An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 4 and 5)

Episode 4
the episode start with haya was working and was thinking about what arjun did and said and she was little upset about something else too just then arjun came in her cabin haya saw him and get up from her chair and arjun give her a file and said
arjun: prepare the presentation for this project
haya:yes sir saying this she take the file but arjun didn’t leave the file and said
arjun:why r u upset
haya:no sir I’m not
arjun:no I can feel it tell me what happened

haya looked at him in amazement and arjun realize what he just said “he can feel it” arjun thought in mind and then said
arjun:well do ur work saying this he left from there and haya feel some kind ok happiness knowing he can feel her feelings haya smile on this thought and start preparations for presentation then after finishing her work she search for some house on rent but her destiny she didn’t find even a single house or room on rent and her luck that she don’t have anyone with whom she can stay then its time to go home she thought for sometime and then she take a taxi and left to find any hotel near by she find many but the rent was out of her budget then after trying hard when she didn’t find any place she came back in office and silently came in she take her clothes from her bag and gone in washroom to change then she came out from washroom wear black legging and red loose tank top with black shawl and she lie down on sofa on the other side arjun was thinking about haya as when he left haya was working and he didn’t even know that she reach her home or not he thought to call her but then he remember that he don’t had her number then he thought something and take his car keys and came out he sat in his car and after sometime he reach office he came toward office gate and saw it was open and the guard was sleeping he came inside and look around then he came toward reception and take out a big book in which there was information about employees he look for haya’s number and after searching for sometime he finally found it he immediately save her number in his phone and call her it was ringing and arjun heard sound coming from up and thought she forget her phone he came in lift and gone toward her cabin he came in and saw haya sleeping her back was facing him but still he recognise her then arjun came toward her and sit on his knees near her and haya turn in sleep and hold arjun’s hand and arjun stare her lovingly she was looking so innocent like an angel he was thinking about her since he saw her in that garden that night till now then arjun try to free his hand and in this process haya wake up and saw arjun seeing him this close that to suddenly haya get scared and she immediately get up and said

haya:sir u here
arjun looked at haya and said
arjun:yes but what r u doing here and why r u sleeping here why u aren’t at home yet
haya:actually sir
arjun: yes say
haya:Sir I’m still here because
haya:I’m homeless
arjun:but just yesterday I drop u at ur home and today u r homeless
haya:actually that lady I mean my landlord throw me out of the house because I came home late
haya thought not to tell arjun about what that lady said about them because it will be embarrassing then arjun think something and said
arjun:ok come with me
haya:where sir
arjun: home
arjun:yes u will stay in my house
haya:no it’s ok sir i will stay here just for tonight
arjun:no its not save

arjun stare haya and haya lower her eyes then arjun ask her about her luggage she tell him and he pick up her bag and said to haya that he is going down and come fast saying this he left and haya stand there thinking why he came office this time and why he care so much but she like his caring nature then haya came out and sat in car then after sometime both reach home arya enter in and guards and driver smile at them and arjun smile back and for the first time haya saw arjun smiling and thought in mind
haya in mind: god his smile is so cute saying this she smile while staring arjun then both came inside and haya was surprised seeing his house it was so beautiful and well furnished and then a lady servant came and greet them with smile and arjun again smile then arjun ask her to show haya her room and she took haya with her then while coming toward room haya said
haya: can I ask something
lady:yes dear
haya:why everyone smile seeing arjun sir
lady:actually sir started this first he always used to greet us with smile and then its become a habit its like a way of greeting since then whenever we see each other we greet each other with smile

haya smile remembering arjun’s smile then they reach near room and lady ask haya to rest haya came inside and was shocked because it was so big and beautiful she never saw such a beautiful room before then haya fresh n up and lie down on bed but was not able to sleep because she always drink milk before sleeping and today she didn’t even had dinner then after trying really hard when she couldn’t sleep she get up and came in kitchen tip toe she look for switch and open the lights she feels its little wrong but then she couldn’t stop and open the refrigerator and take out a jug of milk she take a glass and pour milk in it and drink then after drinking she clean her mouth with the back of her hand and wash the glass and turn and saw Arjun standing at door he was looking at her as if asking what r u doing here then haya said
haya:actually I have a habit of drinking milk before sleeping and moreover I was feeling hungry sorry
arjun came inside and take a glass of water he drink it while staring haya then he put the glass down and walk toward door but before leaving he turn little left and said
arjun:u don’t need to say sorry and its ur house too so u can stay as u like and do anything like u want saying this he left and haya was shocked hearing him she just couldn’t believe what she just heard then haya came back in her room and fall asleep thinking about arjun

Next Morning
haya wake up and get ready in black loose tank top with jeans and blazer then she was about to open the door when someone knock on door and haya open the door it was the same lady servant who show haya her room yesterday she wish haya good morning and told haya that Arjun is calling her for bf haya told her that she is coming and she left then after sometime haya came down and arjun was setting the table he didn’t saw haya as she was behind haya was about to say something but stop when she heard arjun saying something to that lady servant and then arjun said
arjun:u all go and have bf and don’t make lunch today for me I have some work so I won’t come home for lunch but u all have ur lunch and one more thing give uncle some money as much as he want ok
lady:ok beta saying this she turn and saw haya and said
lady:come beta have bf arjun hear that lady and turn to haya and haya smile but he didn’t smile back and sat on his chair and that lady left then haya came and sit on chair and had bf after sometime that lady came with tea and haya said

haya:aunty this bf is so delicious
lady:beta arjun made it today saying this she left and haya looked at arjun and said
haya:really Sir u should open an restaurant or hotel
arjun: I have
arjun:restaurants and hotels all around the world
haya: but u make sim cards right then
Arjun: I’m a multi businessman and I have business of lot of things like of sim cards, mobiles, restaurants and hotels and etc
haya was again saying something but arjun said
arjun:now if u r done with ur blabbering then have ur bf fast because we have to go office then saying this he get up from chair and walk toward his room haya widen her mouth and said to herself
haya: blabbering I’m not blabbering how can he say that rude saying this she take the tea and was about to drink it but stop in mid when she heard arjun’s whisper in her ear
arjun:I heard that

haya become nervous when she feel Arjun’s lips on her ear and in nervousness she close her eyes clutch table cloth and Arjun put his hand on her hand which was on table and as soon as haya feel his touch she become senseless completely and arjun softly kiss her ear shell and then said
Arjun: but u look cute when u blabber and get nervous saying this he get away from her and haya slowly open her eyes she couldn’t believe what arjun just did and more than that she was shocked because she didn’t stop arjun and she like what she feel when Arjun is close then left after sometime both left for office and after reaching office arjun get busy in office but haya was not able to forget what that lady said and then what arjun said in her ear and what ever happened then time passes like that its been 2 month since haya is staying with arjun because she is not getting any home she don’t know why no one is ready to give her house on rent she don’t want to stay with him but somewhere in her heart she also start liking arjun because of his caring and loving nature its not that he don’t get angry or shout he do get angry and shout but after that he also care and show love then one day haya was discussing about not getting any house on rent with her office frd (her name is aruhi) haya didn’t told her that she is staying with arjun because what might they will think at the same time arjun came and heard haya he think something and smile

Next Episode:Reason Behind Not Getting Any Home And Haya’s Jealousy… ?
Episode 5
The episode start with arjun heard haya talking to her office frd haya was in kitchen she was making coffee for her and arjun was standing at door haya was talking about that she is not getting any house on rent arjun think something and smile then he left from there and came in his cabin he sat on his chair and rest he close his eyes and

( Flashback Start
One day arjun saw haya in her room she was talking to someone regarding house on rent when arjun get to know that she is thinking about leaving his house just because he is her boss and she is staying here free even though she like him but still she want to go he felt an inexpressible sadness the thought of living without her made him so restless that he decided that no matter what happened he won’t let her go away and when he know that she too like him then there is no chance that he will let her go so he hired a guy to follow her and to whoever she met regarding getting a house on rent meet them and ask them to refused haya to give house and that’s the reason no one is ready to give her house on rent or room
Flashback End )
Arjun’s eyes were still closed and he was thinking about haya just then haya came and knock on door arjun open his eyes and ask her to come in haya come in and said
Haya:sir aruhi wants to meet u
Arjun:send her in and wait saying this he take out a file And said
Arjun:read is file and correct the mistakes I want it fast
Haya:ok sir saying this she left and aruhi came in haya was in her cabin and was seeing arjun and aruhi both were very close and aruhi was coming mord close to arjun and seeing their closeness haya get jealous and in anger she did mistakes in file then after sometime she realize and was about to correct the mistakes but arjun call her in cabin and she came in the cabin with file in her hand without realizing it then arjun ask her to give file haya become tense Arjun saw file in her hand and takes the file he check it and saw mistakes he looked at haya and get angry and said
Arjun:what the hell is this haya
Arjun:I told u to correct the mistakes but u ruined the whole file now what will I present tomorrow in front of the clients it my mistake that I trust u and give this huge project file
Haya:sir I’m sorry but I will correct the mistakes again
Arjun:no need aruhi will do it and I’m sure she will do it better then u I don’t understand why I even give u this work I should have give this to aruhi before saying this he give the file to aruhi as she was there and ask her to go and do her work as aruhi left arjun looked at haya she was looking down arjun was about to say something but haya said

Haya:sorry sir I will do it more carefully next time her voice was all broken and shattered and it can easily be seen that how much she is hurt from her face then she turn and came out of the cabin and gone in washroom as soon as she entered tears start flowing from her eyes and she broke down on floor she don’t know why but she was feeling really hurt its not that he never shout like this before because he did but in these two months her feeling has changed for him before he was just her boss but now he is more than that his care and love which he showed in these two months has changed her way of thinking about him and seeing his trust on someone else more and shouting on her in front of other hurt her a lot then she wiped her tears from back of her hand and came out she saw arjun was not there she came in her cabin and after sometime a peon came and give haya 5 files and said
Peon:mam arjun sir told me to tell u that u have to correct the mistakes in these files and till u didn’t finished it u won’t go home haya silently takes the files and start the work there was so many mistakes that she didn’t realized and it was night neither she had lunch nor dinner she was working continuously it was 10:00 and haya was still working she was alone in office arjun came home as he was out from afternoon he thought that haya would have came with this thought he came in his room and fall asleep

Next Morning
Arjun wake up and came down after getting ready and was waiting for bf just then the lady servant came with bf and served him then arjun said
Arjun:please call haya also for bf
Lady:but beta she is not at home
Arjun:not at home then where she left this early
Lady:beta she didn’t came home yesterday
Arjun:what she didn’t came
Lady:yes I call her to ask but she said she will come once her work is finished because it was a lot
Arjun then remembered that he give her this much work and he himself told the peon to tell her that she can’t come home without finishing her work then arjun get up and the lady said
Lady:where r u going beta
Arjun:I have some work so I’ll have my bf in office ok
Lady:ok beta
Arjun takes his car keys and sat in car while going office he cursed himself for shouting at haya then after sometime he reached it was 6:00 am so no one was at office except arjun, haya and peon arjun came inside and gone directly in haya’s cabin he came inside and saw her working just then a peon came and was going in haya’s cabin with cup of coffee in his hand arjun stop him and said
Arjun:to whom u r going to give this coffee
Peon:Sir haya mam she asked for another cup of coffee
Arjun:what do u mean another
Peon:sir this is the 20th cup of coffee
Peon:yes Sir
Arjun:did she had bf
Peon:Sir u r asking about bf she didn’t had her lunch and dinner yesterday she is just working continuously
Arjun again cursed himself for giving her so much work then arjun took the cup and ask the peon to go and get bf for and he will give haya coffee and peon left then arjun came inside haya was looking down and didn’t saw arjun he came inside and forward the cup haya without looking up said
Haya: thanks kaka this is what I needed saying this she takes the cup and start drinking it and arjun was staring her then she finished her coffee and peon knock on door haya look toward door hearing the knock and saw peon at door then haya look up and was shocked seeing arjun she get up from chair and arjun ask the peon to come in and told him to put the bf on table and after putting bf peon left and arjun turn to haya and came close to her he hold her hand and haya was about to say something but arjun drag her to table and make her sit and sat beside her and ask her to have bf but haya refused and said
Haya: my work is not completed yet
Arjun:do it after bf
Haya:no I will have it after work saying this she get up to go but arjun held her hand and pull her back and make her sit then he ask her to eat and then both had bf together and haya feel special knowing that he didn’t had bf without her then after bf arjun ask haya to go home and rest as she didn’t slept last night haya refused but arjun forcefully send her and after sometime haya reached home the lady servant give water to haya and told her that arjun was really worried about her and then haya said
Haya:sir is really close to u and really care for u aunty
Lady:yes beta and after me I saw him caring for u and u r really special for him trust me he never care about any girl like this before like he do for u and u know when I told him that u didn’t came home he was having bf but after knowing that u didn’t came home he also left without having bf and said he will have it in office well now u must be tired so go and rest
Haya:hmm saying this she smile and came in her room and get fresh n up she changed her clothes and lie down on bed and fall asleep thinking about arjun

Next Episode:I Can’t Work Here Now
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 4th & 5th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and Love u all a lot ???

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