Our group was famous in whole college it was dream of every group to be like ours we were rocking there were about 5 people in our group and we were totally rocking bunking classes escaping from punishments it was so easy for us actually we were not five we were six but we always said that we were five just because we always use to forget her and she never complaint us about that and we also never felt guilty as in our point of view she was not that important but the question here arises that was she really not important was she really a negligible person ? So my answer is NO she was not. Because without her we were nothing she was the one because of whom our group was rocking but we never let her take the credit we always ignored her and she was also this much sweet that even once she didn’t came to complaint us that we are doing unfair with her we said “Pragya please help us in completing our assignments” she just nodded always in yes with a sweet smile we said “Pragya please we will not be able to attend the college tomorrow please mark our proxy” then also she nodded with us we said “Pragya we can’t take you with us as that is rocking party and you will feel bored there” again she never complaint about that and passed a sweet smile and said Ok whenever we were about to caught because of some mischievous antics of ours she always protected us as it was our plus point that she was head of our class and teachers believed her blindly sometimes we fought with each other and when It was asked that who was the reason so we always took her name as we were afraid of punishments and she also didn’t said anything just accepted what was going on with her don’t know why she was doing this but these happening and acceptance of every situation of her was making me curious and whenever someone asked that “why don’t you raise your voice to get your right they all are using you they are not your friends why are you doing so by doing this you are proving yourself that you didn’t mind anything I know it hurts you a lot then why don’t you make them realise your value” and again she use to just smile and said “because one day they will realise on their self they will realise my value but the difference will be that I will be late and till then I won’t say anything” and I wonder in our whole class no one valued her boys never use to talk to her and girls always use to troll her but she never complained about anything it was looking like she was ignoring everything it seems everything was passing cloud for her she was just there for us and help others too you will not believe once a boy proposed her and then next day he came and said “look I need break up I don’t want to have my value low among my friends” I was looking all that and wondering that how can a girl broke up with him when she never said that she accepted his proposal I am damn sure he was silly person but what to do anyways return to topic yes I was telling that she never use to say or argue with us and to my surprise there was one person who was in love with her just because of her this behaviour whenever she was being ignored he was the one who gets angry to the core and we didn’t mind as it was not important I wonder how can a person fall in love with such a girl who is not responding on any wrong happenings with her I think he must have thought that as she is not answering to us in reply of our injustice with her she will not reply to him also who knows he never said to her that he was in love with her but he always was there near her every time when she was in college he use to spend hours in his car outside the college and whenever she was absent oh sorry! She was never absent in college she was the only girl whose attendance was % in the whole college GOD! How much fine student friend she is how can you describe her in just words I know because she is not the one who can be described in the words I remember it was our prom night everyone was supposed to go there with their partners and she was not there as she was seated in a corner she didn’t got even a single guy to be her partner some girls who were not good at all from their face and behaviour they also got their partners but the one who was good at heart and seems she was beautiful also no one was ready to be partner with her in everyone’s point of view she was just a boring person who have no joy in her life and you know what but that night she met her partner yes that same boy ugh she was with our friend they got their intro and I was being jealous said to all my friends that she got a boyfriend and all were laughing on her and I was winking that this time may be because of his self respect that he wouldn’t get close to her and leave her that moment itself but to my surprise he held her hand more tightly and said to us that “if you can’t value a person you don’t suppose to get friends” and we were stood in anger that how could she do this to us she didn’t even replied to us yet and he is trying to make her to reply us how could he but who knows that he was also failed in doing so yes she returned next day to college and I asked to her in irked manner “how was your boyfriend is fine now he must have taught you how to handle us” and she again smiled us which was now a matter of anger for me because I wasn’t able to handle her this much sweet behaviour I wasn’t able to tolerate that now but what can we do this was the only thing which made us calm every time she just smiled and said “There is no one to teach anyone that how you should be until your own heart says that you should be like this don’t worry I won’t change ever for you” and we were left speechless. It was not the first incident one day I remember that we all were going for a movie it was sudden plan and we were decided that we will go movie and as the plan was sudden we left from college directly without informing her and she was waiting for us all the while as she always use to go home with us she called me and asked that where we are I answered that we are for movie if she want to join us she can come there don’t know why but that day she didn’t said anything and just ended the call and I also didn’t inquired that why she did that but if I will tell you why she did so then you will be shocked but I will tell you it was her birthday that day and she had asked us to attend her birthday party but we forgot that and that day she was broken to the core she was crying a lot yes we made her cry on her birthday itself I didn’t even have to know that but that boy yes the same boy told us about that he yelled on us next day but what was happened that day wait I will tell he told us he said that she was crying and she was hurt that much hurt that she didn’t even went home everyone was worried for her and her mother called him as he was became her friend till that time so her family knows him so her mother called him and told that she wasn’t at home yet so he got worried and searched her everywhere then he went directly to college and his guess was right she was still there sitting with moist eyes and he went near her and asked her to say what was bothering her but as usual with her nature she didn’t told anything to him but he understood everything by just looking at her so he decided not to trouble her by asking more question so he took her with him to home and there was full darkness when she entered and he closed her eyes with his hands and then turned her around the room and then all shouted SURPRISE and she was happy because of him it seems she was getting attracting towards his love who knows but I know all this and I am able to tell you all this because he told us that in detail and I was getting extremely angry that how could she do so if it was her birthday then she must have told us again I must have gifted her something expensive that she had liked but no she was again happy till also then he didn’t gifted her anything how could she do so…. But who knows that happiness comes in which face her happiness was coming in his face day by day they were getting closer and my anger was breaking its limit and I was getting aggressive whenever I was looking him with her but what can I do I never wanted to show that I am angry of it because if I will do so she will become sad and it was possible that she would leave us and if she will leave us then who will save us from punishments and all the and whom we will troll so I didn’t showed that anger towards her can you imagine I was still assuming to be with her just to escape from problems and just to make her fun how now you will think how ridiculous right !! yeah it was anyone will think that it is ridiculous but I was just like that actually didn’t thought about anyone’s feelings na that’s why so it was my birthday now and I thrown a party at my mansion and called her also yes I called her without my choice because I wouldn’t then he must have yelled at us and I can’t tolerate that he was so much concern for her and it was the only point of anger for me and this time I called her to show him that we care for her but the question is did we cared for her ?? let me answer this No again we didn’t care for her she was in the party but was neglected by everyone and that day I saw some tears in her eyes on my own for the first time she just went out and I felt that she would be feeling alone I looked she was hurt so I decided to go out and I went but to my surprise he was there with her ugh again he was there how can he sense that she is alone every time he didn’t even leave a single chance to impress her so in anger I left from there. Some days were pass and she was not coming to college what did I said? She was not coming to college!!! Yes she wasn’t for the first time in our two years of friendship and college I saw that she was not coming to college it was hell surprising for us but what are you thinking? That we must have went to meet her naah!! Not at all we didn’t even inquire that why she wasn’t there me and my friends my group was still enjoying without her also days passed again and now she was continuing the college it was the day of our last examination of third year yes we were in third year so it was day of our last exam and I was coming out of class room after submitting my paper and what I saw that our Literature Professor was congratulating her wait!! What she was congratulating her? But why? So I decided to hear the conversation and what I heard I was shocked after that she was congratulating her because her marriage was fixed. And I was like MARRIAGE but when and how? When our professor left I just went to her and grabbed her to the class room which was empty now I yelled at her saying “How could you Pragya you even didn’t thought to tell us that you are going to marry and who the hell is that whom you are going to marry and how can you take the decision alone you didn’t thought about us once what we will think what we will feel tell me who is he damn it and who so ever is he how can you marry him” this time for the first time I saw her anger she just releases her hands from my hands and jerked me back and said in anger “is my life looking your puppet that how you will move it will move how you will decide it will be happen only in my life and you are asking about how it feels so better don’t ask it because if I will start telling then you will not be able to listen and yes I am getting married my marriage got fixed it’s my mother’s choice she wanted me to get marry so I am doing so and your complaint is I didn’t told you right so now I am telling you that after one month there is my engagement and our marriage is after four months of our engagement and let me tell you one thing that he is the same person who was with me every time and I am happy with that” I was like someone has freezed me there and she was about to leave from there but I shouted “think once if you will marry him you have to leave our group you will not be our friend then think once about that” she said “I will think about it but first you tell me that when you thought that I am your friend tell me when did you gave me importance as others just answer me I will agree with what you are saying” and she left and I was again with a shocked expression stood there yes she answered me that day and I was totally busted out with that because we didn’t even got to know that when she left us like that I was in that much anger that without thinking anything I just called her and she picked it up and I said “Miss Pragya Mehra you did this with us now you even don’t have any importance in our lives ok so do whatever you want to do?” She smiled and said “When there was my importance in your heart tell me and never you all never thought that I am important but again I will say that you will realise my importance once in a life for sure but till then it will be extremely late” and she ended the call that day she was answering us and I wasn’t able to answer after she speak it seems she was speaking everything extremely right which was right actually but for us it was first time from that day those words YOU WILL REALISE MY VALUE ONCE IN A LIFE FOR SURE BUT THAT TIME IT WILL BE LATE were echoing in my ears they didn’t left me until I met her again yes I said I met her again because after our college we didn’t met her ever it was about 2 months for her engagement as it was delayed I know that how you will soon get to know first let me tell how our meeting held after a long time I mean after months actually my grand maa sorry, sorry dadi was admitted in hospital because she got a heart attack don’t know how but yes it happened and it was a bank holiday we were lack of money that time so I decided that I will ask my each and every friend for help and I did so and you won’t believe that the answer I got from every of them was only “Sorry we can’t help you” and I was crying that day because I was wondering that with whom I was still were they my friends really as Pragya’s marriage was postponed I was little bit happy but I didn’t want to ask her for help as I thought that she will also answer the same but don’t know how she got to know that I need help and she came there and help me you will not believe that but let me tell you expenses on Dadi’s treatment were about 10 lakhs as she paid it but how a girl which doesn’t belong to such a rich family manage to give such a huge amount but then I came to know that for giving that amount she mortgage her all the wedding jewellery those heavy jewellery which was for her marriage she mortgage them and then I realised that she was the only one who was our friend no one else was my friend and she was only my friend and that day I came to know that why she said that YOU WILL REALISE MY VALUE ONCE IN A LIFE FOR SURE BUT THAT TIME IT WILL BE LATE yes I realised that and why was it late should I tell you now ? no first let see what happened next so I wanted to say sorry to her but she was left from there till then and I remained there with a guilt for not realising her true friendship I didn’t wanted her to get married but the preparations on her home was going on with full swing everyone was busy in that I also helped them wait! What I said? I helped them yes kind of that I helped them in preparations her engagement happened with him yes with him ugh the same boy and I wasn’t able to do anything but I realised one thing now that I was all the time being angry when he was with her because I wanted to be with her all the time as somewhere in the corner of the heart I was thinking that she is best friend I have got but now she is going to be married time passed and now I was standing in front of her door and she was getting ready in a bride attire and believe me she wasn’t looking less than an angel she was looking like all the angels have gathered there powers and made her this much beautiful what we can say in hindi ahm yes I got that BALA KI KHOOBSOORAT yes she was looking like that now she was in mandap and rituals were going onn still I wasn’t able to believe that I lost her I lost her forever now she is not that Pragya for me …. Wait what is happening here Ugh its irritating me some one is on door of my room GOSH now I can’t tell you rest of the story now you will ask why? So I won’t tell you anything just say anything just look who is in front of me on the door I have to answer her now so I said “What is this Bhabhi you disturbed me I was writing a story” and the person said “First of all Aliya don’t call me Bhabhi it sounds wired from your mouth Pragya is ok you can call me that and by the way how much time you will spend with your laptop just come out your bhai is calling you” I answered “Ok Bhabhi” she said “again Bhabhi I said na no Bhabhi” just then she got a protecting arm surrounding her shoulder and it was my brother who was there with her and said “no don’t ever dare to call my wife by name she is your Bhabhi and let her live Bhabhi understood” I said “jee bhai” she said “But she is my frien…..” she was about to speak but he kept finger on her mouth and said “she was your friend but now she is sister of your husband” she looked at him and jerking her hand taking my side said “friends are friends even if she call me Bhabhi understood MR lallu laal” and saying this she ran and my crazy brother started chasing her uff Oh! Sorry I forgot you people are here so what are you thinking haah areh yes yr I am Aliya I was telling you the all now don’t get shock and go in flashback and join all the links you will get know that how this all happened ok ok don’t go in flashback I am telling you remember that boy who was crazy for her yes that one who use to stand outside the college with his car yes right the same person he was my silly brother only and I was getting angry because I was afraid of losing her as a friend yr of course and remember that boy who surprised her on her birthday yes he was also my silly brother and the one who scolded us who consoled her at my birthday party he was the same my brother and now you will ask that how marriage was postponed let me tell you actually my brother got international consignments according to which he have to live abroad for six months for that reason the marriage was postponed and when dadi got heart attack he didn’t know that because he was not here but being a good wife she helped us yes she got to know by our sweet Raj bhaiya he told her actually he asked her for help and that silly girl oops sorry Bhabhi helped us in that way and in return you want to know what she got Bhai brought her all jewellery back but he gave her more than that he gifted her double what she spent he gave her the promise of being with her till his last breath I wonder how but he was the one who realised her pain in those days when we were friends in just one meetings and now he didn’t even let her cry for a single reason and so did I use to do and you know one thing she call him MR lallu laal funny na just because he said once to her that I CANT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU HOW LALLU I AM haha he said and from that moment she use to call him lallu laal and now you will think when I knew everything then how I didn’t got to know that she was not coming college because she was going to marry my brother so I am telling you why because I didn’t took anything seriously actually dadi told me that she is going to get bhai marry I knew that but she was the one I didn’t knew that because never inquire about that and I was not interested in so also ok so I have to go otherwise she will yell at me for sure so bye bye.
so never let anyone feel that you are not giving them importance and they didnt have any importance in your life you know that how much the person is important for you but your behaviour makes them to believe something else so think before you behave

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