Important note + Love story of Shah Sisters & Kapoor Brothers (Chap-3) by flyingfatty

Hi there! I am ArpitaKrish. Actually I changed it to flying fatty because of some identification error.
You can call me Flying fatty or Srishti which is my official name, from now on.
One thing more I have to say, unfortunately I am aiims aspirant (if you are Indian you can guess my situation) and a scholar student (I don’t think so) according to my teachers so when my Dad went for my admission in next session. My ma’am shared her disappoint regarding to me that I had got demotion after oct – nov.  My dad got angry with me and ordered me to leave TU for 1 year because I have my all important exam next year. Plus my small mind of 16 year old So I have to give up TU. I am sorry guys upcoming 1 year is very important for me. I will miss you all. I don’t think I can come in my festive vacations.
In short Thank You for your valuable comments and times, you wasted for my ff. Loads of love. ❤
If you want to be in contact with me, my Instagram id is @flyingfatty_
Sorry I ditched you all but I am not going to forgot my ffs. I will continue it anyhow next year.


“Kabir, we are getting late” Kusum shouted.
“You always blame me for taking so much time to be ready. See him” Sanskar complained.
“Just shut up. His engagement is going to happen” Kusum shut him off.
“Yes Mom, I am ready” Kabir said while coming downstairs.
“Wow Bhai, You are looking hot. Bhabhi is going to die because of dehydration” Sanskar teased.
“You are done?” Kusum again glared.
“Mom, I was just joking. We are getting late” Sanskar ran outside.
“Seriously” Kabir laughed.
“Whose son he is?” Kusum sweetly taunted seeing Anand.
“What? Is he not your son too?” Anand said.
“Okay guys. Can we move?” Kabir said avoiding argument.
At Shah’s place, Their home was beautifully decorated in simple way for the engagement. Both families wanted to do private function for engagement that’s why they had invited a few guests.
Kapoor’s reached. Jaya was at entrance to welcome them.
“Come in” Jaya greeted.
Kusand reciprocated in same manner.
Kabir & Sanskar touched her feet.
Jaya blessed them. After some chit-chat they started the function.
Sanchi was shown coming downstairs with Swara. Both the brothers were mesmerized seeing their ladies. Sanchi was wearing lehanga of peach and red colour and Swara was wearing combo of pink & sky blue colour. Both were looking simple but marvelous. In same way Kabir was wearing sherwani of peach colour and Sanskar, of light sky blue colour.
Kabir came towards Sanchi. She forwarded her hand, He took her to the stage. They both made each other wear the rings. Everyone clapped. Kanchi were smiling seeing each other.
Everyone were enjoying the moments. Sanskar was drinking. A girl came to him.
“Hi handsome” She hugged him.
“Hi sweety, Sorry I did not recognized” Sanskar was confused.
“Hey don’t lie. I am your girl friend” She held his hands.
“Oh Ekta!” Sanskar called her name.
“Ekta? I am Sonakshi” She scolded.
“So many girls had made me confused” Sanskar thought.
“Sorry Sona. Ekta is my sister” Sanskar lied.
Someone was listening their talks. That was Swara. She became jealous somehow she was developing feeling for Sanskar. Sanskar saw her. He went behind her excusing Sonakshi.
Here, Kabir & Sanchi were dancing together. They were lost in each other’s eyes.

To be continued……

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  1. Dimple457

    This was amazing but u r going for a whole year??? this is not fair na?? but as being a student u have to chalo all the best for ur exams??

  2. beautiful……and comeback soon…..all the best for ur future

  3. Amazing episode dear, best of luck for your studies ,take care

  4. AAYU

    It was great dear
    so sad that you are taking a year off but best of luck for your future do well and I know that it is difficult to get in AIMS just as it is in getting JEE as I’m a maths student

  5. So sad one year off I miss u a lot. All the best for future do well in exam. Come back soon

  6. You are Awesome writter i miss u a lot. All the best for future do well in exam. Come back soon

  7. Dhruti

    it was superb but sad that you taking one year break but i know your situation because it was difficult to get admission in aiims as i also gave JEE in past for got admission in engineering but i got admission successfully in it………………..i hope you will clear that exam then we will meet again on TU…………………all the best for future………………………tc……………….

  8. RuCh23

    So you’re flying fatty ??? I was wondering who it was. Will miss you lot dear ??? but do your studies well… good luck ???

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    come soon dear

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    Such a beautiful and gorgeous episode yaar……….but yaar i am feeling really sad know about your absence……….we miss you so much yaar ……….. please yaar came back to us soon……….take care yourself friend………..lots of love and best wishes and all the best and best of luck for you dear………..

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