An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 7)

Episode 7
The episode start with arjun wake up in morning and get ready for office then he came out and sat on chair for bf and after sometime naina and mary aunty came out from kitchen with bf but arjun’s eyes search for haya but couldn’t find her then he couldn’t control and ask mary aunty about haya and she said
Mary:I don’t know she must be in her room
Arjun:no she isn’t I’m coming from there
Mary:then where she can go that to this early
Arjun:wait I’ll ask the security guard he should know saying this arjun get up and came outside toward guard and said
Arjun: did u saw haya going out in morning
Guard:yes sir
Arjun:do u know where she left
Guard:no sir but
Arjun: but what
Guard:she took her bag with her
Guard:yes sir
Arjun become sad and angry and thought in mind
Arjun: how can she left from here did she get any house but its not possible
Then Arjun came inside and took his car keys and immediately left for office without saying anything arjun drive as fast as he can and came on his floor but haya was not there then aruhi came and knock on door arjun ask her to come in she came in and said
Aruhi:sir haya give me this letter and told me to give u
Arjun feel like snatching the letter and read it but he control his emotions and said
Arjun:ok keep it here and where is she
Aruhi:sir she left
Aruhi:don’t know sir but she said she is leaving this job
Arjun:ok u can go then aruhi left and as soon as she left arjun took the letter in his hand he immediately took out the papers it was 3 letter 1st was contract paper that says haya’s contract has ended 2nd was resignation letter and 3rd one was for him he open that latter and this what she wrote
(Sorry Sir I’m going without telling u and I know u must be really angry but I just want to thank u for whatever u did for me thanks a lot Sir… Haya)

Arjun drop the letter from his hand and he close his eyes and tears flow down his cheeks he touch his cheeks and wipe his tears and said to himself
Arjun:god why am I crying how can she do this how can she left me no I won’t let this happen she have to come back to me for me I will find her anyhow I need her I need her in order to stay alive I’ll get her back saying this he throw the latters and left from office and call all his sources to find her he hired detectives to find her on the otherside haya was sitting on bench waiting for taxi then she took a texi and came in some hotel she rent a room and came inside and lie down on bed then she remembered how in night she left from arjun’s house and before leaving she came in arjun’s room and stare him for sometime then after that she called her papa and asked money and he send her then how she came office before arjun and write the latter for him and then the resignation latter and then she said to herself
Haya: I Love U So Much Arjun but u can’t be mine I can’t put u in danger for my happiness and if aman get to know that I love u then he will try to harm u and I can’t let this happen saying this she wipe her tears and then fall asleep then time passed like that and now its been 3 months but still arjun couldn’t find haya one day arjun was in his office and someone call but still the same thing they didn’t find her yet arjun felt like killing them what’s the use of all this money all this power when he couldn’t find the one he love the one he want the most he feel helpless and broken he took his phone and stare haya’s photo which he click one day in office and talk her photo
Arjun:i want u where r u haya how can u leave me like this I’m missing u so much ur smile ur laugh and the most important thing the coffee of ur hand please come back babe I Love U So Much Haya saying this he kiss her photo and tear escape from his left eye on the other side it’s shows that haya was still searching for job she applied for many jobs but didnt get any positive response then she saw one offer it was like u have to take care of boss’s office work and u would have to work for boss as boss want and her work was only when the boss would be in hotel otherwise when he would be not in hotel she would just take care of his room and things that’s it and for that she was getting a really very good salary haya applied for the job and then on the other side arjun was sitting in his cabin after sometime someone call arjun and said something and arjun said
Arjun:r u sure
Person:yes sir
Arjun:ok I’m coming tomorrow there and I will stay there so make the arrangements
Person:ok sir
Arjun:and listen no one should know I’m coming because I don’t want so many people to know that I’m coming when I want I will them
Person:ok sir then arjun cut the call and came in haya’s cabin he came near the glass wall and stood there for sometime and then he said
Arjun:u r mine and I’ll get u back haya anyhow and once I got u I will not let u go away even for a second saying this he came near the seat and sat on chair and remember haya and his moments on the other side haya was also missing him and then both fall asleep thinking about each other

Next Episode:Haya’s First Day Of New Job And A Lot Of Fun… ?
Hey frds h r u all?
here is the 7th episode how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u a lot ???

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