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Okay guys u all don’t know me because its my first post ya but some might know me as I comment on some ffs but read many. I read many ffs n I saw that u all r blaming zee tv for sidhant sir’s quit but actually it is wrong . zee tv never wanted sidhant to quit . They had no problem if he was taking part in jhalak . It was sidhant’s decision to quit the show as he didn’t want to do 2 things at a time the makers, the production house, the channel n everyone related to the show tried to convince him not to quit the show but they didn’t succeed so plz don’t bash zee tv for it.

Now about Naman Shaw’s entry . I know his pairing with Jasmine will not look as good as sidmin but guys if sidhant has left , the show must go on . Naman is an experienced actor n has gud acting skills so plz stop bashing him too . Many of u r saying they will leave the show, stop writing ffs n all sorry I am harsh but I would say that its better if u leave b’coz u r just not accepting the fact that kunj sarna was a character not a real person n characters r played by actors. Yes I agree that sidhant gave life to the character but that doesn’t mean we will stop watching it. Just give a thought that why do u like sidhant gupta ? My answer would be because of his character/ role as kunj sarna . We luv actors just from their reel lives n we start liking his/her face n voice n all. But half of tei viewers r not so well connected to the social world related to tei n its actors. The housewives who mainly watch the show , most of them don’t know who is sidhant gupta or jasmin bhasin or zain imam what they know is kunj n twinkle n yuvi . When an advertisement of sidhant comes their first reaction is kunj not sidhant. People accept changes as it is human nature to accept as we can’t do anything now. r bashing n leaving the show would not bring sidhant back. If u want examples then I have many as jia (gopi) left the show deboleena grabbed n now u know the trp of saath nibhaana saathiya the show didn’t end as she left ya people took time but after a week or two they accepted. Sushant Singh rajput left pavitra rishta but the new actor continued sorry I don’t know his name( he is working in the show ganga as saagar’s father). Shilpa shinde left da show bhabhiji ghar pr hain but now shubhangi atre is also doing well. In ishq ka rang safed the old dhaani , again I don’t know the name, left the show n is replaced by sanjeeda sheikh . Just think in qubool hai the same actress surbhi jyoti worked with karan singh grover, karanvir bohra n da last actor I don’t know who . So guys just accept the change it’s not that I am happy with sidhant’s quit but what can we do ? I signed a petition named bring sidhant back, mailed to the channel, tweeted with #bringsidhantback but he left so let it be now don’t drag this topic more now because nothing would happen .

I really think that if he left the show its his loss . He said he got better career opportunities . Is jhalak dikhla ja a better career option? I don’t think so. We all know colors always makes one of his channel actors win . If u r thinking of public voting then arjun bijlani would take it as everybody knows about the popularity of naagin. Moreover karishma tanna, surveen chawla r also participating. Siddharth who was junior ashoka is in talks along with mandana karimi. Ada khan might enter as a wild card contestant , swara of swaragini is also participating. I don’t think so that he would win as chances r very less but no one knows what’s gonna happen. But I would say that his decision to leave such a gud show was wrong ya I love him too but truth is truth . I asked my mother about new bhabhiji that r u able to accept her? Her answer was ya after 2 to 3 weeks we become used to n the person who leaves in the middle is always at a loss. I agree with her but world is full of exceptions he might get success n I wish him gud luck. So guys my lecture is over I know that u will bash me now . Okay do it I accept it because I have an opinion n u might have a different but I accept n respect ur opinions n would like to know them by ur comments

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  1. Sarayumane

    You are write

  2. u are right

  3. Sarayumane

    Oops, sorry it is “right”

  4. Shatakshi

    Hey happiness
    I agree with ur words
    But now I want to keep my words
    Firstly the trps of tei was hell disappointing becoz of a big story line…n as an actor if he want to start his career in dancing then its his decision…n about the channel
    Arjun Bijlani was rejected becoz he too was participating in jdlj
    N what if the zee TV might have called him at the middle of jdlj…they could force him to leave jdlj…so its better that he is doing only one work at a time….
    He might have taken his decision…thinking about his future…
    N in latest interview Jasmine was asked by telly chakkar that…if she would get a show …so will she accept or reject the proposal… N her answer was that she will accept…

    N about gopi…she was acting in a serial where most of the viewers were adults…n not the teenagers… So they don’t really mind of her being changed
    N about karan…so if u remember…soon after karan left the show took a leap n ended the season…n started season 2 becoz they knew that it won’t run if asad will be replaced…so they showed the drama of their daughter…which was better as the pairing of a sad n zoya was not damaged…
    But sidhant was a teenager sensation…ppl used to die on his looks….so its obvious to get connected
    N not only kunj…there r many Sidhant Gupta FC’s on insta twitter fb n many more…
    N naman shaw…he is an experienced actor…but his looks r completely different from sid…
    I m sorry for this big essay…
    But this is just my opinion.
    N don’t even think that I m bashing u
    N yeah love u????

    1. Ritzi

      shatakshi u stole my words yaar….. even i think exactly the same but happiness i wanna tell u 1 thing that sidhant was the 1 who wanted to do both the shows together but zee tv didnt allowed him to do so this was told by sidhant only so he is not at all at fault nd secondly how can u think he cannot win jdlj he will surely win damn it…… dont u know his dancing skills…. they r farrrrrr more better than arjun., karishama or ada… he is a skilled dancer nd about watching tei…. sorry but it has lost his charm so i hv quitted the show…..soooooop sorry if i hurted u but ya my motive was to jst keep my point….. love u darling… muahh

    2. Sayeeda

      Wah …..wah Sattu ek dum sahi padke hain….
      I also feels the same …..
      Whatever Happiness said I agree with it but still I can’t imagine anyone in Sid’s place though it is reel one only but still I can’t …nd about ending ff …I too agree we should continue with it as now only these ff’s r the sourse of memories of Twinj nd Sidmin …
      about Sid winning or losing jdj is a future prospect but we all fans r their to support him nd I wish he wins it …
      No one in the world wants to leave any big opportunity in his or her career….whether be him or someone other…

  5. SidMin

    I agree with you even though we miss Sid we should not bash Naman if not Naman someone else would have replaced Sid

  6. Hey!!! Actually I’m a big fan of sidhant sir as well as tashan e ishq.. As u r saying that may b jhala won’t b as big opportunity as tashan e ishq so for that I think..
    If u remember siddharth shukla he was also 1 of a contestant in jhalak.. N from there itself he got his breakthrough in KJo’s movie.. May b sidhant sir is expecting something like that which will give new success to his life.. N about TEI.. I respect zain sir n jasmin mam equally so I’m not 1 amongst those who have stopped watching the show after sidhant sir’s exit..

  7. Yashasvi

    hey happiness, i have the same opinion yrrrrrrrrrrrr , n if the viewers r fan of sid , then also they should respect his decision n should think that khalak is a wery good platform for him, so i fully agree to wt u said, as i also feel same

  8. Yeah u r totally right i agree wid u …but naman shaw can never ecer take our sidhants place…NEVER EVER

  9. Amaya (kashish)

    Hey !! M a silent reader.. Bt today i thought to do comnt as u r totally right.. I agreed vid u .. I am also a huge fan of tashan e ishq n mostly of sidhant aka kunj.. Bt now as he left , its ok.. Mayb he wud able to achieve his dream.. I still love tashan e ishq as usual i do.. Nd I never stop watching it.. Nd yes .. All fans of tei wud start liking new kunj also after some time.. I love tei frm the core of my heart…

  10. A cyclist moves at 12m/s for 1minute and at 16 m/s for 2 minute. Find the average velocity if the second part of motion is in the same direction as the first .

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzz I missed the class of this topic ….n I don’t know how to solve it ….my teacher asked for homework …he will check it …..what I will do ….we all are friends that’s why I asked u all instead of asking anyone else …I know u all will never disappoint me ….plzzzzz help
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    1. Shatakshi

      Hey zonal
      I m not sure
      Speed (velocity)= distance ÷ time
      So u can find the velocity of the two…
      N then find the mean i.e average by dividing the sum of the speed by 2…
      N yeah convert the unit of time…which is given in minutes into seconds…
      I just that I m guiding u correct
      If not then plzzz forgive me…

    2. Fan

      Hey i tried solving the q n here is the ans:
      V1=12m/s V2=16m/s t1=1×60=60sec
      Average velocity = (V1t1+V2t2)/t1+t2
      Substitute the values in that formula n u will get the ans..
      Hope it was useful…

  11. i agree with you 100% you cannot be more correct then this

  12. Look I agree with u but I was saying that the pair of sidmin is awesome not the current pair

    And the current track of kunj turning negative is not at all is God to watch the show

    I agree expect kunj there are many more characters but still the story not that bud to see it

    I hope u understood my point of u

    As I understood yours

    Hope u will not take it in a negative way

  13. It’s not God it’s good
    It’s not bud it’s good

  14. Answer It today plzzzzzzzz

  15. I ll never accept naman shaw as kunj sarna.whtever ppl write sidhant gave a life to the character.. n ppl know sidhant gupta as his real identity. i have kept my words n stopped watching tei.. I m sry if someone is hurt.. bt this is the fact

  16. sid was ready to do two shows but it was zee asked to select any one from this.and sid selected jdj. as kj is one of the judge sid may consider jdj as a way to enter bollywood.there is no chance sid may win the show. he taken a wrong decision by quiting the tei which made him popular.he also broken the heart of million fans

  17. Fan

    U r right…at first i was really disappointed after sid sir’s exit..i even thought that i will stop watching it..but as iam a gr8 fan of twinj i decided to see how they bring a new kunj…i dont have any problem with naman shaw playing the role of kunj…but still i stopped watching the show as they spoiled kunjs character…as far as i remember kunj told that in love u can sacrifice anything..but now he is planning take revenge from twinkle because he thinks that she ditched him..kunjs character was shown as a very understanding person but now toh he is behaving like old uv n uv is behaving like old kunj..i started watching the show because i loved kunjs character..but now i dont even feel like reading the weitten updates..sorry for such a long comment but i wanted to share my views with u all…

  18. may be sid knew that his character going to be negative. so he choose jdj.instead of naman if sid become rocky we gonna never accept its better sid quit the show

  19. Saby

    Hey happiness I agree with uh that bashing naman shaw is not the right thing to do…. And viewers shud accept him…. But wat to do yaar v can’t imagine any1 else as kunj…. As I commented last tym also…. Eventhough naman have replaced him…. But whenever any1 will talk about Kunj character….. Ppl will only remember…. Sidhant Gupta….. As Kunj…. As he is the heartbeat….. And ya I have started to watch tei with his entry as he was my Love at first sight….. And I quitted tei just after his quitting the show? viewers can cont…. If they want but I can’t accept him as Kunj…. Sorry happiness…. If anyway I hurt uh…. Love uh lots?? I m not at all bashing uh…. I hope uh understand me

    1. Happiness

      Hey saby I forgot to mention the name of I m the devil of my angel I am a regular reader of that too sorry n ya where’s ur next part u said u will post it soon plz post it

  20. Trisha

    Well said… You have thoroughly expressed what i wanted to say… Good job!

  21. Thankewwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooooo much fan n shatakshi……thankewwwwwwwwwwww Burt there are many questions who will help me ??????_?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Dreamer...arundhati

    Happiness actually ur veryy right
    I agree with u but ,
    Sid sir will b missed
    As sattu di said he was teenage sensation.
    He would be missed.
    He is right in his place.his career is more imp.
    As fans v r right.
    As new kunj, nawan is right.
    So lets hope 4 the best.
    Luv u sid sir
    Happiness dear plz do write more

  23. Shamz

    Hey Happiness,
    After reading ur article I cud only say that everything is destined….whatever we do is already written somewhere…. God always does good for his followers…
    Now about new Kunj…as an actor he is good but as a Kunj he looks elder with Twinkle aka Jasmin… I was in class 1 or 2 wen his serial named KASAM SE used to come and now I’ve passed my plus 2…..and this serial is youngster oriented and most of fan is in teenage so I think they wud like 2 see some younger pair rather than older pair…but in the corner of my heart there is still some hope for him to comeback….
    And about the other actors who left their shows were not youngster oriented…. Saath nibhana saathiya or Pavitra Rishta or any other serial u said…. I won’t bash Naman but I’ll miss Siddhant Gupta…. But yes I’ve stop watching that serial becoz I started watching this serial for Siddhant Gupta only….I haven’t seen the starting of this show…I started watching this show after Twinj marriage in TEI….

    1. Happiness

      Me too dear shammi I also started watching it after twinj marriage ya we’ll definitely miss him I too hope that he comes back like some resurgery or anything in ur words I should say AMEEN I don’t know I said write or not .

      1. Happiness

        Correction its right not write

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