Imperfections– Perfect For You (SwaSan fs) Shot 1 by Marsuu

Hello guys!! This is Marsuu only? with a new story. As my better half and uncontrollable feelings ended, Sanskar ki sanskari swara and MDBCM will end soon so here I’m giving new fs. I was going to start it after ending those but yesterday you all made my day with your beautiful words and appreciation. So was not able to stop to write this one. I’m sure you are going to like it bcoz I myself is loving this concept?

Well this story is all about two mentally unstable persons Swara and Sanskar. Here no one is mature and sensible. How they both will become life of each other. Though being imperfect they will be just perfect for each other.
As some want story on rebirth, so this will be link with their past birth. In the initial parts you won’t feel like its rebirth story but as it will proceed you will understand. So read patiently. Hope you support my new work?
Let’s begin:

Imperfections — Perfect For You
(SwaSan fs)
Shot 1:
Sanskar Maheshwari: 24 years old but his brain works like a kid of 3-4 years. He is mentally unstable, very stubborn boy. He lives in Holyland mental hospital. His parents died in car accident since then he is living in the hospital. He is very naughty and innocent. He was like this since 5 years when he met with a drastic accident and lost his mental ability.

Swara Bose: 22 years old but she is mentally stable and her mind is like of 3 years old baby. Swara was born like this. Her mind never developed. She is so innocent and cute. Only her mom shomi used to love and take care of her but even one month ago she also died bcoz of heart attack. Now how she will live alone in this world. God is not that cruel if he snatch one person than he may send other. Who will come in swara’s life to lighten it???? Let’s see.

Holyland Mental Hospital is run by nuns on charity. Its not the place where mental people are harnessed or something but they are treated and handled politely and kindly. There are mothers (nuns) who take care of them. Most of the people are from 20- 30 years.

Holyland Mental Hospital:
A girl who seems to be in her mid twenties is sitting in the park on bench and playing with her doll. She has messy hairs looking as she is insane.
That girl is shruti, who is mentally unstable. Sanskar and shruti always fight with each other.
Sanskar came running from inside and saw shruti sitting alone. He went near and snatched his doll.
” give its mine” shruti said and started crying.
” I want this” sanskar held that little doll close to his chest.
Mother Mary came to them as she listened shruti crying.
” what happened?” She humbly wipe shruti’s tears.
” my doll” shruti said pointing towards sanskar.
” Sanskar it’s her doll give back” mother said turning towards sanskar and he in turn shook his head not willing to give it back.
” its bad Sanskar” mother said strictly.
Sanskar bite his lips and give back the doll as he got scared. As soon as shruti got her doll,she ran away.
Mother look at sanskar who was so sad.
” I also want doll” he whisper pouting his lips.
” sanskar God will gift you also one beautiful doll” mother caress his face.
” when??” He asked scratching his head.
” very soon” mother smile.
Then only a car stops at the Hospital gate. One lady came out of the car wearing saree. Then she open the back door and pulled one girl who looks in early twenties out.
” leave plz” girl shouted. She was wearing flock and her hairs are long open reaching till her waist. Few hair strands are coming on her face, her face is pale and nose is red as if she is crying from long time.
” ohye mad keep quite” lady said loudly and dragged her cruelly inside the hospital.

Mother went near them
” plz behave calmly with her” she requested.
Sanskar took baby steps and went near them but was far only as he got scared from that harsh lady. He was trying to look at the girl.
Lady left the girl and mother held her closely. Girl hug mother tightly as she felt soothing touch.
” you are so beautiful like a doll” mother said wiping her face while the girl blink her eyes at mother.
Sanskar got attentive as mother said “doll”
” Jesus is she my doll??” Sanskar said looking at the sky.
He placed his finger at his head

” yes she is my doll bcoz mother said she is beautiful” Sanskar smile happily.
” yepiiii I got my doll” sanskar shouted in excitement. All look at him and he immediately place finger on his lips.
” sanskar go inside” mother said.
Sanskar nodded and went little far but not inside as he is scared that his doll will left him.
That girl was still hugging mother.
” what’s her name??” Mother asked.
” swara and she is mad so we came to leave her here” lady said.
” who are you to her?’ Mother again asked.
” I’m her aunty, janki” Lady said.
” plz fill the form and formalities we will keep swara here safely” mother said with a smile.
They went to the office and sanskar also tip toed after them slowly not making any noise.
He peep inside the room standing at the door. He was smiling looking at swara.
Janki fill the form and registered swara’s name in the hospital.
” now we will never take her back” janki said getting relief of the swara as she think her as burden.
” don’t worry we will take care of her” mother smile at her.

” sanskar what are you doing here??” Another mother nerissa asked from behind.
Sanskar turn back and look at her.She gesture her to come closer.
” yes??” Nerissa asked raising her brow.
” I got my doll” he said and giggles.
” where is she??” Nerissa asked.
” she is inside” he pointed at the office.
” okay for now go to your room” she said
” my doll will leave” Sanskar shook his head.
” don’t worry she will be here only you go ” nerissa assures him.
” okay” he smile and ran to his room.

Janki left swara and went from there. Mother held swara’s hand and took her inside the rooms where all are living.
Room No. 43:
In one room, there are three beds and three people live in one room. Sanskar enter inside his room smiling happily. Sanskar and shurti are living in one room and third bed is empty.
” I don’t want your bad doll I got beautiful one” Sanskar stuck his tongue at shruti who was sitting on her bed.
Shruti look at him confusedly and then she ignored him. Sanskar sit on his bed and started playing with ball.
Mother enter inside the room with swara. She was very nervous to see new atmosphere.
Sanskar and shruti look at her.
” now she will also live you both. She is your friend” mother said making her sit on the empty bed. Sanskar’s bed is in the center and near his is swara’s.
” take rest” mother said to swara before leaving.

Swara was silently sitting on her bed playing with the hemp of her frock.
” hiii” sanskar wave his hand at Swara. She just stare at him.
” may I come there” he pointed at her bed. Swara shook his head.
” okay” sanskar pout.
Shruti was looking at them till now. She got up and went near Swara.
” he is bad boy” shruti said pointing towards Sanskar.
Sanskar got angry and push shruti slowly
” she is my doll stay away” sanskar shouted.
Shruti also slap Sanskar and they started fighting. Swara was weeping getting scared.
” you made my doll cry bad girl” sanskar sit near swara.
” don’t cry doll” he wipe her tears and kiss her cheeks.
Swara look at him blankly.
” shruti also kiss her doll and you are my doll so I kissed” he innocently said.
Swara slightly smile.
To be continued….

Are you interested to read further????
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Share your views about the concept.
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  1. aww so sweet epi dr n their is saying dat if u wnt perfection choose imperfection so cute epi dr n thank u 4 posting ur another story

    1. Mars

      Awwww thank you so much dear glad to know you liked it??? and it’s always my pleasure to write on our heavenly swasan???? take care????

  2. Hai mars ,dis part was really amazing .surely it gone be a big blast.sorry for not commenting your previous posts now a days I rarely get time becoz of lab &exams

    1. Mars

      Thank you so much dear glad you liked it and its okay i can understand tc????

  3. awesome marsu loved it alot… ts so nice continue… while reading tears coming from my eyes.. still im crying.. loved it alot..

    1. Mars

      Aww I made you cry?? glad you liked it thank you so much dear tc????

  4. Abirsha

    Awesome but as both sanskar and swara is mentally unstable lets see how the story proceeds. I am waiting!! And one suggestion u shouldn’t have said that this story is about rebirth. It has spoiled the suspense. U should have kept it as suspense so that in upcoming episodes we would have been shocked seeing the rebirth concept.

    1. Mars

      ???? your point is correct dii I should not have revealed about rebirth now let it be the mistake is done next time will be careful for such things thanks for suggesting me???
      Let’s see how they their journey will start???
      Thank you so much dii tc????

      1. Abirsha

        He he yes mistake is done. In the upcoming episodes be careful

    2. Mars

      Yeah will be careful in coming updates????

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  7. Tamil

    Awww Sooooo cute story dear……Awesome…..Swasan so cute…..loved it

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    It’s going to be a thrilling story and am already in love with this story marsu..
    Am eagerly waiting for the next part… continue soon dear..?????????????

    1. Mars

      Aww thank you so much nepuu glad you liked it will post next part soon tc????

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