He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 11


The episode starts with Viplav in his office. He thinks only about Dhaani. A meeting is going on. One man asks his opinion on the matter, but he is still lost in his own world. The man shakes him and says Sir… Viplav says yes. He tells please you all go out postpone this meeting. The man says but sir… Viplav says once I have told you now go. The man says ok sir. Someone knocks the door, he says I am in no mood to talk please go. Viplav thinks what has happened to me why cant I stop thinking about her. Someone again knocks the door, he turns around and says I told na… He is shocked as well as happy inside to see Dhaani. He says Dhaani?? Dhaani comes inside and hands over the envelop to him which contains her resignation letter. She says I have done what you wanted I have signed the papers. And she turns around to leave. Viplav says no..no He holds Dhaani’s hands to stop her. Dhaani turns and Viplav hugs her and says please don’t leave me. I cant live… Dhaani asks why are you holding my hand leave me. Viplav thinks it was a dream. Viplav says i.. I want to say something. Dhaani asks what? Viplav pick up the envelop and tears it. Dhaani sees the engagement ring on Viplav’s finger. She is shocked then thinks no many people can have the same ring. Viplav says I want you back. Dhaani asks what?! Viplav says don’t resign. Dhaani says are you seriously mad you are Impossible to understand. And saying so she leaves. Viplav thinks what was I saying????

Haldi ceremony,
Kanak sends haldi to Dulaari for Dhaani and Dulaari sends it for Viplav. Haldi ceremony continues in their respective houses. Dhaani is happy, everyone applies haldi on Dhaani. They have fun. Whereas here our devdas Viplav(don’t throw rotten eggs on me for calling our sweet Viplav devdas) shows that he is very happy but from inside he is again lost. Everyone apply haldi on him. Kanak asks what happenned beta. Viplav says I don’t want to marry. Kanak asks what?? Viplav says please maa. Kanak says no beta you will like the girl and its all about the two families respect. Now you cant change your mind. Viplav gets sad. Kanak says the girl is very nice you will like her and she leaves.

Mehandi function,
In the evening Mehandi function is going on. Piya and riya dance on the song mehandi hai rachne vali. Dhaani enjoys. Piya secretly tells the first letter of Viplav to mehandivali. She writes V in a different manner such that Dhaani does not understand. Viplav comes to Dhaani’s house to convince her. But on the way he thinks why am I going to her, she is nothing to me. But as I am her boss I will go and I should go. He goes to her house and sees all marriage preparations. Again he feels sad. Dulaari says oh he has come . Dhaani thinks that his fiance has come. She turns back and sees Viplav standing in sherwani. She is super duper shocked. Piya asks what happened. He is not the one whom you are marrying he is one who has come to show sherwani. Dhaani again looks at him and says oh. She thinks oh it was not Viplav, what has happened to me everywhere I see him only. Piya says ok I have some work I will go. She leaves. Someone calls Dhaani from behind. Dhaani turns back and is shocked to see Viplav.

Dulaari says this sherwani is perfect for our dulhe raaja. She says ok we want this one only. Dhaani asks why did you come here. Viplav does not say anything and goes to hold her hand. Dhaani says my mehandi. Viplav says I don’t care, he holds her hand from up and takes her to a room where no one is there. He comes inside and locks the door. Dhaani has tears in her eyes and asks why have you come here again. Its your hobby na to trouble me give pain to me. Viplav goes to her and wipes her tears. And he makes her sit on the bed. Dhaani asks what are you upto? Viplav says please I am sorry don’t leave the job, plese don’t resign… Dhaani says but.. Viplav keeps his finger on her lips and says please Dhaani. Dhaani asks but why do you want me, I mean there are many other employees. Viplav says because.. because you are special to.. I mean you work very well that’s why. Dhaani says no anyways after two days is my wedding, Viplav says really my wedding is also after two days. Dhaani says I don’t care and now you leave. Dhaani goes towards the door to open the lock. She raises her hand but is unable to reach to the lock. She stands on her toes but of no use. Viplav comes from behind and opens the lock. Dhaani looks behind at him and they have an eyelock. They keep staring at each other. Piya knocks the door and asks Dhaani are you here? Dhaani is tensed. Viplav shows her hand and goes and hides. Dhaani opens the door and says come we will go piya asks what were you doing here, she says nothing. Viplav slowly comes out. Mohan sees him and asks Viplav what are you doing here. He says nothing uncle I just came to meet Dhaani. Mohan asks but why. Viplav says she is resigning I wanted her not to. Mohan says but you gave her the letter na. Viplav says yes but now I realize my mistake. Mohan sees Viplav’s eyes filled with tears. He thinks my choice is right, he is perfect for my Dhaani.

After two days,
The wedding venue is in a hotel. The hotel is fully decorated. Everyone is happy except our Viplav. He is dying to meet Dhaani. He goes to her house but finds it locked as everyone has shifted to hotel Paradise. He asks around where have they gone. The vendor says its Dhaani’s marriage today so they have gone out but I don’t know where. Viplav is almost in tears and says god please I want to meet her once. I don’t know why but I want to meet her atleast once. He returns back.

Dhaani is happy that finally today she will see her Mr.Perfect. Piya comes and teases her and says oh see how my baby is blushing thinking of his dream boy. Piya’s husband comes and greets her. Dhaani says hi jiju. They have a talk.
Whereas here Viplav is sitting sadly in his room. Shalu comes and says what happened bhaiyya today is your marriage cheer up. He says but Dhaani.. I mean I wanted to meet her, and ask her to join the job once again. Shalu says leave it bhaiyya. Why are you thinking so much about her? Viplav says I don’t know but I am feeling very restless, I want to meet her. Shalu says meet her later now focus on your marriage. Viplav smiles. Shalu leaves thinking bhaiyya you are in love wow and that too with the girl you are marrying.. I am very happy, lets spread this news. She goes to Dashrath’s room and sees Kanak, shambu, dadi and dadaji tensed. She asks what happened to all of you. Kanak says Viplav was saying he does not want to marry, if after marriage they don’t live happily then? Shalu says chill maa. Nothing like that will happen I have seen love in bhaiyya’s eyes for my to be bhabi. Sushma asks what? Shalu says yes and tells about their conversation. Kanak says now I have no worries. They all get happy and do the marriage preparations.

In the evening, marriage time,
Dhaani is in her room. She gets a call from Viplav, she picks it up and no one is there in the room. Viplav says I want to meet you Dhaani pls. She says today is my marriage please don’t disturb. Viplav says its my marriage too. Dhaani asks but why do you want to meet me? Viplav says I will tell you when I meet. Dhaani says ok but this is the last time. She says she is right now in hotel Paradise. Viplav says what my marriage is also held in that hotel only. Viplav says give me your room number. Dhaani gives. After some time Viplav comes to her room. He comes and hugs her. Dhaani is shocked. Viplav says oh I am sorry but from when I am searching you. Dhaani says one minute. This sherwani was the one which my mom chose for my fiance, then how come you are wearing it? Viplav says this sherwani was given to me by my sasu ma. But I have never seen her. Dhaani holds Viplav’s hand and sees the ring. Viplav also sees the ring in Dhaani’s hand and says this is the same ring, Dhaani says yes you are also wearing the same ring. Both are shocked to know that they are marrying each other. But Viplav looks happy. Dhaani says that’s why the engagement party was a mask party so that we could not see each other. And she breaks down.

Precap: Suspense!!!

What will happen next? Will they marry or not? Jaanne ke liye dekhte rahiye He is impossible sirf telly updates par!!

And the episode is I guess too long, sorry for that but do not forget to drop your comments!!

Credit to: Maria

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  1. Maria it’s amazing. Oh no!!! Again I have to wait for one day. My mind is just telling the word suspense suspense and suspense. Plz plz post the next one soon. Or I will get mad thinking about this suspense.

    1. Thank you so much princess!! I will post it soon dear!!

  2. finally dono ko pata chal gaya that they r marrying each other now eagerly waiting for next epi very very interesting story maria

    1. Thank you so much vaishnavi, will post it soon. Ab in dono ko pata chal gaya dekhte hai kya hota hai!!

  3. Maria mind blowing. My anger on today’s episode was gone after reading ur ff. You made my day. Thanks Maria.

    1. Thank you so much Porkodi and you made my day with your comment… Thank u so much

  4. Maria u r too good excellent job

    1. Thank u so much joyee!!

  5. So what do you guys say it in Hindi, Atiyachaar ( correct me if I’m wrong ) right? Maria sorry but I hate you for this one, you gave so much pain to Viplav. ?

    Anyways, coming back to the episode.. again it was Superb! Vidhaani scenes were just so perfect, could actually imagine them! ? And I’m smelling something fishy.. ? Suspense might bring a heart broke to Viplav.. fingers crossed.

    And yeah, I enjoyed reading that last part.. jan’ne k liye dekhty rahiye.. ?? Keep going like this! ?

    1. Yaa u r right it’s atiyachaar. And you hate me haaaawwww I am so sorry for that but I love you…?
      Let’s see what is the suspense jaanne ke liye padte rahiye he is impossible sirf aur sirf telly updates par 😉

  6. Wow! Masha Allah, u nailed it again. No doubt about it u’re a blessed writer. This is awesome. Hats off

    1. Thank you so much dear you are commenting for the first time I guess. Thank u and keep reading… 🙂

  7. Maria…..love you for this….super duper episode….keep rocking like this……ans Suspense wala precap…..post next part soon
    ..please 🙂

    1. Thank a lot Sujie love you too <3
      Suspense jaanne ke liye thoda intezaar karna padega. I will post it soon dear!! 🙂

  8. awesome episode…keep it up ?

    1. Thank u Nima 🙂

  9. Finally vidhani has come to know that they r being married to each other. Want to know the suspense desperately.

    1. Keep reading renu 🙂

  10. no maria no suspense atleast give a spoiler
    good one

    1. Thank u laxmi and where is your ff waiting for it yaar

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