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Hey guys I found that many of u have confusions so I hope to clear them all.
Ya saw that many of u are talking about Arjun Bijlani . In the case of sidhant the channel was ready to compromise if he was taking part in jhalak because he was a popular actor n was well connected with the show n viewers n they knew that he might not neglect the show even if he was taking part but as Arjun was new he didn’t know the show so he might have neglected the show . As zee had to appoint a new actor they decided not to choose a complicated one which would later create problems so their next option was naman shaw . I got this information so I am telling u, may be u r right. Sorry if I am wrong.

I agree to ur point that that nobody can copy the loks of sidhant . I also die on his looks n I am also missing him a lot like everybody . But that doesn’t mean that u will bash the actor . I have read on instagram n Twitter the comments of the viewers. I am just using TU as a platform to spread the message. People r abusing naman on his social networking accounts as he has taken up the show. So u tell me is it correct to abuse him ? Yes we all love sidhant but abusing n bashing shows the immaturity of the viewers. If u wanna do something then mail the channel n production.

Now about qubool hai , I was talking about the pairing not the story line I watched the show till the entry of new sanam n after that I left it. First the pairing of asad n zoya was liked by me n when the leap came my first reaction was that why did thae kill asad n zoya n if they wanna change they should have changed both the actors I thought that surbhi would noy look gud with anybody else but then everybody liked saahil . By this I mean to tell that agreed naman can’t take sidhant’s place but we should give him to , so that he can connect to the story n emotions of the show.

Somebody said about Siddharth shukla I guess nowadays he is the anchor of igt. But if u remember his first show was balika vadhu which was a colors’ show after that only he got khatron k khiladi , jhalak n igt. Moreover I had written that the world is full of exceptions sidhant might get success n he should.

Somebody said that its better if sidhant left as u would not have liked him in a negative character. Dear kunj was not going to turn negative . The show was goinh to take a 1 yr leap with twinj parting ways without any consummation. After the misunderstanding (uvi n twinkle sleeping together) kunj would have left for London with family n tell twinkle that he would leave if she didn’t reach on time n he she failed to reach he would end their relationship acc to the spoilers when twinkle was going to leave leela would meet an accident. Though she would reach the airport but would be late . This was going to happen if he didn’t quit. Now tell me ur opinions by ur comments.
But I would like to ask u 1 more question

Did anyone of u know who is sidhant gupta before tashan e ishq? I think there would be many nos . Yes he gave life to the character but now we can’t get him back so why to waste our time n energy on arguing bashing n abusing naman? Whenever I read ur ffs I think sidhant as kunj n I also can’t forget him but r jasmin n zain not loved by us? I love them too n I will watch tei for them yes nobody can take sid’s place but I love the show n I am not going to leave it.
Leave this topic coming to the show just tell me what do u think about the story now? How would the story end twinj or twiraj? To be true I am very confused because the show is becoming more n more unpredictable but interesting. Yuvi loves twinkle, twinkle still loves kunj, kunj/rocky wants to destroy twinkle, pallavi is positive or negative I don’t know . What do u think just let me know by ur comments. By the way this is a continuation of ‘Important for tashan e ishq fans’ if u missed the last post just check it out n then comment ur opinion . Here is the link

if my words hurt u I am extremely sorry, dost samajh kr maaf kr dena ♡♥ ♥ Now I would like to say sorry to u all for not commenting on ur ffs the reason is that I read many ffs so I just open the pages n then save them for offline reading n once all r saved I close the website n read them so I don’t comment. But I read so I would like to thank the writers of the following ffs
Tashan e deewangi, love is blind, I love the way u lie, I love you a twinj journey, tashan e aashiqui, unconditional love, I can’t stop loving u, trust on 7 vows, a journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq, tashan e dosti to shaadi, just the beginning of new love twinj, yehi hai ishq, tashan e ishq tashan vs love, twiraj love story, and the writers of many more oss.
I love u all n just add 1 comment to ur ffs of mine because I always read them

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  1. Narendran

    Agree!! Kunj is the best actor!! Sidhant Gupta!! After he left this show trp falls from 2.1 to 1.3????Before sidhant quit it was 2.1 after ??Sorry if I hurted twiraj fans!! But it is true!!

  2. Ria

    I agree. No one can replace Sidhant Gupta but that doesn’t mean we abuse Naman Shaw. He’s trying to entertain us and we should support him. He wasn’t the reason for which Sidhant so, why do you want to abuse him. Please for God’s sake stop this. I remember when on TU someone said something bad about a ff writer you all always stood by. I don’t want to mention anyone’s name but, it was about someone’s self respect and this time also it’s about someone’s self respect. Please stop bashing Naman Shaw. If you don’t want to watch, don’t watch but don’t bash him.
    Coming to the story, the track is confusing but, it will end on a happy note with Twinkle and Kunj together. The story was based on “taqdeer ki dor se bandhne jaa rahe hain rishtey”, so they won’t spoil the caption.
    I’m really sorry if I hurt anyone.
    By the way, it’s confirmed that Sidhant Gupta is joining jdj.

  3. Shatakshi

    Hey happiness
    Me again!!!
    But don’t worry…becoz I m not gonna give an lecture…nor I m in support of bashing naman…
    Honestly bashing him on social media is really not acceptable..n its discouraging too…for an actor n especially the one who is going to take place of kunj…
    But I kept my point of accepting a new kunj…its really impossible for me…personally
    U know I still try to watch tei but seeing twinkle with UV…not jasmine with zain..mind u…is really heartbreaking
    Once I used to wake up at 2:30am just to watch twinj bonding…
    How can someone take his place so easily…
    N I totally agree with the point that bashing naman is worthless….??

  4. Sayeeda

    Happiness dear ….ur way of expressing ur thoughts r amazing..
    I agree with ur each nd every words …nd bashing a actor on his instagram I’d is not worth to do ….
    Naman is a very good actor ; he did many daily soaps but it’s just we can’t accept him as our kunj but still I’m always their to support him as we can’t stand against any actor …
    But I miss Sid a lot …now a days without him nd tei is so worst to handle …
    Coming to ur ques …I want it to be end on a good note along with our lead pair Twinj bcoz their love is a example to others but I’m very frustrated as what the hell Cvs r doing with Kunj’s character ….they r ruining his role ….negative nd that to too much …uuurrgghh…
    Nd welcome ….nd thanks for reading my ff …I’m happy that their r many silent readers of my ff too…
    Keep motivating all tei fans like us nd show them correct path..

    1. Happiness

      Sayeeda do u really think I am a gud writer because I am not good at expressions but ya I am good at arguments. So I was able to write this . To be true I wish to start a ff but I am hell nervous . Plz help me out 🙂 🙂 ♥

      1. Ria

        Happiness, please start. We’ll be waiting for you. There’ll be many of us who’ll help you out. And, by the way I forgot to tell in my comment but, thanx a lot for mentioning my ff’s name.?

      2. Sayeeda

        Happiness dear ..plzzz go ahead nd start with ur ff ..I’m 100% sure that u gonna rock with it …don’t be nervous as we all r their to support u ….
        Our comments will give u motivation to do ahead ..
        All the best ….nd I’m waiting for ur ff ….hope to see u soon with it

      3. Sayeeda

        Nd yah if u want any help do msg me on my profile ….I will try my best to help u out

  5. Yashasvi

    hey u rite totally , i agree with u. n i was the one who said that it’s better sid left, as i cnt see him negative, ya i knw that, but writers ka kya bharossa…..

  6. u r right happiness dear agree with
    v should not abuse naman sir for exiting sid

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Yes I completely agree with this article good article happiness

  8. Sweetie and Candy

    Zee Essel Group please bring Sidhant Gupta back. This Naman looks like an a*sh*le. No look and the way thr earlier kunj spoke little slow and han fast. I loved it. Its my humble request please bring sidhant gupta back.

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