The Imperial love (raglak) ss part5 by Mickey

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So the story starts with urvasi smirking
She chant some spells and princess ragini got disappeared….after that urvashi also went from there to her palace… There she became shock by founding Prince laksh with his parents…

Urv:- Majaraj durga prasad ji aur maharani Annapurna ji aap yha kaise padhare??
(Maharaj dp ji and maharani ap ji , what makes you to come here?)

Maharaja dp:- Rani urvashi, we thought to meet you ..we met last time when Maharaja shekhar was alive and princess Ragini lost…

Urvashi(making an innocent face):- I miss both of them….my sweet daughter ragini(shedding some crocodile’s tears ) don’t know where she went leaving us alone…. Maharaja shekhar also died because he can’t able to live without his beloved daughter…

Prince laksh closed his fist in anger because he knows all misdemeanours of hers…
Rani ap:- you can’t break down like this, you are now the empress of this empire you have to h
Take care the people of your empire…

Clearing her crocodile like fake tears urvashi passed her a fake smile…

Urv:- you all come and take rest…we will meet at dinner…

Saying this she left…. And asked a servent to lead them to guest rooms…

The servent showed them their respective rooms…
Ap and dp were in one and laksh in other room.
Something was there which​ was making laksh restless..his heartbeat was becoming faster…
The prince had no answer, that why he is becoming restless…

He closed his eyes and started taking deep breath to calm down..but when he closed his eyes…
Ragini came in his mind shouting”Prince save me please!!!!!”

He opened his eyes immediately… His heartbeat become more faster…he stood up and went outside to have a walk as he was feeling very restless…

Prince laksh was roaming in the big garden of the palace…
He was continuously thinking about ragini but his thoughts got disturbed when he heard a weak sound coming from a corner of garden..

Prince laksh went in the direction from where the sound was coming and he found a empty well there … The strange weak sounds were coming from it..

Prince laksh found it strange and he came down in that well…
Prince’s back touched one of the wall of that well and that wall got pushed a little…

Prince laksh turned and pushed that wall for his surprise it was a secret door leading to a dungeon…

Torches were burning there, Prince laksh took one torch and went inside…but stopped there hearing a sound…it was a man’s voice..

Laksh:- whooo is there????

Prince laksh went forward..
A black figure was shown sitting on a bench..
When prince went closer to him , the light of torch fall on himm…
The old man on the bench was now clearly visible. He had a long white beard, a pale wrinckled face, tangled long white hairs…but his eyes were bright and as cheerful as the eyes of princess ragini..

His body was just a skeleton..all bones with a thin layer of skin..

Prince:-you…. Maharaja.. Maharaja… Shekhar..what are you doing here…how you become like this… And… And.. you are alive…

The old man looked up towards Prince…

Shekhar:- who are you…?? That witch sent you here na…kill me..kill me.. But.. Leave my daughter…I know you gave him that poisonous apple…

Prince:- what???? Poisonous…apple.. And who witch???? Maharaj..why are you here..?? We all thought you died….

The old man got afraid… The burning marks were there on his skin which was shown from the worn-out dress of his…

Prince(trying​ to calm him):- Maharajah..I..I am prince laksh… The prince of Jaipur..I am the son of king durga prasad …
I am princess ragini’s friend…

The old man thought for a moment then said:- daughter…

*Shekhar imagined a small cute girl in princess attire of about 10 years playing with a boy who was in royal dress who is about of 11 years…

Princess:- baba… See prince is doing cheating…
Prince winked towards her*
The boy and girl disappeared…

Shekhar:- ragu…….
Prince sadly looked that old man who was once been The king and a happy person..

Prince:- Maharaja….
Shekhar looked him blanky..

Shekhar:- you….are you laksh…you were soo small… And now you grow up…how you can be laksh?..

Laksh:- I am laksh Maharaj..
Laksh showed him the royal mark on laksh’s arm..

Shekhar thought for a while..
Shekhar stood up but his legs were trembling..
He hugged Prince laksh..

Shek:- yes, you are laksh this star was there on laksh’s arm..

Prince smiled ..
Prince:- how you came here??
The​ expressions​ of shekhar’s face changed in serious ones ..

Shek:- that witch urvashi prisoned me here..she is a witch and she wanted to become the queen that’s why she sent ragini away to die in the jungle and imprisoned me here..
I got to know that she​ Gave a poisonous apple to ragini and know you have to save her….

Laksh:- how I can save her…

Shekhar:- it’s very difficult laksh!!!my Prince would you be able to save my daughter it’s very difficult!!….

Prince:- yes Maharaj..I will fight with every difficulty to save my ragini…(hehehe he said my ragini?)

Shekhar taking a deep sigh…
Shek:- laksh listen me carefully…that witch is very dangerous… She poisoned the Apple by biting it herself.. She is poisonous…but only one thing in the whole world can remove the affect of her poison and by that thing only that witch can die…

Laksh:- tell me fast Maharaj!!.. Which thing is that..

Shek:- after 1000s of years when all the planets of solar system comes in a straight line…a plant…a golden plant blossoms in a old castle about 400km away from here…
The juice of that plant can only heel ragini and urvashi can die only with that juice….
But it’s very difficult to get that plant…

Prince(in determined voice):- I will do anything for princess ragini…

So my friends the next part will be the final last…
Comment please… And if someone missed the previous parts inform me I will send the links to you…

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