He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 6


The episode starts with Mohan saying just stop it you both. Vidhaa looks down. Mohan says Viplav come inside dear. Viplav says no uncle I will go anyways its too late you also sleep. Mohan says its ok dear you go and take rest. Viplav smiles. Mohan says and don’t forget you have to come tomorrow. Dhaani interferes and says but why? Mohan says don’t speak in between. Dhaani says sorry. She thinks becoz of this Mr.Impossible dad is shouting at me. Viplav says yes uncle I will surely come. Viplav leaves giving an arrogant look to her. Dhaani also gives an irritated look. Dhaani asks why are you calling him tomorrow, its di’s marriage. On such a happy occasion you are calling that arrogant man. Mohan says Dhaani he is very good, talented and kind-hearted. Why do you call him arrogant. Dhaani says seriously dad you think this about him…

Next day,
Dulaari comes to Piya’s room and says today you will go away with your husband. And she starts crying. Dhaani and Piya console her. Dhaani says if you cry I will also cry and I will not marry anyone so that you don’t cry again when I leave my house. Dulaari says ok I will not cry. Piya says Dhaani will you not marry anyone?! Dhaani says yes ofcourse, I don’t want my mom to cry again. Dulaari says you are now saying like this but later you will agree understood? Dhaani shies. Piya says now we have only said about her marriage and she is shying so much what will happen when her marriage will take place. Dulaari taps Piya and says dare not tease my daughter!! Three of them laugh.
In the evening,
Dhaani dresses Piya. Dulaari says today both my daughters are looking pretty. Piya says see mom you can select a boy for Dhaani from these guests only. Dulaari says yes why not. Dhaani says stop it and lets go down jiju has already arrived and you know di he was asking me where are you and he said he wanted to meet you. Piya shies. Dhaani and Dulaari tease her. Dulaari asks Dhaani bring water for her as she is very thirsty. Dhaani says yes mom I will be back. Dhaani goes to the kitchen and takes water. On her way back she clashes with someone and the water falls down and she slips and was about to fall when someone holds her. She sees water fallen down. Her head is bent down. She says are you mad cant you see and walk. And she lifts her head and is shocked to see that someone… Any guesses who is he?? Yes you are right he is our handsome Viplav. Viplav sees Dhaani and keeps on staring her. Dhaani says cant you see and walk. Oh I think so here also you were thinking about your work!! She takes her hands out of his. And says hello what happened, have you become deaf?! Viplav is still looking at her. She says hello and moves her hands infront of his eyes. He says why are you moving your hands are you mad. And first of all I saved you from falling down and you are blaming me only. How ungrateful you are?! Dhaani says first of all you clashed with me and dropped my water and now instead of apologising you are asking me to thank you. Viplav says yes you should thank me and actually there is no use of talking to you so leave my way… Dhaani says first of all you have Come to my house and you are ruling over me only?! How disgusting you are. Viplav says really I am not digusting you are Ms.Arrogant. Dhaani is about to say something when Mohan comes and says you both again started?! Dhaani says he.. Mohan says your mom is asking for water go and give it to her. Dhaani says yes dad and leaves. Shalu calls Viplav and asks where are you bhaiya from when I am calling you but you are not picking up. Viplav says actually I have come to a wedding. Shalu says oh that’s why I can hear so much noise. She asks bhaiya why are you so irritated? He says because of Ms. Dhaani, she is not letting me live my life, the whole day she keeps on arguing with me as I already told you before. Shalu says oh ok bye bhaiya I have to go I have some work bye enjoy. He keeps the phone and says how can I enjoy when Dhaani is there..

Piya asks why so late Dhaani what happened. She narrates what happened. She says he is just so annoying I cant even tolerate him for a second. Piya says its ok. After some time Dhaani and Dulaari take her to the mandap. Riya also comes there, Dhaani asks why so late? She says sorry there was traffic. Dhaani says its ok. All the marriage rituals take place and Piya and her husband take blessings of elders. Piya hugs Dhaani. Dulaari cries. Piya’s bidaai takes place. Piya leaves with her husband in the car. The episode ends…

Precap: Dhaani goes to office. Dulaari thinks of searching a boy for Dhaani.

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. Maria it’s wonderful. Vidhaani nhok-jhoks r really so cute and funny. I m missing those scenes in our show and u included all these nhok-jhoks in ur ff. Thank u so so so much. Waiting for the next part.

    1. Thanks Louella.. I am also missing their nhok-jhok in the show so i included it here… i will post it soon

  2. Lovely Maria. Day by day the interest to read in ur story is keep on increasing. Whenever I m opening telly updates, my eyes r searching for ur ff. Very nice. Take care of ur Mom .

    1. Thanks Porkodi means a lot to me. I will take care of her. Thanks for your concern

  3. Good epi……. I liked it………. very interesting

    1. Thanks ahana keep reading

  4. its getting interesting day by day Maria….love it a lot

    1. Thanks sujie 🙂

  5. loved vidhani’s nokjhok…great episode.

    1. Thanks Nima

  6. HAHA! In love with this stubborn and angry Dhaani. ??
    Precap is just the thing I wanted. ? Hunt for Dhaani’s groom! ? Post the next episode soon Maria! You are very good! xx

    1. Thank you so much Mahira. I will post it soon keep reading… 🙂

  7. Good one…am just imagining the horrible but cute pairing of these 2 stubborn ladka & ladki..its really fun to read ur ff.

    1. Thank you so much Rajee. Keep reading 🙂

  8. Exciting to read eager to know what next

    1. Thanks renu will post the next part soon

  9. Nice one

    1. Thanks swetha

  10. maria nice dear

    1. Thanks laxmi

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