He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 13


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Viplav calls out Dhaani… dhaani… He takes her in his arms and keeps her on the bed. He picks up the glass of water from the table and sprinkles some water on her eyes. She opens her eyes slightly. He calls the doctor, after some time the doctor comes. He checks her and says its because of stress or sudden shock. But now she is fine, but please take care of her. Viplav says thank you and he gives some medicines to him and leaves. Viplav sits near Dhaani and gives her the medicines. She lies down and Viplav puts the blanket on her. He takes one pillow and sleeps on the nearby sofa uncomfortably.

In the morning,
Viplav gets up and sees Dhaani sleeping peacefully and smiles. He goes near her and leans forward to kiss her cheeks. Just then Dhaani wakes up and asks what are you doing? Viplav blushes and his cheeks turn red aaaawwwww!! He says I was just checking wheather you are dead or alive. Dhaani says shut up. Viplav smiles and says I was just joking. Dhaani gives an irritated look and goes from there. She takes bath and comes out and is drying her hair, Viplav sitting on the sofa is watching her and is mesmerised by her beauty. He keeps on looking her. Dhaani takes the vermillion and applies on her head and she feels dizzy and is about to fall when Viplav holds her in his arms and asks are you okay? Dhaani nods her head. Viplav makes her sit on the bed. Dhaani gets up and starts folding the blanket. Viplav holds her hand and asks are you mad, here you are not feeling well and you are doing work. Dhaani says leave my hand let me do my work. Viplav says no. Dhaani frees her hand and continues doing her work. Later she prepares breakfast for everyone. When everyone comes she takes their blessings. Everyone sit for breakfast. Kanak praises her saying that see my bahu prepares so yummy food. Dhaani smiles. Viplav tastes the food and thinks wow she is a chef.

Shalu comes to vidhaa’s room and says bhaiyya bhabi see your honeymoon tickets to Paris, Rome. Dhaani asks what?! Honeymoon??! Shalu says yes bhabi. Viplav takes the tickets and asks shalu to go. Viplav says Dhaani please. Dhaani asks what are you mad no ways!!! Viplav says just for family, in this way we can atleast see those places. Dhaani thinks yes I would love to see those places but with this Mr.Impossible. One part of her mind says its ok you have a good chance go for it. Dhaani says ok.

They pack their clothes, the flight is the next day. During night Dhaani goes and sleeps on bed, Viplav says hello get up this is my bed. Dhaani sayshello I have married you so everything in this room is 50 50. Viplav says yesterday I let you sleep because you were not well but not today. Dhaani says I have all rights to sleep on the bed. Viplav says ok fine and he sleeps again on the sofa uncomfortably. He thinks I don’t know why but I cant make you sad, I am forced to listen whatever you say…
Next day,
They get ready and take elders blessings. And they leave for airport. On the way Viplav switches on the radio. The song plays bheegi bheegi sadko pe me tera intezaar karu… Dhaani changes the channel and the song plays I love you… Viplav again changes the channel. The song plays mai hu hero tera… Dhaani switches off the radio. Viplav suddenly stops the car. Dhaani asks what happenned? Viplav says I guess the car has some problem. He gets out of the car and sees that the tire is puctured. He says oh shit.

Precap: Viplav waiting out of the ICU…

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  1. Maria whole episode nice . Happy to know that they r going to Paris n dhani is behaving like a ideal daughter inlaw as i thought that she might revolt out of anger but precap is scary hope all fine.

    1. Thank u renu, to know the precap catch the next episode today..

  2. Maria …..keep rocking yarr…wow HONEY WALA MOON finally ……. But precap is scary…… why VIPLAV WAITING OUTSIDE ICU…and FOR WHOm??? post the next part soon

    1. Honey wala moon, I like it but let’s see why is our hero standing outside the ICU.. Thank u ..

  3. Superb Maria!! ? can hardly wait for the next episode. Please post it soon.

    1. Thank you Mahira, I will post it in some time keep reading… 🙂

  4. Maria it’s too good. Hmmm. Viplav is going to fall for Dhaani soon. But why viplav is waiting outside the ICU? Just hope everything is fine.

    1. Thank u louella wait and watch the next episode,..

  5. Maria,so u are sending our cutest couple ever to Paris and Rome.but why not u.s,that’s our hero’s favourite place.just joking yaar.but i think u will postpone this honeymoon bcz of that icu emergency.anyways thanks a lot for such a creative and super cute story and i am sure our dhani beauty will accept our hero soon and above all who is the hero,Viplav Tripathi so she has to accept.

    1. Yes saranya I will send you all to Rome paris when my ff ends but till then you have to keep reading it 😉 And lets see the suspense!!

  6. no dear you won’t disappoint us
    keep going
    really love those songs sanam re and main hoon hero 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    which is the song “i love u”?? which movie???

    1. I love you song is from the movie bodyguard and thank u keep reading

  7. Hi Maria happy to know that they are going to honeymoon and who get hurt why our hero is waiting outside the ICU please post the next episode soon

    1. Thank u latha wait and watch I will post it soon!!

  8. loved vidhani’s cute sa nokjhok…why Viplav is waiting outside the ICU? eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Thank u Nima I will post the next part soon…

  9. nice epi n why his waiting outside of icu

    1. Thank u vaishnavi keep reading to know the suspense!!

  10. nice epi n why his waiting outside the icu

  11. Very nice. Why our hero is waiting outside icu?
    Plz post the next one asap. Eagerly waiting.

    1. Thank you Porkodi I will post it soon!!

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