An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 6)

Episode 6
The episode start with arjun came home in evening and saw haya and the lady working in kitchen he heard haya’s laughing sound and smile then he gone in his room and fresh n up then came down for dinner and sat on chair haya came out of kitchen and served Arjun he ask haya to have dinner too and haya also sat beside arjun and had dinner then after dinner haya was in her room and was reading book just then someone knock on door and haya ask to come in the lady open the door and came in with glass of milk in her hand she give the glass of milk to haya and said
Lady:Arjun ask me to give u milk as u have habit of drinking milk before sleeping
Haya took the glass and smile and thank her and she left and haya after drinking milk fall asleep thinking about arjun

Next Morning
arjun wake up and came down for bf haya was already there sitting on dinning table waiting for arjun she was looking beautiful in pink kurti with white salwar and white dupatta and arjun was wearing black jeans with white shirt and blazer then both had bf and left for office then both reach office and get busy in work

In Afternoon
Arjun was working and someone came to meet arjun haya inform him and arjun ask her to send the person in haya call at reception and ask the receptionist to send the person in and just then haya’s papa call her and she came in kitchen to talk as she want to talk to her papa alone haya pick up the phone and said
Haya:hello papa h r u
Papa:I’m fine beta but
Haya:what happened papa
Papa:beta he…he had came here yesterday
Haya:what god did he know where I’m
Papa:no beta but please be careful u know he is very powerful
Haya:ok papa saying this she cut the call and some memories in blurry vision came in her mind it was sometime like this

(a boy is dragging a girl forcefully with him in room and a lady is standing there watching the boy the girl was shouting but that lady didn’t came to help her)
Haya came in her sense when she heard her phone ringing she look at her phone and saw unknown number she answer the call it was arjun he ask her where is she and she said she was talking to her papa then arjun ask her to come in his cabin and cut the call haya wipe her tears and came in arjun’s cabin arjun saw her and said
Arjun:what happened u r looking worried
Haya:no sir nothing like that
Arjun:ok listen one of my frd is now going to be my business partner and u r going to be his PS too so ur work will be more now
Haya:who sir
Arjun:wait I’ll call him he just left two mins ago
Haya:no it’s ok
Arjun:ok and yeah please send aruhi also
Haya:ok saying this she left and then aruhi came and start working with arjun and haya was just staring them as she don’t like seeing them close then the whole day passed like that

In Night
Arya came home and both gone in there respective room and get fresh n up then both had dinner and gone to sleep but haya couldn’t sleep thinking about what her papa said then while thinking she fall asleep

Next Morning
haya wake up and get ready in beautiful black kurti and red salwar dupatta she came out and had bf with arjun haya was silent and lost arjun saw her lost and ask what happened but she didn’t tell anything and said she is fine then after bf both left for office after sometime both reach office as soon as both came on their floor arjun saw a girl and hug her haya saw them and feel jealous seeing their closeness then both came toward haya holding hands and then arjun introduce that girl to haya
Arjun: haya meet naina she is daughter of Mary aunty (the servant lady)
Naina:hi nice to meet u
Haya:same here

Arjun:haya please bring two cup of coffee for us
Haya:yeah sure saying this haya left in kitchen and start making coffee then haya bring the coffee as soon as she entered she saw arjun and naina were laughing and feel jealous then she give coffee to arjun and then naina but while giving coffee to naina haya by mistake drop the cup and coffee fall on naina’s dress and some on haya’s right hand as coffee was hot haya’s hand get burn arjun didn’t saw it and start shouting on haya
Arjun:what r u doing haya can’t u do it carefully u just spoiled her dress
Haya:I’m sorry it was by mistake
Naina:its ok my fault I didn’t hold it carefully
Arjun:naina u go clean ur dress then we’ll go home to meet aunty and haya u call the peon to clean it
Haya in hurt voice said
Haya:ok sir saying this she gone to call the peon and then arjun and naina left and haya was in her cabin just then someone came in her cabin and she was shocked to see the person she get up from her chair and said
Haya:u what r u doing here
Person: I’m here for u darling saying this the person came close and haya move backward then haya said
Haya:just go from here or else I will call police
Person:ohh really then please go ahead saying this the person hold haya’s burned hand and haya scream in pain and said
Haya:aman leave my hand

Aman:what if I don’t
Haya was crying and then aman said
Aman:good this is what I want to see tears on your eyes well now u have to tolerate this everyday from next week
Haya:what do u mean
Aman:I’m arjun’s frd who is going to be partner in this company and u r going to be my PS
Aman:yeah from next week u will be mine saying this he laugh and left from there and haya broke down on floor and start crying and said
Haya:I can’t work here now I have to go from here saying this she cried even more then whole day passed like that

In Night
Haya came home alone as arjun was at home haya came and saw arjun, naina and Mary aunty talking and seeing arjun so happy she felt that she is not needed for arjun’s happiness as haya need arjun she was going when mary saw her and stop her hearing mary arjun too turn and saw haya she saw arjun and tears filled her eyes arjun saw her tears and felt guilty then mary said
Mary:beta when did u came

Haya:just few mins ago
Mary:ok u go get fresh n up till then I’ll set the table for dinner
Haya turn and gone in her room she came inside and close the door she came in washroom and stand in shower as water flow down on her she start crying then after sometime she came out of washroom changed and lie down on bed after sometime when haya didn’t came mary aunty came in haya’s room she knock on door and haya wipe her tears and said
Mary came in and said
Mary:beta aren’t u coming for dinner
Haya:no aunty I’m not hungry
Mary came and sat beside haya and said
Mary:r u angry with arjun
Haya looked at mary and she said
Mary:naina told me he scold u
Haya:no its nothing like that I’m just not feeling well I’ll just rest for sometime
Mary saw her burned hand and said
Mary:how did this happened

Haya:actually the coffee which fall on naina’s dress also fall on my hand
Mary:o god is it hurting
Haya:not much
Mary:wait I’ll apply the cream
Haya:no its not needed aunty
Mary:what do u mean not needed give me your hand saying this she applied cream on haya’s hand and then ask haya to wait and she will bring food and she have to eat and left haya again lie down and think about aman and then arjun and cried then mary came down and arjun ask about haya and mary said
Mary:she is resting
Arjun:she is not going to have dinner with us
Mary:no she’ll have in her room
Mary:because her hand is burned and I’ll make her eat
Arjun:what but how
Mary:the coffee which fall on naina’s dress also fall on her hand but u didn’t even saw and scold her it was by mistake do u have any idea how much she is hurt
Mary:no but u will say sorry to her tomorrow morning now I’m going I’ll make her eat saying this she left then mary came in haya’s room and make haya eat and then mary left and haya cried

Next Episode:U R Mine And I’ll Get U Back At Any Cost… ?

Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 6th episode how’s it actually after reading ur lovely comments just couldn’t stop myself from writing the next episode so here it is and do u guys liking the current track or not tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

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