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Chapter 3:
The soft sound seem to come somewhere round the corner….it got more clear as we approached the bedroom… i had held mr. Dixit’s hand tightly…he tried hard to make me calm down but i panicked like a school kid…
“ i guess we shouldn’t go there//” said I
“but y?? We should find out if anyone is here…??” he replied
“ what if…” i stopped…. as I saw a shadow taking form just behind him….
“mi..mi…. mr..diii.dixit…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” I shouted… as i got up opening my eyes…

What had just happened? And where was i?? I looked around… to find myself in the hotel room….
That means i was dreaming?? The next what i saw gave me a terrible shock… i saw my bracelet on my hand… how’s it possible?? Arghhh… i couldn’t think further… i freshened up and went downstairs…everyone was having breakfast… i looked here and there.. “where is mr. Dixit??” i thought…
“looking for me???” came a voice from the back…
I was shocked and mumbled… “no.. i mean… yes… where were u??”
He gave a strange look… “ here only….”
“okay..” said I and left…
He came behind me.. “miss bose… i hope u r happy now??”
“about??” i turned to him and asked..

He caught my hand and pointed towards the bracelet ….
I was again shocked…
“but mr. Dixit where did we get it.. i mean i don’t remember….”
“don’t think so much….” he said smiling and left…
It was our last day in Rajasthan… tomorrow we had our flight back our team decided to do shopping…. we scattered here and there in shops… as i was looking at the stuffs one of my colleague stated “sona..what’s this in ur hand??” pointing at my bracelet…
“ haven’t u seen it before.. i always wear it..baba gifted me..” said I
“ oh..” she said…
“ btw y?? Any problem….??” i asked

She tried to ignore but later revealed that she had seen the same piece in mr. Dixits room …she then tried to justify him.. but i said its ok…
The next moment I ran to him and confronted him directly….
He didnt seemed to be shock… instead he smiled…
“miss bose.. u and ur questions…” he said…
“mr. Dixit.. if this was with u y didnt u tell me earlier..??”
“Are u talking about this??” he stated as he took out the ditto bracelet from his pocket…

I was spellbound… i couldn’t get anything…
“actually miss bose i found the same piece in the market so brought i didnt know whether we would get urs or not.. i just wanted to make u happy….” he said
“and what had happened yesterday??” i asked…
“I guess u were tired so u slept… when i was trying to place u on the bed i saw something sparkling at the side… so i went there and picked it up… and it was ur bracelet… after sometime we came back”
I was forced to believe the matter although i didnt wish to… i felt there is some missing link… it was lunch time… we were having lunch when i noticed mr dixit looking at me… I just couldn’t understand y he was behaving weird…. i just smiled…

The next thing we did was to return to our hotel and take rest.. i thought to talk to him for a while and followed him to the room.. but he wasn’t there….i came down again… and saw that he left in a car….
I asked the receptionist…and she said he took a cab till “ The Imperial Palace”…to this i became more sceptical.. i decided to follow him… so i also took a cab till there…
As i got there i saw the security was standing… he would definitely shoo me off if he saw me again.. so i decided to enter without permission… i took mild steps and reached the back yard…and got inside using a small window… i came up to the hall… and looked everywhere..but where was he?? I could see no sign of him.. my heart palpitated …. i felt a kind of impulse… which said i should leave the place immediately… but something strange happened…

I couldn’t describe what it was exactly..but there was some change in the environment… the light seemed to change unnaturally, the density of the air became twice than before, the temperature of the hall increased..all in all my senses were disarranged… i heard a soft and natural sound..someone’s cough..but it was disturbing.. i couldn’t think any further… and collapsed on the head sweat…and my eyes were wide open…
In the darkest corner of the room was a person sitting..and looking at me with mild but unwavering interest……………!!
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-to be continued…

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