He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 4

Dhaani unwillingly works for extra hours. Viplav sees her and says this girl calls me arrogant instead sshe is arrogant and stubborn herself. I just don’t like this girl, I really don’t know how the great Mr. Mohan Roy can handle her. Dhaani thinks its already 10pm now and Rahul also didn’t come. Just then Rahul comes and the secretary asks him who are you? And why are you coming here? Rahul says I want to meet Dhaani. He says no you cant no outsider is allowed to come. He calls Dhaani and asks her to come out. She comes out. Viplav sees her going and follows her. She sees Rahul and signs the watchman to allow him in. Rahul comes inside and Dhaani tells him everything. Rahul sees Viplav and says you cant overwork her. That too on the first day. Viplav asks who are you? Rahul says I am her boyfriend and holds her hand to leave. Viplav is stunned and thinks this girl even has a boyfriend?! Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand to take her inside. Rahul says how dare you touch her. Viplav says she is my employee and I have all rights to stop her here. Rahul says shut up.

Viplav says you just get lost from here and you are no one to stop me. Dhaani says enough is enough. You both stop it. Rahul you cant talk to my boss like this(she thinks if Viplav complains Mohan then?!) Rahul asks you are defending him? Dhaani says yes now go away I don’t even love you I was just acting. Just get lost. Rahul says what are you serious? Dhaani says yes I am very serious. I have never loved you I just didn’t want to break your heart that’s why I didn’t tell you but now its enough so go away. Rahul fumes and says I will not forgive you my whole life and he goes. Viplav just stares at them and thinks what nonsense is happening here? That’s why I hate girls they are just like this. Dhaani tells him sorry and Viplav tells ok now get back to work.

Vidhaani work at their respective places and no one else is there. The electricity goes. Dhaani shouts in fear. Viplav sees her tensed and starts laughing loudly and says you are afraid of darkness haha so this girl is atleast afraid of something other than her father. Dhaani says stop teasing me and pls arrange for light. Viplav says ok ok. Dhaani thinks this Mr. Arrogant can laugh also, great!! Viplav thinks today I will take class of her for talking to me so rudely and calling me Arrogant. He makes noises purposely, Dhaani screams bachaooo and goes and hugs Viplav tightly. Viplav is shocked. Dhaani realises what she did so she seperates herself. Viplav says don’t you have brains how can you be so afraid of darkness and do such a thing. Dhaani says I am sorry for that but I have brains ok?

The electritian comes and does his work and the light comes back. Viplav scolds her and says get back to your work quickly and he calls one poen and says something. He says ok. The poen comes and gives more files to Dhaani to work on. Dhaani asks what more files. Dhaani goes to Viplav and pleads him to let her go. Viplav says just don’t crib and do your work otherwise you know very well…

Precap: Viplav drops Dhaani to her home by his car…

I know guys this episode seems to be a bit bore but I promise upcoming ones would be better. And sorry for the late update but nowdays I don’t get time to write so pls bear with me. And do drop your valuable comments!!

Credit to: Maria


  1. saranya

    Maria,its becoming really interesting.i just love ur ff and u are a master in creating cute vidhani moments and the fact is that we can see it happending in front of our eyes.but we want long long episodes.thank u for this treat and pls update as soon as possible.i don’t remember whether i answered ur qn: so i am a clg student,actually doing post graduation in English literature.

    • Maria

      Thanks saranya your comments always make me smile. Thank u so much for liking it. I will make longer episodes for sure and yes I will update it tomorrow itself. Good all the best for your future. Keep smiling always 🙂

  2. vaishnavi more

    hey maria its not boring epi
    we get vidhaani’s hug in this epi which is very imp for us

  3. Porkodi

    Loved ur ff. It was amazing.
    Not at all boring. I m enjoying their nok jhok scences.
    Post next one asap.

  4. Rajee

    Maria even though it was short but not boring at all. I am happy that Rahul ka kaam tamam ho gaya & now vidhani romance shuru…
    Thank u.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.