He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 16


The episode starts with Viplav thinking how do I confess my love to her, she hates me she has told me many times… no no I will not tell her anything, otherwise she would be more angry… Shalu listens him and says bhaiyya you didn’t tell her till now?? Viplav says no I am not understanding how to… Shalu says I have an idea, they talk which is muted… Viplav agrees but says will she agree?? Shalu says ofcourse who will reject my handsome bhaiyya?? In the evening doctor comes and checks Dhaani and says she has improved a lot, Viplav you are taking very good care of her.. Dhaani looks at Viplav lovingly and smiles.. Viplav smiles back. Dhaani keeps staring at Viplav.. Doctor interrupts and says these are some new medicines give them regularly.. Viplav says okay and he leaves the doctor outside… Dhaani thinks he is so caring, he is always with me..

He didn’t leave me even in my hardest times. He is so sweet… But why am I thinking about him so much?? Piya comes in and says because you love him.. Dhaani says di you are here what a pleasant surprise… Piya says you are not well and you think I will not come to meet you! Dhaani hugs her. They talk. Piya says you love Mr. Arrogant na.. Dhaani says you don’t have any rights to call him Mr.Arrogant, he is my husband.. Piya says ohh so now I have lost the right because he is your hubby, ahh so possesive… Dhaani says no nothing like that… Piya says everything is like that only you have started loving him na Dhaani. Dhaani shies and says yes I… I love him and she covers her face with her hands. Shalu says oho bhabi you love my bhaiyya! Dhaani says no, Shalu says I have heard everything!! Dhaani shies…

During night,
Dhaani searches for Viplav everywhere but is unable to find him she worries. Piya asks what happened? Dhaani says Viplav is not there in the house, I have checked everywhere… Viplav has decorated the terrace, he practices to say I love you.. He says Dhaani, I love you in a stern voice. He thinks how unromantic it is! He takes the flower bends down and says… Piya says oh so you cannot find your hottie hubby ha, Dhaani says its not a joke! Piya says ok but please do my job go and bring my clothes from the terrace na please till then I will see where is Viplav jiju…Dhaani says ok.. Piya winks Shalu. Here Viplav is trying many ways.. it is dark everywhere.. Dhaani comes up to the terrace, she sees Viplav on his knees with a rose and listens him saying I love you!! Dhaani bursts out into tears and thinks he loves someone else.. She cannot see anyone standing with Viplav as it is dark.

She cries a lot and runs from there. Here Viplav is waiting for Dhaani but she does not turn up. He returns to his room, and sees Dhaani crying bitterly… He asks what happened why are you crying? She asks how dare you touch me, I hate you I didn’t expect this from you, you are a betrayer, and she cries loudly. Viplav is confused, he wipes her tears and asks her to tell the matter, Dhaani pushes him away. Viplav has tears in his eyes and asks her please tell me what did I do. She tells first of all you are doing wrong and then asking me only.. She continuously cries.

Viplav wipes her tears and hugs her and says please don’t cry I cant see you crying, please don’t cry… Dhaani cries, Viplav says what happened Dhaani? Dhaani says I cant see you with any other girl… Viplav asks what other girl!? Who? Dhaani says I saw you on terrace saying I love you to someone. Viplav says areeee yaaar there was no girl with me and he breaks the hug. Viplav says I was just practicing to say I love you. Dhaani asks what to say to that girl?? Viplav says no I wanted to say it to you!! Dhaani is shocked as well as happy, she asks what?? Viplav says I love you Dhaani, Dhaani smiles at once and says I love you too!! They hug each other tightly and all their sorrows flow down through their tears… Dhaani leaves Viplav and they share a liplock…

Precap: Vidhaa romantic dance…

So guys this was my second last episode, I am sorry for ending it in the next episode but I am really very much upset with the response nowadays there are very few people reading it so I decided to end it… Till then bye stay tuned!!

Credit to: Maria

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  1. No pls Don’t end it as it was an interesting ff.

    1. I am sorry but I don’t feel like writing because of less comments…

  2. Awwh❤️❤️❤️❤️ How cute

    1. Thank you anisha 🙂

  3. Nice but don’t end it soon

    1. Thank you:)

  4. Maria plz don’t end this ff.this one is going interesting.l love this ff.before this I never comment on this ff.I was silent.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you dear for commenting but I want you to comment in my next episode also

  5. Are you ending this?please ….. Awesome episode…

    1. Thank you sujie 🙂

  6. Maria u write fabulously this story is unique nbuf course every one iiked it.don’t take otherwise. Aldo good to see vidhàni united.

    1. Thank you renu di 🙂

  7. wow awesome epi
    n if u decided to end this ff then no problem but pls come with another new ff

    1. Thank you vaishnavi 🙂

  8. Lovely episode…aww viplav and dhani hugs???
    Please extend it if you can..please.. abhi to dono ko ehsaas hua h pyar ka..

    1. Thank you arshdeep but I think I will end it for sure

  9. Aww! Amazing episode! ???

    Finally Dhaani realized her feelings for him! ?

    Maria! That’s not fair, you told me that will extend it to few more episodes! ?

    1. Thank you appi but I am sorry I cannot continue i am not getting good response so I don’t feel like writing…???

  10. Maria it was so romantic episode. It’s not fair. U can’t end it so soon. Plz extend it for us or else I will get angry on u. Even in my ff comments r less than 20 but I m still continuing and will not end it so soon. Plz think of ur ff fans. I m 100% sure there r many silent readers here but r not commenting.

    1. Thank you princess but don’t get angry on me I am sorry.. I will come back soon with a new one, maybe the story is not going well with everyone… But I promise I will be back with a new story in few days because I love writing…

  11. Maria, superb romantic episode… plz ? don’t end it soon ?

    1. Thank u so much nima, i am sorry but i promise i will come back, i have a new story in my mind!!

  12. Suberb maria really you are doing great job don’t think about comments one day it decrease and one day it increase that’s not matter, remember one thing that you are presenting one beautiful story, that story give happiness to you and your readers…..hate me/ love me and he is impossible both ff were was awesome ?great effort…….?

    1. Thank you so much kaviya happy that you shared your views as i always wait for your comments… And i am very happy that you liked my both ff.. And i request you to come up with a new ff as i love your writings very much pls pls come up with a new story…

  13. Awesome …nxt come with new stry ..

    1. Thank you Megha di yes I will come up with a new story…

  14. hey maria nice yaar atlast woh dono ek huyi 🙂 😉
    i’m also thinking to stop my ff but i can’t say how much epi’s are remaining
    and i am not ending my ff because of less comments but i think there is nothing more to write in it. and i can also understand ur feelings ….don’t be sad dear ….come back with another one

    1. Thank you so much and yes you are ending it because you have nothing to write and i also think somewhere i have the same problem too vidhaa united what more one wants and i dont even like to drag it and i dont recieve much comments also.. and i will soon come up with a new one..

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