He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 10


The episode starts with Dhaani opening the envelop. She sees the letter and shockingly says Resignation letter?! Viplav says yes sign it and please leave. Dhaani says but and she has tears in her eyes, she does not why? She asks but what did I do, Viplav says I am your boss and you have no rights to question me, seeing her in tears he also feels the pain. Dhaani wipes her tears but I need the answer you are no more my boss tell me what did I do? Viplav says you have done nothing now go. Dhaani shouts but why? When I didn’t want to do the job then you forced me to do the job now you are making me resign?! You are really very much impossible. She throws the envelop and leaves. Viplav sits on the chair and says I am sorry but because of you I am not able to concentrate on my work. The whole day you are in my mind… So its better you stay away from me…

Dhaani goes to the temple. She thinks how can he be so rude first of all he forced me to do the job and now giving me resignation letter. How impossible to understand him. But why did I have tears in my eyes? She thinks maybe because of dads fear, yes dad will now scold me only because of that Mr. Arrogant. She gets up and turns behind and sees Viplav. She is shocked to see him and asks what is he doing here. He tells sorry… Dhaani says I don’t need your sorry get lost, Piya pats her and says what are you saying whose sorry you don’t want to accept? Dhaani says no no nothing. She thinks but I saw Viplav here. Piya says I just came to pray in temple and saw you so came to meet you… But what happenned to you. Dhaani tells everything. Piya is shocked and says how rude can one be. She takes her home. Piya tells everything to Mohan. Mohan is also shocked. Piya says papa think once again about their marriage. Mohan says no dear you know na opposite poles attract each other. It’s the same case here. Piya says as you say papa… Mohan thinks but why did he do this.

Viplav on the other hand cancels all his meetings and sits sadly. Shalu comes in his office and sees him like this. She says bhaiyya what happened to you. Tomorrow is your engagement and you are so sad. He says no nothing has happened. Shalu says I have come to give you your lunch. They both eat it together. Shalu asks why are you not eating bhaiyya. But our hero is just thinking about our heroine. Dhaani is sitting sadlywhen Riya comes and asks about her engagement tomorrow. Dhaani tells her about the customs of the boys family.Thats why she does not know the boy. But she says my dad has chosen him so he will be the best.

Next day, in a marriage hall,
Engagement preparations are going on. In the evening everyone comes. Dhaani is shocked to see everyone in masks (birthday masks). And from behind Riya comes and makes her wear the mask. Dhaani asks who are you. She says I am Riya and wearing masks is the theme of the party. Dhaani says oh. Dhaani and Viplav are called for ring ceremony. First Viplav makes her wear the ring. Then Dhaani makes him wear and sees a ring already in hand and thinks I have seen this ring somewhere. Yes Viplav, no but someone else can also have it, nowdays I am thinking too much about him. She makes him wear the ring. It is a combined program with sangeet. Vidhaa are made to sit toghether. Dhaani sees Viplav in his black suit and thinks the boy is not that bad. His body is good, now lets see how his face is. Viplav has no interest in the program his interest is only in Dhaani. Riya and Piya dance on the song gallan goodiyaan. Shalu also dances, Dulaari, Kanak also dance. Then Piya says now it is the most awaited moment the dance of our lovely couple. Everyone claps. Piya, Riya and shalu pull vidhaa’s hands and bring them on the dance floor. They dance on mere khwabo me jo aaye. Viplav cheers up and dances on dilliwali girlfriend. The sangeet ends.

Precap: Dhaani turns around and sees Viplav and is shocked…

Guys next episode is a mahaepisode. So be ready for it.. And do comment on this episode…

Credit to: Maria

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  1. maria really awesome loved the dance 🙂
    keep going drrr….

    1. Thank u laxmi 🙂

  2. Keep doing such a wonder dear….. lovely 🙂

    1. Thank u Sujie 🙂

  3. U made my day.vidhani’s tom and jerry love.its very lovable to watch and it makes our mind jumbing in joy.we can i magine each and every scene of vidha luv.thank u so much for such a wonderful ff.

    1. Thank u so much dear 🙂

  4. Dear it was a lovely episode. Plz post the next one soon.

    1. Thanks princess will update it tomorrow

  5. Maria fabulous episode mindblowing

    1. Thank u joyee 🙂

  6. Awww! Maria why got to be so cruel to them babies! ? Bechary! Maray jaa rahy hen ek dosray k lye! But you hide them with party masks. Very smart indeed! ?
    Precap seem interesting, crossing my fingers.. kahin phir koe naya twist na aa jaey. Haha.. good going! ?

    1. Yà wait for the twists, and thank u so much

  7. Maria my dear it’s awesome episode really l enjoyed each n every scene…keep it up ?

    1. Thank you so much nima

  8. Maria too good so mask party was decided bt dulari n kanak. Waiting to see vidhanis reaction on knowing that they are engaged.

    1. Yaa you have to wait for vidhaa’s reaction and thank u keep reading

  9. Very very interesting Maria. Post the next one asap.

    1. Thank u so much Porkodi I will post the next part soon..

  10. good epi maria keep going

    1. Thank u vaishnavi 🙂

  11. nice maria very interesting story……..i just love it go on…….god bless u my dear

    1. Thank u so much dear, may God bless you too… 🙂

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