Hello devakshians… how are u all… remember me?? I hope so… i m the one who left my ff in middle.. 😛 sorry for that… bt trust me i had left writing only.. bt now that i have returned to my old phase i wud love to write an ff for u guys…. its a few shot ff …yeah no more long ffs from now on… so lets start…

IMPERIAL PALACE ~Chapter 1 “The first glance”

“how will we go out??” said I…. “by opening the door…” said he… i felt like banging his head… stupid.. how can one go out without opening the door… “oh!! Thanks for the info… actually what i meant is that how can we go out when its raining so much….???”
He: so u mean u will not go out for the rain?? U want me to miss the sight of ‘THE IMPERIAL PALACE’ for this shitty rain…??
“whats there in that palace..?” i said to myself… “ huh.. pathetic!!”
God knws when i will be relieved… this project is gonna kill me…
A thunderbolt is heard….
“miss bose… are u coming…??” said a sarcastic male egoistic voice..
“yes..” said me..
I hated to be with this man.. he is our department head… at archaeological survey of India… and we have come to Rajasthan for the search of some unique thing which ‘he’ …Mr dixit isn’t telling us…i so want to know what exactly is the thing… bt he is stubborn… arghhhh… i had to leave unwillingly…
Thank god he had booked a car… he and another 4 of us went… the weather seemed beautiful… the drizzling rain made me feel nostalgic… i went to a trans… i remembered something…
It was also a rainy day… i was late for my job interview… and it was raining heavily… i somehow boarded a bus…. suddenly i realised that my file was left on the bus stop… i was pissed of… “what m i to do now??”

I asked the conductor to stop the bus… i was not carrying an umbrella so i was getting wet.. bt then my first priority was to get my file… i reached the bus stop running… bt hell!! It wasn’t there… i would have given up..when suddenly removing all my worries came a voice.. “ are u looking for this?” i turned back to see my file… “oh yes..thank u so much” when i looked up.. i saw a tall, fair and handsome man standing right in front of me… smiling… trust me if it hadn’t been my crisis situation i would have thought of falling in love with the guy…i mean he was so adorable….bt i kept my childish thoughts aside and said..“thanks a lot… u helped me greatly…”
He: actually i saw it
Me: whatever.. thank u so very much..
He: its ok…
I smiled and looked at my watch…
He: what happened any problem??
Me: actually i need to go somewhere,,bt i guess m late..
He: where??
Me: ADI… I have my…
He: oh.. u can come with me.. i will be going that way only..

I was relieved… he gave me lift.. it touched my heart more… i somehow thanked him and went inside…i never looked back.. the registration was completed.. i urged the receptionist for a chance.. keeping in mind the weather… she agreed…
My interview went on perfectly… everyone seemed impressed… the head gave his verdict telling “ i want u sonakshi in our team…” my joy knew no bounds… bt before i could smile completely i heard a voice…. “bt isnt she too late for the interview??” i turned back… i was shocked… the same humble man..
The head : yeah.. but she is very talented…
He: sir sorry to say talent is in its place and punctuality at another.. u cannot merge both…
His voice was firm… and expressed audacity.. i knew i had no more hopes…
The head: mr dixit.. i understand ur point bt we require ppl like miss sonakshi…
He: sure sir… the decision is urs.. i was just telling…
The head: okay then.. congratulations miss bose.. u got the job…!!
“thank u sir…”
I just gave a glance at ‘mr. Dixit’ and since then i understood what exactly he was….
“hey thats the palace.. the imperial palace..!!” said my co-mate sitting next to me…and i came back to present… the rain had stopped.. and in the dusk we could see the palace lighten up!!
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-to be continued…
How was it guys…. it was just the beginning…so even if u don’t understand its okay.. hope u will do it in the upcoming chapters..plzz comment.. and leave ur precious views.. love u all


  1. HarSHaN


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    Tara..!!I Surprisingly see Ur writing words..I meet a new frnd,U today who used The same Style of writing I without riddles of see..Write Soon.. n share Soon..

    • Tara



      oh thats great..actually i was a very casual writer of ffs who used basic dialogues as a major part of writing.. bt after reading many ffs i changed my style a bit…
      thanks for reading

  2. Manya


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    You have a very different and interesting story 😍😘😊💘💟💕❤️💞💗❣💟and u can call me ayushi post soon 😁

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