An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 9)

Episode 9
The episode start with haya was going toward the boss room with coffee in her hand she came in lift and press the 25th floor button and after sometime she reached she came toward the room and knock on door and after sometime a reply came
Person:come in
Haya’s heart skip a beat after hearing a voice then she came in the room it was really big it was like a small house itself it had 2 room with 1 bathroom then she looked at the person who was sitting on chair his back was facing haya she felt little afraid to say something but then she took a deep breath and said
Haya:sir ur coffee
The person turn and haya look at him and took a breath of relief because it was not Arjun she smile and the person said
Person:put the coffee on table and keep this iPod with u I’ll msg u if I need something saying this he give a iPod and go and haya thought in mind
Haya said in mind:he is rude just like arjun god I’m again thinking about him
Person: what happened

Haya:nothing sir saying this she put the coffee on table took the iPod and before coming out she looked at left side she felt that someone close to her heart is near her but then she ignore her feelings and came out as soon as she came out the person who was sitting get up and came toward the left room and knock on door and said
Person:sir she left
Then a handsome and hot man came out of room and it was none other than arjun then he said
Arjun:did she get to know that u r manager
Manager: no sir
Arjun:good now u can go
Manager: ok sir saying this he left and then arjun came toward table he took the cup and drink the coffee and said
Arjun:that same amazing coffee I miss this so much saying this he smile and remembered how he said come in when haya knock and then before haya came in he gone in room then after drinking coffee he came inside the right side room which was his study and start working on the other side haya came back to kitchen and every girl surrounded her and said
Pari:how he behave
Sam:is he really hot in closer look
Sona: guys shut the hell up and let her speak
Haya:thanks sona and I didn’t stare him like that
Pari:what yaar

Sam:how can u do this haya
Sona:guys get back to work and haya Alan was looking for u as manager told the menu for dinner so
Haya:ok saying this haya came in lobby where Alan was she came toward him and was talking about dinner just then the lady who told haya her work (her name is “rose”) came and said
Haya turn to her and said
Haya:yes mam
Rose:pack ur bags u r shifting on floor 25th
Haya:what but why
Rose:because u r now PS of Mr Mehra and he will call u if he need something and what if he need something in middle of the night would u came all the way from 10th floor to 25th no right so go and shift
Rose: no ifs and buts its Mr Mehra’s order
Haya:ok mam saying this she came in her room and pack her bags and Sam, sona and pari tease haya and haya said

Haya: shut up guys its nothing like that ok saying this haya came in lift and reached 25th floor rose was already there she took haya in her room it was beside arjun’s room the 4th one and all the other rooms were empty as it was for special guest of arjun then haya put her bags in room it was also big like arjun’s room she put her clothes in cupboard and then came out for work on the other side the arjun was staring at haya’s photo in his phone and said
Arjun:finally I found u babe now u can’t escape from me from ur arjun I’m really angry with u and I’ll punished u surely but with love and then I’ll see how u won’t confess ur love saying this he smile romantically and came toward the glass window from which he can see the lobby and there haya was talking to Alan she was laughing and seeing this arjun felt jealous and he immediately came back to his seat and start working trying to control his anger on the other side haya came and start preparing dinner and suddenly her iPod ring It was msg from arjun she open the msg and this is what he said
“Black Coffee” this 2 words was send by him haya put the iPod back in her skirt pocket and prepare the coffee first and ask pari to look after the dinner and she will be back after giving the coffee to boss and pari agreed haya took the coffee and walk toward the lift she came in lift and press the 25th floor button and reached there she came toward the room and knock on it after sometime arjun said
Arjun:come in

Haya’s heart again skip a beat hearing the voice but she thought he is someone else not arjun with this thought she came in and said
Haya:ur coffee saying this she put the coffee on table and was about to go but stop when she heard arjun saying
Arjun:wait haya
Haya’s heart start beating fast she don’t understand why she is feeling arjun’s presence when it is not him she turn to make herself understand but she froze in her place seeing the person who turn his chair and there he is arjun her heart beat increased and she felt it will come out the next second arjun get up and came toward her and haya’s mind stop working altogether and now arjun was standing in front of haya just 2 step distance was between them haya said in a whisper
Haya: Arjun and suddenly haya’s vision get blur and she was about to fall on floor but arjun came and she fainted in his arms arjun lift her in his arms and took her in room he lie her down and sat beside her and took glass of water and sprinkle some water on her face and haya wake up she open her eyes and sat on bed she stare arjun unblinkingly and then arjun said
Arjun:don’t stare me like this else I’ll not be able to stay away from u saying this he smile and haya was shocked hearing him then she said
Haya:what r u doing here and where is my boss
Arjun: that’s me

Haya:no in evening there was someone else
Aejun:he was my manager I told him to be there because I don’t want to give u a shock but I guess this one is big shock
Haya get up from bed and said
Haya:I’m going saying this haya was about to go but arjun held her hand and pull her backward her back was touching his front and arjun warp his hands around her waist like a band and said in a whisper
Arjun:and what if I don’t let u go
Haya:please what r u doing someone will see
Arjun:I don’t care
Haya:please if someone saw us they’ll get wrong ideas
Arjun:what wrong ideas
Haya:they’ll think we have something between us
Arjun:so don’t we have anything
Haya:what we have
Arjun:u know really well what we have between us babe U R Mine Now saying this he tighten his grip and kiss her neck making haya completely senseless she want to resist but couldn’t do that because she love being in his arms both stood there for sometime

Next Episode:Arya’s Cute Fights And Romance… ?

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  1. Hey..this was was incredibly good..and their romance was awesome..of God can’t wait to read thr next episodes..and if you don’t mind can you read my next story that’s ” misconceptions” I hope you will like it. And about your story it’s mind blowing..awesome superb… you so much angel

    1. thanks a lot dear and will read ur ff and love u too ??

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  6. oh finally Arjun confessed but why he behaved rudely with her though he used to like her from d very this only because he didn’t want to let her know… l loved today’s was just awesome and eagerly awaited part….thnx 4 d upd…plz upd d next one soon..take care
    Stay blessed

    1. thanks a lot dear and yeah he don’t want to show her before but now he want her u know there is a saying that says
      “Love is something that happened when u don’t want and it gone away when u needed the most” u too tc and thanks for the blessing ??

  7. Amazing episode angel. Arya r superb. Arjun is too good. Eagerly Waiting for next update.luv u…tc…update soon.

    1. thanks a lot dear love u too n u too tc ??

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  10. Noelene. Naidoo

    Awesome episode waiting for the next update

  11. Wohohohoho!! That was a quick one… Well yeah it was long… I thought you’ll keep them apart for a bit longer.. But no…

    Everyone teasing her…. Arjun-manager exchange… Arya encounter… His questions… So cute… I love the precap…

    Post soon… Love you ??

    1. thanks a lot and love u too ??

  12. Clearly love….is ….in the air????

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  17. Thanks Lakshmi

  18. Hi Angel
    You are awesome it be Frank I read this part all most 30+ times. When can we expect the next update. So that I won’t become mad…by searching it again and again….

    1. awww thanks a lot dear really means a lot ??

  19. Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode, it’s him!!! wowwww, how did he find her? she got shock to see him as her boss…loved it very much. ….i just wanna point out, please don’t mind it but this track is similar to kfar’s “DT2 nesam…billionaire banker n chirpy beauty” I’m not comparing but maybe it’s just coincidence…..anyway I really loved arjun’s determination. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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