He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 2


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The episode starts with Mohan telling Dhaani I am sorry I cant come with you I have some other important work so I cant come with you. Dhaani says what?! You are not coming then what will I do with all those oldies!! Mohan says Dhaani??! Dhaani says sorry. And she says okay just because you are saying I will go. Mohan says good girl. Dhaani wears formal back one piece. She says bye mom dad and di. Piya says I guess you forgot your phone. Dhaani asks what and gets tensed and checks it. She finds her phone. She says Di….. Piya thinks I know something is fishy becoz I have seen whenever it’s the matter of her phone she gets tensed. Dhaani says bye and leaves.

Dhaani reaches the office named Tripathi Business Enterprises. She goes to the room where the meeting is to take place. She sees the time and says oh no I am 30 mins late now what should I do. I should not have waited for him. She knocks the door. One servant opens it. She sees four men sitting on the table. One of them stops her and says why are you late. This is your office you cannot come and go on your own there are some rules and regulations. Dhaani doesn’t understand his words. She goes inside. The man asks him to sit and says next time if you are late you will be fired. Dhaani asks fired?? The man says yes Dhaani Roy you will be fired. Dhaani looks on and thinks I am not an employee over here so why will I be fired. And thinks how rude this man is!! That man is none other than our hero Mr. Viplav Tripathi. He says you four have to work together and he starts to explain everything. Dhaani wonders whats this dad told there was a meeting but here new employees are being shown their work. She does not pay attention and thinks. Viplav says hello miss Dhaani Roy. Pay attention over here or get lost from here. Dhaani fumes in anger and says just shut up. How dare you talk to me like this. Don’t you know me I am the daughter of Mr. Mohan Roy. Viplav says just lower your tone your dad only has told to employ you so keep quiet and pay attention here. Your eyes should be here not anywhere else. Dhaani loses her patience and gets up to leave. Viplav stands up and holds her hand. Ishq ishq plays… Dhaani says how dare you touch me just leave me. Viplav says you have to sit here, your dad has ordered me and I cant disobey his orders he is my role model. Dhaani feels helpless and sits down. She curses Viplav and says how rude can a man be. He is Mr. Arrogant and not Viplav Tripathi.

Dhaani’s phone rings, Viplav gives an irritated look and says don’t you know during any meeting you should keep your phone on silent or switch it off.Dhaani says just keep your mouth shut, Viplav says how dare you… Dhaani picks up the call. And says why didn’t you come idiot I was waiting for you. The man on phone is none other than Dhaani’s boyfriend Rahul. Rahul says I know you are double dating. I know Raj os also your boyfriend. Dhaani asks what are you mad?? Rahul says I want to break up with you. Dhaani says ofcourse who wants to stay with you just get lost. Viplav looks at her and thinks how insane she is. Viplav asks her are you mad how can you talk to someone like this. Now forget it and pay attention here. Dhaani is now super duper irritated so she stands up and leaves. Viplav tries to stop her but she leaves in anger.

The meeting gets over. Mohan calls Viplav and asks him about Dhaani. Viplav says how can you handle her sir she is so annoying. I am sorry to say that. Mohan says I will convince her don’t worry. Dhaani goes to Riya and tells her everything and says I cant bear this my dad this to me. And that Mr. Arrogant is so very arrogant. Riya says its ok na you tell your dad that you don’t want to do this job. Dhaani says he will not agree to it. He will as usual say you are anyways not doing anything purposeful with your life and you have also done science, and scored very well. You are a brilliant girl so why to waste your talent sitting over here. Better you do something!! The episode ends…

Precap: Dhaani’s first day in office.

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. I saw Mishal as Datta here not as Viplav.wow.super episode.i just love this strict and of course arrogant Viplav and its a relief that dhani break up with that Rahul.a very different vidhani.i also like Arts like dhani.hahaha.anyways pls update as soon as possible.really thrilled for seeing arrogant choclate boy Viplav and Angry Young Lady Dhani.

    1. Yaa it’s good they had a break up. And you like arts good I also somewhat like it but not too good in it. And yes I will post the next one soon. And I wanted to ask you are you a college student? And what are you doing currently. And thanks for the compliment. Keep reading

  2. Fantastic Maria. Looking forward to see how our arrogant viplav will going to turn to be Mr Romeo. Eagerly waiting for ur next part.

    1. Thanks dear I am happy that you liked it keep reading

  3. Maria, superb episode….

    1. Thank you Nima 🙂

  4. Good same office means easy n quick binding of vidhani

    1. Yea you are right dear quick binding. But not so easily so let’s see. Keep reading

  5. fantastic…… loved it …awesome…… waiting for the next episode

    1. Thanks Sujie keep reading 🙂

  6. Gud epi….. well done

    1. Thanks ahana 🙂

  7. Very cute! Something different! Love it. Very Nice

    1. Thanks laxmi keep reading 🙂

  8. nice epi maria

    1. Thanks vaishnavi keep reading 🙂

  9. Maria it’s superb.

    1. Thanks louella princess keep reading 🙂

  10. maria its very nice different one

    1. Thanks laxmi keep reading 🙂

  11. Haha. Angry Dhaani. ?

    1. Yaa she is angry young woman! Keep reading Mahira 🙂

  12. Nice epi and angry bird dhani. Waiting for next episode.

    1. Thanks midarshani keep reading 🙂 And yes Dhaani is now an angry bird. Sorry but the next one will be posted tomorrow not today

  13. Awesome one Maria well done I love both ur ff hate me vs love me and also he is impossible. I did read the first chapter too but I was busy due to which I couldn’t comment much.

    1. Hi joyee thanks a lot for your comment.Keep reading and supporting me. Thanks again for liking both my ff’s

    1. Thanks vavachi keep reading 🙂

  14. pls update nxt epi

    1. i will try to update it soon

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