He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 3


Dhaani goes home in anger and asks her dad why did you do this? I told u na I don’t want to do the job and that boss that Mr.Arrogant. Mohan says pls Dhaani just for me… Dhaani says ok but just for you I will bear that Mr. Arrogant. Next day she wears formal top and pant and goes to office. She enters the office and thinks I will have to work here how sad. Just then her phone rings, its Rahul. He says I am sorry Dhaani I misunderstood you I have realised that you love me only. Dhaani thinks I have never loved you cheapo I just pretend… Dhaani says how dare you call me again?? After saying so much you expect me to return back?? Viplav comes out and says who is this shouting like a mad person in the office. Everyone stares at Dhaani. She says so finally this Mr.Arrogant has arrived. She shouts and says okay I’ll be your gf. Rahul says thank you so much I love you. Dhaani says me too and keeps the phone.

Viplav comesto her and says this is your office not your home where you can do anything. If you want to keep shouting then go out of the office and shout. Dhaani says hello don’t you remember whom are you talking to? Viplav says I know Ms. Roy. Now get back to your work. Dhaani is surprised work?? Which work. Viplav says yesterday only I explained you whats your work don’t you remember? Dhaani thinks oh yes but I don’t know as I didn’t hear him. But if I ask Mr. Arrogant he will again shout better to go and ask other new employees. Viplav says what are you thinking so much. Oh I got it you don’t know what to do right? Dhaani says no Mr. Arrogant its not like that. Viplav asks what Mr. Arrogant. How dare you call me that I am your sir so call me sir ok? Dhaani says ok sir. Dhaani thinks kaha ake phas gayi (where I have come and stuck up)

Viplav comes to his office and thinks kis ladki se pala pad gaya (how irritating girl I have to bear). Dhaani asks kiran(new employee with Dhaani) what’s her work. She explains her everything. Dhaani says how boring!! Kiran asks what? Dhaani says nothing. She removes her laptop and does her work. Just then her phone rings, its her dad. He asks how is my Dhaani hows your first day in office. Dhaani says its good dad I am loving my work from within she thinks exactly the opposite. Mohan says I told you na you will enjoy your job. Now keep the phone and concentrate on your work. He says bye Dhaani also says Bye…
Rahul calls Dhaani. Dhaani says y is this idiot calling me again? She says hello and says I am in my office pls stop calling me. Rahul says oh good so you finally joined office good I am happy for you. He says give me the address I will pick you up from your office and we will go out. Dhaani says ok bye. She messages him the address and thinks now my whole evening is also going to be spoiled. I don’t want to hurt him and that’s why I am not breaking up with him. Bcoz I know he loves me a lot.

Viplav calls all the new employees in the cabin. Dhaani thinks now why this Mr.Arrogant is calling us. She goes inside. He shows him some new assignments. Dhaani says but sir I have not even completed with the first one. Viplav says great you will get time if you keep you phone aside and not stick it with you using a feviquick. Dhaani stares him and says what is your problem. Viplav says you, you are my problem. Dhaani looks on. Viplav says now go everyone and start with your work. Viplav stops Dhaani and says you have to stay here overnight to complete your work. Dhaani says what no ways I will not stay here overnight. Viplav says yes ways you have to u have no other choice. Otherwise I have your dads number. Dhaani says ok ok. She thinks oh god pls help me out. Viplav says Mohan uncle is the only way through which I can have a hold on Dhaani Roy. The scene freezes.

Precap: Rahul comes to Dhaani’s office to take her. He holds Dhaani’s hands to take her and tells to Viplav that he cant overwork her.. Viplav asks who are you? Rahul says I am Dhaani’s boyfriend. Viplav is stunned…

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. Good going Maria. Pls remove this rahul from story. Waiting for ur next part.

    Cover picture is so nice.

    1. Thanks porkodi… Yaa I will remove him ASAP.

    2. Yes porkodi i totally agree with u.I can’t tolerate this Rahul for a second. .kabab me haddi…Maria plz remove this totally annoying Rahul.

      1. I will remove him ASAP. Keep reading

  2. keep going Maria ….interesting …… 🙂 Precap is more interesting…..

    1. Thanks sujie… keep reading and supporting me 🙂

  3. Good episode.. Loved their nok jhok.. 😛 😀
    precap interesting

    1. Thank you arshdeep keep reading 🙂

  4. Wow Maria what a beautiful story. I loved vidhani cute fights.

    1. Thanks Butterfly keep reading 🙂 i wanted to ask what is your real name?

  5. maria super 😀

    1. Thanks laxmi keep reading 🙂

  6. Mari soo super story and pls update next episode fastly plz…

    1. Thanks vavachi keep reading. i will update it soon 🙂

  7. Wow this is getting more interesting, the precap is also interesting. Keep going.

    1. Thanks aish keep reading 🙂

  8. Nice episode keep it up Maria 🙂

    1. Thanks joyee keep reading 🙂

  9. Good going Maria. Keep writing

    1. Thanks Louella keep reading 🙂

  10. Nice episode. ☺ waiting for next.

    1. Thanks Mahira keep reading 🙂

  11. nice maria, new ff title also awesome, well done.

    1. Thanks kaviya. And thank you for coming back, was missing your comments. Keep reading 🙂

  12. I think instead of Viplav its Dhani who is arrogant & stubborn too. Viplav is doing his job but Dhani not at all listening to her boss. After this chipkoo Rahul will get lost from Dhani’s life then only I guess she will b normal.seriously I don’t even like to imagine Dhani with some other person except Viplav. But theme is interesting & waiting 4 d next. Thank u!

    1. I promise I will end Rahul’s role soon. And thanks keep reading and supporting me…

  13. Hi maria thks for giving a hatke story interesting.

    1. Thanks Renu Jeep reading and supporting me 🙂

  14. l loved this episode…. vidhani’s nokjhok always rocks….keep it up ☺

    1. Thanks nima keep reading 🙂

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