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Hello everybody….
Baby here naam toh sunna hi hoga hainaaa………..

Well dekho people am here on behalf of every writer today not only as me I am here to ask you people who all writers are there who doesn’t want any comments on there articles……….
Yaar guys I know I may hurt some people maybe by this message but guys seriously its high time everybody here is busy but still writing for you all that you guys enjoy..
I am not telling ki baby sabke liye personally articles mein comments post kar rhi hai toh aisee karo as I told ou voh baby n nhi hai its us who have to do this baby veli hogi shayad haina jo vo itne comments kar rhi hai nooo guys no not at all am also a human and have lot a many works to do but still comment for my friends for my sisters guys we must have noticed that we all whenever see a new story written by a writer there are 15 to 20 to 30 comments and as the story goes on those people precious pearls write for you all you don’t give a single word of appreciation to them why?????
Guys they are taking out time for us all I was a silent reader even but now look everybody touchwood☻☺ 😀 ;)here loves me soooooooo much seriously they does I was alone soul I got them here guys and when they can make us smile by there cute precious articles cant we write a word for them.
What we does is if the writer writes in an article of her’s that she is getting less comments and that too they write when they get fedup frustrated yaar they are writing for us only naa we are getting entertained tell me am I true or not if anybody here disagree with me then please say……yr I know how bad one can feel if there hardwork there beautiful writings doesn’ get appreciated…………if they write that less comments hain they are gonna end it we all comment on that article and then after that again the comments decreases………..
Ohk chalo manliya you are busy then how are you reading it if you are reading it soo atleast you can slide it down write good in comment box and post it atleast the writer will smile she will smile because her friends read her artilce guys please humble request just a word will go but please comment…….my many friends are there who thought to leave tu the best writers even just because if ones work doesn’t get appreciated soooo guys from somewhere then the heart feel snot to continue the work if not aappreciated if not given love and you all know that…….
Acha I know maybe many people are hurt because of this but please truly tell me did I say something wrong writers you only tell me kya mene kuch galat kaha sach bolna yaar aaj toh bol hi dena……….
Some told me not to post this article and hurt you all people voh vhi log hain who do hardwork for you all and you hurt them by not commenting please do comment chae fir voh nice ho ya good ho awesome ho ya fabulous ho……
I bored you all naa but writers please tell me who are the people who don’t agree with me here on this point?
Everybody takes out time for you all guys soooo please you too take out a second of yours which I know is very precious an just give a single word single comment to make someone happy you all know naa here also you all will do a social work a good work you will make someone smile many writers have left because of such a bad response no comments first on the plot you people commented and then suddenly no comments you all know writers how bad you feel right..
If someone is here standing with me so please raise your hands hahahaa how stupid am I yaar sorry sorry sooo agar koi mere sath hai toh definitely tell me guys ki am I wrong and do people who write for you doesn’t deserve some sweet appreciation or anyhting you people want to tell them……
And forgive me if I hurt anybodies emotions or anything but sorry
I was thinking to write this since long but thought not to but yaar now I cant see my friends hurt anymore……
Acha guys is there anybody who thinks am wrong can keep there point as well I wont feel bad at all because today am not writing all the writers are writing☻
And I hope you all start commenting a small little word will go mere articles par mat krna vaise hi kuch khaas nhi hote hahahaa but all others please………marna hai jo krna hai karo bas gussa mat hona 😛 hahahaaa 😀
Love you guys.♥♥
Happy birthday chiku darling birthday wishes aise thodi naa dungi kal ek article hoga promise for you 😀
May god bless you dear♥♥

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  1. Azreen

    I totally agree with u baby. Lots of people read but don’t comment. I got less com,nets on my previous FF that’s y I declared its end. I write but I don’t read, because writing is my hobby. But those who read, don’t even bother to comment. U really did a good job by posting this message, it was really needed. Especially for the silent readers. I hope silent readers will also comment from now on, after reading ur message

    1. Baby

      😀 hey thanks alot for understanding me i thought you people would be angry but thnaks and if psbl if u read any do cmnt and yaa please post your ff mayb strt a new 1 m sure all will read it..♥

      1. Ayu

        No baby…we should thank you! That is a big boost for us! I hope the comments will go up…a small word of encouragement is enough to make our day…
        Thank u darling!
        Love u❤️

  2. Komal123

    Thats true! What you said!
    But I’ too busy with my college and exams and then my tutuons that I rarely get time to write my own ff!
    I try commenting on some of ffs but seriously finding time is impossible!

    1. Baby

      i understand di bt
      i cant say anything if sm1 is busy
      love u lods di n yeah dats true being busy is smthing dat we dont get time koi ni smile all 😀
      badaaaaaaaa wala :D♥♥

  3. SarahKhan

    Well, baby honestly speaking, I love your writings. I really am fond of your way of writing. The way you describe whatever’s in your mind is really good! I guess I have commented on your posts, after I registered myself here. And, if I mistakenly forgot, I’m so very sorry! And, please do write more as it’s really fun to read whatever you write. Loads of love and dua’s. God bless! 🙂

    1. Baby

      ohhhhh goodess sarah i mean watever i write is good ohh god well thanks alot dear dis is a big shock for me i myself didnt knew dat dear thanks well will write more n thanks for loving my writings 😀 love u lods dear..♥♥

  4. SidMin

    Its true I mean when we start something new 25 +comments and on the very next it comes down to 15 or so We have to keep reminding people to comment if you like it say it if not say it too
    It hurts when you take out time from your daily routine just to write for everyone
    Well said
    I hope sailent readers comment from now on ☺

    1. Baby

      yes mili its true i jst wanted to convey dis msg sooo i did i was nt able to keep it anymore to myself yr 😀 love u lods dear..♥♥

  5. Roshini125

    Even I agree with u baby
    Smetimes I feel like stopping ffs due to lack of support bt smewr I feel like thy hv no time…anyways nice uprisal

    1. Baby

      thanks my rockstar n i know i hv seen hope d cmnts increases in no. i really feel sad yr
      love u lods♥♥ 😀 n srsly believe me i love ur writings keep writing♥♥♥♥

  6. Paavu

    I totally agree with my cupcake meri jaan love u tune rula dia u r saying truth I always commnt upto extent I can do bt people dont bother to commnt I wrt 3 ff u knw bt sm only paid a heed I jst want a single wrd frm dem as they read it nthng else love u dear

    1. Baby

      😀 HAYYEE toh meri muffin isliye ro rhi thi
      jaan nhi yr mat ro i hope now dey all cmnt
      love u soooo much tc♥♥

  7. Chiku

    I totally agreee. Some people comment only on their fav ff. everyone is working hard to write. Some our like me jo chupke chupke likhtien hai?????????but appreciation banta hai boss sabke liye. Sablog apne way mien ache hai. Their are many silent readers too jo kabhi kabhi apna silence break karke violent hote hai. Sachi it hurts?????I request everyone to comment and show their love to every writer. Every writer needs our support. Keep supporting writers.

    Hayee baby????thank uu sooo mcu for posting this article for me thank u alot. ?????????i suck at writing long comments sorry. All i wana say is i am glad to have a frnd like u.
    Love u?

    1. Baby

      hhahaaa tere liye yeh article thodi naa tha haa pagal snd krungi tere liye late ho jaun toh maafi dena yr love u lods♥♥

  8. Simiyy

    I totally agree with you baby
    Whenever the comments reduce from a previous chapter i have written i dont feel like writing more

    1. Baby

      awww simmy no dear you will right and hope ppl will strt cmnting nhi toh mein ek or rally nikal dungi hahahahahaa☻♥♥love u sis♥♥☻

  9. Crazykipuh

    Agreeing with u
    But I truly feel write for ur interest not for others
    I too feel bad yar when suddenly cmmnts from 50 decrease to 10
    I mean obvio
    But later z taught cm t my mind which my bro said me I mean crazy kabhai

    Hope u got my point

  10. Crazykipuh

    Any way crazy ka bhi mood full to out
    Her all ffs right from Twinj love strategy z being copied n posted n other site
    I guess its India forms (not sure f site still)
    Tho guys plz don’t copy others ff
    Write ur own
    N d most imp u know some1 cmmnted n that ff (cpid wala)
    Ki its copied then d copied person who posted said
    Its written by me n my Frnd

    So I have right
    Crazy z like-


    guys hublm rqst write ur own ! N if u copy give credits !!

    1. Baby

      ohhh di i would have if i knew how to give links but wen u ll click on my name my wall will open frm dere u click on d posts all d articles rtn by me wuld b dere aise hi sbka hai :Dlove u lods♥♥

    2. Baby

      ohhh di well aisa hai toh names batun ab kya khun saare ache hain abhi jo yaad aa rhe hain voh bolti hun
      i was about to fall in love by my jaan paavu
      your love taught me meaning of life by paavu
      the journey that led to you by maggi di
      i hate you by sara
      yeh hai ishq by lovely
      love me like the way i do by sidmin
      hamari kahaani twinj by ayu
      twinj friendship love trust by simmy
      our love story twinj by lovely
      twinj marriage betrayel love by monaa di
      this is how feeling sinks by ritzi
      the enticting love twinj by monica
      i love you season 2 by ria
      school love by ridhima di
      tashan e ishq tashan vs love by jisha di
      i was full of love but you were full of tashan by roshini di
      di there r many some of dem r here♥♥

      1. Crazykipuh

        Ll read them then tq baby girl

  11. Crazykipuh

    Btwn ll no one wlcm me?
    Officially joined TU today

    1. Baby

      hey puh di i am welcoming u naa…hehe
      hmmm kya dhamakedaar entry hai ya true no1 should copy sm1s writings n if one does soo should tell dat its copied well copied work we come to know easily dat its copied…☻
      thanks for agreeing wid me di n yeah who was dis prsn who did so
      i too in strting u know took stries frm odr sites bt i tld all dat it was nt my stry well
      welcome di n m wing for urs n crazy diss ff eagerly dat revenge wala 😀
      love u lods di ♥♥

      1. Crazykipuh

        Can u give me links of ridz n ur ff
        I dono which ff u guys write so

      2. Crazykipuh

        Koi ni naam bata de which shd I read can’t read all
        Warna crazy ll kill me for sure for sticking to laptop
        N I really have less time coz by tommo crazy mam ll b back with all stamina n ll not allow me to stick to laptop r cell

  12. Hey baby,
    Thanks for posting this article on the behalf
    of all the writer’s coz this is the thing that we writers want to convey to every readers.Well said.I am too busy but yet I try to cmt.But now I won’t b able to cmt coz I am leaving TU but I will b back soon.

    1. Baby

      its alright twinj cm bck soon…☻♥
      thanks♥♥love u sis♥

  13. Adya

    Aawwwwww baby di….U think so much for us … Arre for u tooo…
    Well baat to h… Hr baar post krne ke baad yaad Diana padta h… comment comment comment !! Nd kabhi kabhi to ff end krne ki dhamki deni padi h….ufffffff…hayeeeee….ohhh…
    Hehe…post ur ff soon…Nd thnkuuuu soooooo much for supporting us…
    Love u

    1. Baby

      😀 AWWW…….adyu i guess u r d first 1 d best rtrs who is caling me di baby di sooooooooo cute n thnks yeah i lll always sprt u n also post my ff soon♥♥♥love u♥

  14. Presha

    hii baby
    u really did a good wrk writting this u all really need to be appreciated nd srry due to exams sometimes i dont coment but now i will do it pakka promise

    1. Baby

      😀 glad u will dear n u r soo sweet thanks♥♥on behalf of all my friends (d ff rtrs n os rtrs :D♥♥)

      1. Presha

        Its a pleasure bcoz u all deserve it as u write so well n entertain us n u need to be appreciated for ur work bcoz u take out time to write this for us and u r also very sweet

    2. Baby

      hey thanks sooo much dear 😀

  15. Ramya

    Hi baby
    I agree with u

    1. Baby

      thanks n i know u always cmnt♥♥ 😀

  16. Kritika14

    I completely agree with you baby! I am just so busy with my studies yet I still write and the response is just so negative and discouraging! Even I have really less time yet I comment on all (maybe) the ff’s I read cause I know how painful it is when you get less comments for something you’ve really worked hard for! Hoping that those who didn’t comment will now start with your little piece of advice! Anyway, thank you for writing in in behalf of all the writers present here!

    Lovess! xx

    1. Baby

      😀 yeah i know its too difficult dear…….♥♥love u lods sis♥ 😀

  17. Jiya_Ani

    My nicely you understand us all…I am so grateful that you took a step ahead.. But pata hai..mera koi fayeda nahi hone wala…Itni musjkil se sabse chupa kar ek epi likhti hoon…but comments.. nowadays hardly reaches 13!…mujhe pehle surf intro pe 14 comments mil gya the…. Chal chod ab tu kyu mera dukhda sun me sent I hogi!…hope ab toh koi comment kare …

    Thanks babes ❤

    1. Baby

      yr rula diya naa dont cry n dont worry i hope all understand us n dont worry u will get cmnts for sure luvi….. 😀
      luv u lods♥♥

  18. I completely agree with u and I’m sorry KSA main bohot kam comment karti hoon I no how it feels tub koi apka kaam appreciate na Kara but Honestly dear friends I lost someone extremely special few months ago or tub se I have no interest in anything but I know I have to stay strong and I feeel soooo good tub app loog itna acha liktai hoo and I love when I guys tease each other u guys always make me smile ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️It’s high time for me to start making you guys smile ??so sorry once again and I actually believe we all r sister I even imagine sometimes that if we all could meet up and have sleepovers how will it be ??? I love u all ??❤️

    1. Baby

      ohhhhh dear yr u toh made me cry chal naa cmmon now come out of dis suspense mode n sad mode of urs n be happy 😀 and comment glad we all make u smile 😀
      love u lods sis can i know ur age n from where u r? 😀

  19. Hayeeeee my Baby kya likha hai yaar….. I completlly agree with you… jab maine apne ff ka intro post kiya tha toh 20 cmnt mile the but after that in each epi decreasing cmnts…. waise tumne itna lamba lecture diya hai lekin khud bhi vahi kiya hai n I’m super angry with you…. bcz maine personaly tumse kaha tha ki baby I’ve posted my ff n if you r free then pls read it n u told me that u r free n will read n cmnt but tumne sabke ff par cmnt kiya lekin mera ff toh padha bhi nahi… aaj main jaan gayi that no one likes my ff bas jhuthi tareef karte ho…. only u know how busy I’m fir bhi post kiya but….pata hai now u’ll read n cmnt but koi fayda nahi bcz u’ll read it in pressure but not with ur own wish…. really yaar I’ve not expected this from you…..waise main tumse yeh sab kehna nahi chahti thi but don’t know kyun kehrahi hun…. sorry for hurting you…

    well thank u for this article behalf of all ff n os writers… I hope after this they’ll start to cmnt on each ffs so thank u thank u thank u so much….

    Waise you r really great n so sweet.. you understands every ones feelings very well n most important is whatever u think or whatever in your heart u write that very well yaar…. hats of u my cutei sisso….. bcz main toh in sab mein puri fisaddi hun…. I mean I can’t express my imotions my feeling…. kehna kuch chahti lekin keh kuch deti hun…. sometimes I feels like I hurts every one with my talks…. but you r not… u have that quallity to win everyones heart n make them smile… n I really luckiest girl that I’m ur friend….. hamesha aise hi rehna happy n sweet….. love you my so sweet n too cute Baby ♥♥ N sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Good night…


  20. Baby

    didu u know yes u made me cry n u hurted me becoz i hurted u i was d 1 to hurt u u were nt d 1 by dese words….but wat could i do was having fever didnt switched on d pc yesterday n didnt even cmntd on any di m soooo sorry to hurt u di yeah now i ll read it for sure n u write too good bt reason was fever di sorry pta hai m crying dat how bad sis i m n uske baad bhi u r telling soo sweet words bout me u know u r d best di…♥
    m sorrieeeeeeeeeee again for hurting u di
    love u lods hope u forgivee me now please smile didu.. :D♥♥♥

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