He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 15


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The episode starts with the whole family crying. Viplav is standing outside the ICU seeing Dhaani through the window. Suddenly Dhaani’s heart beats fast. She struggles to breathe. Viplav calls out Doctor… doctor… The doctor comes in and checks her, her heart stops beating, he tries to regain her conscious but is unable to do so, he comes out and says I am sorry but we could not save her. Dulaari says nahiii.. Viplav holds his collar and says no you cannot say like this. He goes inside and says Dhaani wake up you have to wake up Dhaani I am your boss you have to listen to me. I cant live without you Dhaani pls wake up. You have to come back for me please Dhaani you cant leave me like this I…I love you Dhaani, please wake up. Dhaani heart beats again very fast. Viplav calls out Doctor, he comes and checks and says this is a miracle. Dhaani has fought with her death and come back, she has come because of you, your words touched her. Viplav cries in happiness.

Doctor checks her and comes out and says she is absolutely fine but just waiting for her to wake up, she is still unconscious. Some time later Viplav brings flowers and chocolates for Dhaani. He says see Dhaani I brought this for you, you like these right. Please wake up Dhaani please and he cries vigorously. Dhaani’s fingers move. Viplav notices this, he calls Dhaani wake up Dhaani. Dhaani slowly opens her eyes. She sees Viplav. Viplav says you don’t know I am so happy to see you awake. You know I was so worried for you. Dhaani smiles and tries to sit. Viplav says don’t get up now and he holds her hands and kisses her hands. Dhaani is surprised as well as happy. But she does not know why is she happy and blushes. Doctor comes and checks Dhaani and says she is alright you can take her back home.. Dulaari comes inside and cries seeing Dhaani, Dhaani tries to get up, Viplav holds her and helps her to get up. Jo tu mera humdard hai… jo tu mera humdard hai… suhana har dard hai… jo tu mera hamdard hai… plays in the background. Dhaani sees Viplav and they share an eyelock. The whole family comes inside and Kanak asks how are you Dhaani. Dhaani says yes I am fine and she smiles. Dulaari comes and says I was so worried my darling, Mohan consoles her. Mohan says you are brave daughter na you will be fine again and he smiles.

Some time later, they reach home. Kanak says Viplav take her to your room and let her rest. Mohan and Dulaari leave. Viplav holds her hand and takes her to the room. Humdard plays… Dhaani feels safe and protective in Viplav’s hands. Viplav makes her sleep on the bed and he turns to go. Dhaani holds Viplav’s hands. Viplav turns Dhaani says thank you for saving my life and caring for me so much. Viplav says its ok you are my lo.. I mean you are my wife. So it’s the responsibility of the husband to take care of the wife so.. Dhaani says oh. And Viplav leaves. Viplav comes to his office and thinks about Dhaani. He thinks what he said when Dhaani was declared dead. He said I love you, he thinks do I really love her… why did I get so tensed when she was not well, why am I so affected by her? Do I really love her?? Shalu enters and says yes you really love her. And you love her since a long time. I know that even before you marriage. Viplav says no..no.. I don’t love her how can I love her. Shalu says why cant you love her she is your wife and I know you love her otherwise why would you be so sad because of her and I came here to tell you something and I forgot only. Viplav asks what? Dhaani has very high fever. Viplav asks what really?? He says and you are telling me now, he rushes to leave. Shalu says wait bhaiyya she is alright nothing has happened to her. Viplav says then why did tell this. Shalu says to make you understand if you don’t love her then why would you be so worried for her. Viplav says no.. no. Shalu says I am going bhaiyya you think over it and she leaves. Viplav sits and gets into thinking he recalls Shalu’s words, and thinks I love you Dhaani I realise it now, I love you Dhaani. He runs home to see her.

When he reaches home he sees Dhaani and smiles, Dhaani smiles back. Viplav says I want to say you something. Dhaani asks what? Dhaani gets up and stands Viplav holds her hand and says I want to tell you something. Dhaani asks what?? Please tell fast. Viplav says Dhaani actually I wanted to tell you that I…I… I want to tell you that doctor is going to come for check up so be ready okay? Dhaani was expecting something else but… she tells that’s it you only wanted to tell this?! Dhaani says I thought.. Viplav asks what did you think? Dhaani says no nothing I didn’t think anything… Viplav says oh ok the doctor will come in the evening. Dhaani says oh ok and she sits sadly.

Precap: Viplav decorates the terres for Dhaani and he practices to say I love you…

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. It was superb…lovely..!!??? loved it❤
    The precap reminds me of sarla kaki house ..how he was practising to say dhani i love you??

    1. Thank u Arshdeep?

      1. And his practice in sarla kakis house made me laugh it was so cute?

  2. aish(hafsoh)

    Wow this is awesome. Don’t forget to bring a Maha episode to celebrate tomorrow

    1. Thank u so much aish and I don’t promise to give you a mahaepisode because mostly I will be out hardly I will get time to write but I will try maybe I will not post tomorrow sorry!!

  3. Aww!! Finally Dhaani is thinking about him! ? Loved it Maria!! ?

    Precap is really good!! Just can’t wait! ?

    And please yaar, don’t end it so early. ?

    1. Thank u so much Mahira I will try to extend it…

  4. Maria , awesome episode really l loved it ?

    1. Thank you Nima keep reading 🙂

  5. Ohhhh simply superb Maria. Precap is much more interesting. Loved it soooo much

    1. Thank you so much latha 🙂

  6. Very good episode Maria. Wow precap is more interesting.

    1. Thank you Porkodi keep reading 🙂

  7. Maria u have done wonders in describing. First when doctòrs declared her death i felt so bad but thks to viplav who brought her back. Excited for new episòde as precap is more interesting ☺☺?

    1. Thank you so much renu di keep following 🙂

  8. Maria,ur ff is a perfect romantic drama.u know how to make and thrill us with a romantic vidha scene.and Maria,u didn’t done it right by giving that choclates in viplav’s hand.arey he is a crazy choclate lover.just joking yaar.anyways viplav can sacrifice anything for dhani na.i am eagerly waiting for viplav’s terrace confession and laughing how will it be if he is saying i luv u in original ikrs style.no problem dhani is here educated na.hahahaha.

    1. Awwww I will give you chocolates also and I will try to create that original scene, keep following 🙂 And mishu loves chocolates and me too

  9. Maria well written…………
    happy birthday dear sorry for the late post 🙂

    1. Thank you dear, and it’s OK no problem dont be sorry keep reading

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