An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 8)

Episode 8
The episode start with haya get up in the morning and saw that she got the job that which have a very good salary and today is her interview at 10:00 am haya saw the time it was 9:00am she immediately took shower and get ready and left for interview then after sometime she reach hotel it was a very big and beautiful hotel she came inside at resection and told the receptionist about her interview and she ask her to wait after sometime the receptionist ask haya to go straight and left room is her destination haya came and knock on door and the lady who was sitting inside ask haya to come in and haya came inside the lady ask haya to sit and then interview start the interview was nice and it seems that the lady like haya’s confidence after sometime the lady said
Lady:u can go now we’ll let u know if u r selected

Haya:thank u mam saying this haya get up and left after sometime haya reach her hotel and start looking for other jobs in case she didn’t get this job also so that’s why then after sometime haya get a call from that lady and she said that haya is selected and she have to join from tomorrow haya become happy and excited for her new job then she had dinner and fall asleep thinking about her new life which is going to start from tomorrow

Next Morning
Haya get up and pack her bags as she is going to stay in hotel now where she is working after packing she took shower and get ready in black lace dress after that she came down check out from hotel and then left for her work after sometime she reached hotel its name was ( Hotel Paradise ) it was 25th floor building then she came inside and the lady who took haya’s interview yesterday was standing in lobby with other stuff haya came forward and she introduced haya to other stuff there was 5 people 2 boys and 3 girls the lady said that they r the main and important stuff
1st boy:hi I’m Neil
2nd boy:hi I’m Alan
1st girl:hello I’m Samaira u can call me sam
2nd girl: hi I’m sona
3rd girl:hello I’m pari

Haya:hi I’m haya nice to meet u all
Pari:same here dear saying this everyone smile and haya too then Alan took haya and tell her about her work and about boss

Alan:u know boss is very strike and his anger is always at its last level here u did any mistake and there he start shouting without even listening
Haya hearing Alan miss arjun and remembered their fights Alan saw haya lost and ask her what happened haya just said nothing and then both get busy in work sam give haya the uniform of hotel it was black skirt which came to knees and black loosen full sleeves shirt haya get changed in that and start her work now its been 1 month since haya joined this hotel and now she is not that much missing arjun but still when she see his photo in paper or magazine with someone else she felt hurt just like she saw one today when she was in kitchen with stuff and her eyes fall on magazine cover seeing arjun with some other girl her heart stop beating for a second and an unexpressive pain she felt in heart and then she came out of kitchen saying she have work she came in washroom and tears start flowing from her eyes and she thought in mind
Haya:god why it still affect me please arjun get out of mind and heart please why its affecting me when he don’t even care that’s why he always shout on me without even hearing my explanation and when its not even my fault then she wipe her tears and came out and Alan met her and said
Alan:where were u

Haya:in washroom
Alan:r u ok looking upset
Haya:no nothing I’m fine
Alan:then let’s go its time for dinner and u know our boss is coming tomorrow morning
Haya:ok finally my real job is going to start
Alan:yeah but careful he is the angry bird
Haya laugh hearing angry bird and recall the day when she call arjun angry bird and he heard that and then remembering him her laughter stop all of a sudden and a weird feeling occur in her heart that she don’t understand then haya said
Haya:well do u know his name and did u saw him
Alan:no yaar I never saw him and his actually name I don’t know but everyone known him by Mr Mehra he didn’t like his name to be taken as he have many business he is a multi businessman and he never let anyone call him by name if u want to take his name then u can say Mr Mehra or otherwise Sir

Haya get little scared because almost everything which Alan was saying describe arjun’s personality and moreover she was afraid that if its Arjun then she won’t be able to run away from him this time then Alan’s phone ring and haya came in sense then said
Haya:ooh god he is really an angry bird

Alan laugh on this and then both gone to have dinner after dinner haya came in her room she changed and lie down on bed thinking about his new boss who describes arjun’s personality and then she start missing arjun and tears flow from her eyes and she don’t know when she fall asleep crying as that time no one was in room because haya stay with sam, sona and pari they all stay in one room as its very big its like a small house

Next Morning
Haya wake up and get ready then she wake up pari, sam and sona they also get ready and came out they had bf and then get busy in arrangements to welcome their boss and haya was lighting the candles and while doing that she was thinking about arjun and whatever Alan said about their boss

In Evening
Alan came to haya and ask her to come as her boss is about to come she was going with him but that moment her phone ring it was her papa haya looked at phone screen and said to Alan
Haya:i will come later Alan
Haya:my father is calling I’ll talk to him then I’ll come
Alan:ok but come fast I’m going
Alan left and haya attend the call and said
Haya:hello papa h r u is everything alright
Papa:yes beta everything is fine I just call to inform u that he met with an accident and he is in coma so u r save now
Haya:and mom
Papa:she don’t know anything
Haya:thank god ok papa now I have to go my boss is coming and I have to go to welcome him
Papa:ok beta all the best

Haya:thanks papa saying this haya cut the call and run toward lobby but when she came everyone was going haya stop pari and ask her about boss and she said
Pari:god he is so hot and handsome u r so lucky yaar
Haya:god I’m late he reached and I didn’t even welcome him Alan told me he is very strike
Pari:yeah he is well leave it mam called u in her cabin
Haya:ok saying this she came in mam cabin and she ask haya to come in haya came and stand in front of her and she said
Mam:look now ur real work is starting and u know what u have to do but still I’ll remind u so listen first let start with morning u will make boss’s bf because he said his PS will as it u and its normal his previous PS work was to make food for him if he says but he never said but today he said his PS I mean u will make his bf, lunch and dinner and also snacks and tea or coffee
Haya:ok mam

Mam:and yes right now go and make coffee for him and took in his room its on 25th floor there is 5 room on that floor the 3rd one is his ok
Haya:ok but what kind of coffee he want
Mam:ask Alan he know as his manager told alan about food and everything
Haya:ok mam saying this haya came in kitchen and ask Alan and he said
Alan:he always drink black coffee but today he want milk coffee
Haya thought something and smile then
(Flashback Start

One day when haya was working with arjun she by mistake give arjun her coffee which was milk coffee and took arjun’s black coffee and before she could realized arjun came to her and ask her about coffee and haya said it was by mistake as she was making coffee for both and by mistake cups get exchange and she didn’t even saw that her coffee is black arjun smile a little seeing her her nervousness and then both exchange the cups and arjun said
Arjun:well coffee was nice saying this he left smiling and haya too smile
Flashback End) present day
Alan saw haya lost and said
Alan: haya what happened
Haya came in sense hearing Alan and said
Haya:nothing I’ll make the coffee saying this she start making coffee

Next Episode: U R Mine Now ?

Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 8th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u all a lot ??

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