An Imperfect Love Story (Intro)

Hey Frds How Are You All…?
its me princess I mean angel so as I promised that I will write Arya’s season 3 so here it is and I need your suggestions and view on this story badly like really badly I need to know this that u guys r enjoying my stories or not so here we start
I have decided that it will be little different from others and previous 2 so let’s start with the intro

Its Title: An Imperfect Love Story

Hero:Arjun Mehra
Profession:Businessman he made sim cards he is a most successful and popular businessman in the world every company want to work with his company but he choose with whom he want to work he had many companies around the world his company name is SM and no one know its meaning because he never told
Personality: Hot,handsome,arrogant,rude, proud of himself and strict he had hatred toward women’s because when he was 10 his mother left him and his father for other man who was rich and since then he decided that he will become rich even though he hate women’s but he had new girl night with him he believe in hardworking but there should be no emotions and feelings in work and should keep everyone in limits and when it comes to business he won’t forgive even for a minor mistake.

Profession:she don’t do anything professionally but is really good in business and want to do job and make his own identity and she is really passionate about dancing and singing because she dance and sing very well
Personality: beautiful, pretty, independent, sweet,loving,caring,helping,brave yet little afraid bold yet shy she don’t live with her parents and any u know it later she believe in hardworking and she thought that people should have emotions and should have feelings in work but shouldn’t work emotionally when someone made mistake give them second chance that’s how she think

so now it will be interesting to read that how to persons completely different from each other fall in love and make their own beautiful world… ?

Important Notice ?:soon the current story which is “Hate: The First Step Of Love” is going to end because the end which I have decided is near so that’s why I thought to tell u guys before reaching its end so I hope u will understand this and will support me In my coming story so tel me how’s it till then bye tc and Love U All A Lot ???

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  1. concept.. Loved it!!! I am so happy Arya is back…update soon love u and take care!!

    1. thanks and love u too nu too tc ??

  2. very nice arya back but i miss arsam and happy Valentine’s day angel

  3. Amazing story dear. Totally different from ur previous stories. Love to read ur stories dear. Arya is back?..luv u…tc…

    1. thanks a lot and love u too m u too tc ??

  4. Yip go ahead princess

  5. Luv u too……the intro seems to be interesting…… luv with arya …they r awesome …
    My revisions are going to start so i won’t be active….i won’t be reading any ff’s bcoz
    If i read i will get addicted …..becoz they all are too good …..i will be thinking abt it itself..what will happen next that ……so bye ..i will be back in april …….
    Will miss u and ur ff’s badly……..take care

    1. awww thanks dear means a lot really ?? u too tc

  6. wow…….just can’t wait 4 it waiting eagerly 4 epi 1

  7. Its nice dear
    Ur FF’s are amazing ..and always have a fresh concept

  8. Princess dr awwwq story line was awesome yaar

    1. thanks hayathi dear ?

  9. Amazing dear Im wating 4 story 2 proceed

  10. Lovely concept… Looking forward to it!!

    Please don’t end arsam so soon.. Please let them stay…. Please stretch a little… Pleeeaaassseee

    Love you ??

    1. awww thanks and as u r insisting so much so I will think about it ????

  11. Awesome plot my dearrryyyy princess my angel…it’s really superbbbb start….I always love to read your stories n this one seems very interesting tooooooooo, please continue dear. ….eagerly waiting for the first episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. thanks a lot dear love u too and u too tc ???

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