws house than this. Mohan says what do you think she can get a better husband than him? Dulaari says no I didn’t mean that. And they hug each other.

Dhaani comes to Viplav’s cabin and asks did you call me? Viplav says yes and he tells I am giving you promotion. Dhaani asks what?! Viplav says yes I ami pressed with your work and that’s why I am giving you promotion. Dhaani says I don’t believe this!! You can go to this extent to torture me. Dhaani says you want me to do more work that’s why you are giving me promotion I know you very well. Viplav says shut up. First of all you cant talk to me like this and secondly I am giving you promotion because of your efficient work and not what you think okay, now see this presentation learn new concepts and get back to work. Dhaani in an irritated tone tells yes sir. She thinks I very well know you Mr. Impossible aka Mr.Arrogant you are taking revenge because I don’t talk to you properly and don’t give respect to you. You are just impossible. I just hate you, never seen a man like you. She walks slowly, Viplav asks are you again cursing me in your mind? Dhaani says no!! And she leaves.

During dinner time,
Kanak says Viplav now its time for you to get married. Shambu and Dashrath say Kanak is right beta. Viplav says only and only for your sake I will marry. Kanak smiles and says really? Viplav says yes. Kanak feeds sweets to everyone. Later in the room Shalu knocks Viplav’s door, Viplav comes and says don’t you know you can come inside without permission. Shalu says yes but that was earlier now you will get married then I will have to take permission. Viplav says no you will never need to take my permission and she hugs him. Kanak calls someone and says our Viplav has agreed for marriage. Is our girl ready. The lady on the phone says yes I will talk to her tomorrow. Kanak says ok and keeps the phone.
Dulaari thinks how will I convince Dhaani?

Precap: Dulaari says Dhaani there is a marriage proposal for you, the boy is very good, family is also good whats your decision for marriage. Dhaani thinks…

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  1. Awesome episode Maria…. Great going…. Waiting for next one

    1. Thank you so much Sujie keep supporting 🙂

  2. Nice Maria love ur ff 🙂

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  3. Wow Maria!!! Vidhaani marriage. Just waiting for next episode

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  4. Hahahahaha.its twist.haters soon going to be lovers.superb epi Maria.i am really enjoying ur ff.its amazing.pls update soon with a long episode.

    1. Thank you so much Saranya, I will update it soon and the next to next episode will be a mahaepisode so keep reading and supporting me 🙂

  5. Good one maria.. Keep going
    and cover pic so lovely 🙂

    1. Thank you arshdeep me to like the cover pic keep supporting 🙂

  6. Love ur ff maria

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  7. Wah maria sudden twist but positive good that parents have predecided n viplav is also ready now lets see what our dhani has to say.

    1. Yes renu it’s predecided. Let’s wait and watch what will Dhaani say? Keep supporting 🙂

  8. nice one… Go ahead Mr.impossible ? aka maria?

    1. Thanks swetha keep reading 🙂

  9. As usual loved it, angry young Dhaani and Mr. Impossible ahaan.. Mr. Handsome! ?
    Can hardly wait for the next episode. Post it soon dear.

    1. Thank you Mahira yea Mr.Impossible aka Mr.Handsome. He is really so very cute, so handsome, dashing just love him ?? Will post the next ASAP..

  10. superb episode.

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  11. maria loved this one

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