He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 17

So guys this is the final episode the climax, dedicated only to our cute couple vidhaa, I hope you will enjoy it…

The episode starts with Viplav and Dhaani breaking their hug and they share a liplock… just then someone knocks the door, Dhaani steps back and realise that it was all a dream!! And she is still hugging Viplav!!(they had no liplock 😉 ) Dhaani tries to break the hug but Viplav hugs her more tightly… Dhaani says Viplav leave me someone is on the door.. Its Shalu and Piya, Shalu says bhaiyya bhabi atleast close the door.. Vidhaa break their hug and shy… Piya and Shalu leave… Viplav goes and locks the door!! (Now the most awaiting night, suhagraat!!) Dhaani shies and says what are you doing? Viplav comes closer to her.. Viplav pins her to the wall and says so Misses Impossible aka Misses Arrogant I have all rights on you and he leans forwards to kiss her, he kisses her forehead, her left cheek and then right cheek, and he goes to kiss her lips when Dhaani bends down and runs away with her face pink as she is blushing so much.. Viplav goes behind her and holds her hand and pulls her towards him, she shies and is about to say something when Viplav keeps his finger on her lips and moves his hands around her hair and face, she says Viplav… He nods his head Dhaani shies and runs away, Viplav follows her, she stands on the bed and Viplav chases her but Dhaani also chases him finally viplav jumps on the bed and falls on Dhaani, They have an eyelock!! Viplav takes Dhaani’s hair from forehead and puts it behind the ear.. Dhaani has butterflies in her stomach, she closes her eyes… Viplav leans forward and kissses her and they sleep in each others arms…

Next morning,
Dhaani wakes up and finds herself in Viplav’s arms and recalls the previous night, she blushes… She thinks I cant imagine how Mr.Arrogant has become my Mr.Perfect and she shies. She sees Viplav and gets up to go when Viplav holds her hands and pulls her back and he asks for a morning kiss.. Dhaani shies and runs away.. Dhaani says how naughty you have become!! Mr.Arrogant has become Mr.Naughty, Viplav laughs and says now my Mrs.Arrogant is so quite then someone has to become naughty na and they both laugh. Dhaani takes her towel and goes to take bath. Viplav waits for her outside the bathroom and waits for her to come out. As soon as she comes out he say bhauuu….. Dhaani screams ahhh and falls in Viplav’s arms. They have an eyelock. Viplav asks so how was my surprise, Dhaani asks was that a surprise?! Viplav stands holding Dhaani. Viplav is mesmerised by her beauty, he keeps on staring her. Dhaani asks what happened and she moves her hand infront of him.. Viplav says you look gorgeous, Dhaani says thank you!! Dhaani says ok now I am going to get tea for you till then go and take bath. Viplav stops her and gives a peck on his cheeks and goes to take bath. Dhaani shies.

10 months later,
Dhaani says ahh its paining and she is about to faint when Viplav comes and holds her and says I told you na not to do any work its such an important period for us. Dhaani says I am sorry jaan please forgive me. Viplav says ok ok and gives his cute smile (his killer smile awwww) Viplav says come lets go to the doctor and they leave…

Doctor says wow dear the day has come. After some time the doctor comes out and says congratulations dear your wife gave birth to a boy… Viplav is overjoyed and goes to meet Dhaani inside… He goes and hugs her and says I am so happy today and he kisses her. Dhaani says cool down Viplav, Viplav says no ways you have given me my biggest happiness. I love you so much. Dhaani says I love you too.

And they lived happily ever after…

Thank you so much everyone for supporting me once again love you all, Mahira appi, Arshdeep, Sujie, Louella, Renu di, Aish, Avijit, Saranya, Rajee, Swetha, Megha di, Latha, Nima, Lakshmi, Ahana, kaviya, Amy, Fatarajo, Amisha, Midarshani, Vaishnavi… Sorry if I missed any name… Love you all loads…

Credit to: Maria


  1. Mwria dear its good?the way vidhàni was agsint each other from initial episodes to their perfect possible bonding in the final is awesome. Today we got to see the current vidhàni of original track????????aldo the time lesp is sweet n was joyed to see baby vidhàni ? god bless u.

  2. midarshani

    Nice ending. Awesome.:-):-):-)I’ll miss ur ff so much. miss u too…but y did u end this in a hurry? 🙂 🙂

    • Maria

      Thank you midarshani, will miss you too, actually the comments were too low recently and I didn’t want to drag the story also, I wanted to make it short and sweet, that’s why.. Thank you for your love and support…

  3. Sujie

    Maria… loved it….the chemistry of vidhaani…..mr arrogant turned mr perfect……. will miss your ff…..butt do come back with another dhuwaadhaar story….god bless you dear….and keep smiling 🙂

    • Maria

      Thank you so much Sujie, loved your support, God bless you too, I will come back soon don’t worry, keep smiling 🙂

  4. Louella

    Maria it was a beautiful ff. What an ending yaar. The story was a very different one and u made it the best one. Plz come with another ff soon.

  5. Nima

    Thank you Maria for the mentioning my name.
    lovely n happy ending episode.its too good n come back soon with new ff till then sayonara ?

  6. Latha

    Hai cutie Maria. It was a awesome ff and happy ending. It’s too good and bang with new ff soon. Love you so much…

  7. Arshdeep

    Maria dear awesome…superb fan fiction..??
    You rocked it..!!?
    The way they met in office…then fighting with each other…then fixing of their marriage…hidingly performing all rituals…finally truth came out…viplav feeling something for her…then caring for her..realising its love…and then finally dhani’s mr. Impossible turns her mr. Perfect…..everything was just awesome..!!????
    And the suhagraat was lovely..awww a baby boy??
    Loved it??
    God bless you dear..
    Love you ????

    • Maria

      Awww thank you sooo much Arshdeep, thank you very much for all your overwhelming comments and support…☺☺☺

      God bless you too dear and love you too????

  8. Mahira

    Very sad that you ended this but, happy also! ? I’m sure, you’ll come back again with a superb story of Vidhaani! ? Really excited for that! ?

    About today’s episode, I would just say ‘ Too much Romance ‘ ?? Can’t even handle that much, actually! ? But still, loved the ending! ?

    It was such a good story Maria! ? They way you gave the sudden twist of their marriage was best! ? I really enjoyed the little twist n turns of the story as they were quite positively taken out! ?

    Do come up with another one soon! Btw, I just noticed we have given Seventeen Episodes. ? Coincidentally, similar number of episode. ❤

    Your Appi loves you more baby. ? Take care! ❤

    • Maria

      Thank you so much appi was waiting for your comment????

      Finally you commented…?

      Since the start it was just hate hate hate Na so today too much romance.. ???

      I will come up soon as I have decided the theme also, so wait for it and you also come soon with a new story…

      Yes we both have 17 episodes.. HiFi ?

      Love you too appi???

  9. Rajee

    Maria! Maria! Maria! Today I finished all the episodes I cudn’t catch becoz of d disturbances created by kamini track in original ikrs..but what?? Ur ff came to an end!!! Felt little sad but trust me reading ur ff was a shear pleasure. Its a grt treat for hardcore vidha fans like me. So beautifully u presented all the vidha scenes!! Loved each & every scenes whether its their hatred 4 each other or d love .I loved the passionate Viplav. I love ur ff just like I love vidha. It was really too good yaar. Love u! May god bless u!

    • Maria

      Thank you so much Rajee di, love to see your comments on my ff you supported me in each and every episode.. Love you too..???

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