He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 12


Last episode ended with Vidhaa knowing that they are marrying each other. Now lets see what happens next…

Dhaani cries telling that this rituals of not showing faces was fake. She sees her mehandi and is surprised that the colour is very dark and thinks that if mehandi’s colour is dark that means husband loves you a lot. She looks up and sees Viplav. Viplav wipes her tears and says I don’t know why but I feel that I cant live without you. Dhaani says oh so this was all your planning. You wanted to marry me that’s why you told this lie about the rituals and all. I sont know why but you wanted to take revenge from me because I did not give you respect as a boss. Now I understood everything, that’s why you always wanted to meet me but now all your truth is out. You are feeling very bad now. That your plan has spoiled that you wanted to ruin my life. You are impossible. I never thought that my Mr.Perfect was going to be Mr.Impossible Mr.Arrogant. I hate you I really hate you and she starts beating him with her hands on his stomach. Viplav says stop it Dhaani you are wrong, but she continues. Viplav finally holds her hands and they both fall on the bed. Viplav falls over Dhaani. They have an eyelock. Viplav wipes her tears and slowly goes forward to her to kiss her. Suddenly someone knocks the door. Viplav tries to get up but due to the bedsheet his hands slip and he again falls over Dhaani. Someone again says Dhaani open the door baraat aati hi hogi(bride groom would be coming) (baarat kaisa ayegi ladka to yaha hai) Dhaani says yes yes di coming. Viplav gets up and hides. Dhaani opens the door and says di I am not feeling well let me rest for a while. Piya says ok take rest and she goes. Dhaani locks the door, Viplav comes out. Dhaani says I cant marry you please go away. Viplav says but dhaani our marriage??

Everyone is waiting for the baraat but no news of them. Kanak is searching for Viplav and Shalu too. Everyone is tensed and think where did this Viplav go. Just then Viplav comes and says I am here. Kanak goes and says where did you go. Viplav says mom I cant marry Dhaani. She is not happy with it. Come we all will go and tell in the mandap that we cannot marry. Kanak is shocked and says how do you know? Viplav says that’s not the matter. Come we will also go. Kanak holds his hands and asks are you mad. It’s the matter of both families respect. No one will marry Dhaani if we break this marriage. The world sees only girls mistake, boy is never wrong. Do you understand, samjhe yaa samjhaaye.

In Hotel Paradise,
Everyone is worried and dhaani is crying in her room. Piya comes inside and says come the baraat has come. Dhaani asks what? Piya asks why are you so surprised. Dhaani says no nothing. Dulaari does Viplav’s puja. His face is covered with that groom’s mask. And dhaani’s face is covered with ghoongut. The marriage rituals continue, Dhaani thinks I will never forgive you Viplav you promised me while going that you will stop the marriage but… I hate you really you are disgusting. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. He applies vermillion. The pandit says your marriage is complete now you both are husband wife. They take elders blessings.

Vidhaa leave in car for viplav’s house. All the rituals take place and Vidhaa are taken to their room. They see their room decorated with flowers, when they enter the room flowers fall on them. On the bed a heart is made with red fowers. Shalu says ok bye bhaiyya and bhabi. Viplav comes inside and locks the door. He says before you say anything to me I want to say something. He tells about the conversation with kanak. Dhaani breaks down and says whatever it is you have spoiled my life I will never forgive you. She keeps on crying. Viplav goes and hugs her and says please don’t say like this please. I…I…I… Viplav asks Dhaani Dhaani, she lies unconciouss in his arms…

Precap: Doctor says its because of stress she has become unconciouss but don’t worry she will be fine. Viplav takes care of dhaani…

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. Wow maria u too r great . Nice that marriage happened as i had a doubt that either of them will refuse. Fo now viplav has feelings for dhani lets see when would she realise.

    1. Thank u renu keep reading she will reaise not so soon. Otherwise story me maza hi kya rahega 😉

  2. maria loved it
    soon dhaani will realise her love for viplav

    1. Where is yrs laxmi dear.

      1. And where is your ff waiting for it dear…

      2. sorry di for late update

    2. Not so soon laxmi and thank u keep reading 🙂

  3. Maria…thank god their marriage was done… and I am sure that you will make Dhaani fall for Viplav …….. please please…….. love your ff a lot

    1. Thank u so much sujie for loving my ff… And Dhaani will fall for Viplav but not so soon you will have to wait for it sorry..

  4. Awesome episode Maria I like your ff more than Ikrs yours mahiras and sujis ff are more interesting keep going and update next episode soon

    1. Thank you so much latha glad that you like our ff’s keep reading will post it tomorrow… 🙂

  5. Oh! This one made me cry, literally. ?
    Such an Eipc writing Maria! Really want to appreciate you for this one! ?

    Episode was so emotional. Soon Dhaani will realize Viplav’s love and care is true. ?

    Btw, can you tell me how many episodes are remaining?

    1. Thank you so much mahira for appreciating my ff…
      And i have not yet decided when will i end it.. btw do you want me to end it soon? 😉 just joking..
      keep reading

  6. Maria today’s episode was very emotional. Precap is interesting. Viplav taking care of Dhaani. Wow!!

    1. Thank u loella keep following 🙂

  7. too good maria n happy that vidhaani’s marriage is happened now only waiting when dhaani starts loving vipu

    1. Thank u vaishnavi keep reading

  8. Maria, episode was awesome n more interesting…loved it

    1. Thank u nima 🙂

  9. Maria too good. Very emotional. Finally marriage was happened. Let we have to wait how dhani will fall for viplav. Very interesting.

    1. Thank u so much porkodi keep reading 🙂

  10. Vidha marriage happen now… Mr impossible n miss arrogant tashan can be seen

    1. Thank u megha finally you commented i am happy, and Mr Impossible and Misses Arrogant!! keep reading.. 🙂

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