An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 3)

Episode 3
the episode start with haya was waiting out of the office for taxi while waiting she said to herself
haya:god why I never get taxi fast I always have to wait uff she was waiting when her phone ring she take out her phone from bag and pick up and said
haya:hello h r u papa
papa:I’m fine h r u

papa:won’t u ask about ur mom
haya:I don’t want to know about her she is not my mom anymore papa
papa:ok well do u know what date is tomorrow
haya remembered something and a tear escape from her eye then she said
haya:yes papa I’ll do that tomorrow thanks for reminding me
papa:don’t be beta ok now I should go before ur mom get to know
haya:ok papa tc
papa:tc beta love u
haya:love u papa saying this she cut the call and tears start flowing from her eyes she break down on road she was crying then suddenly she heard a voice she look up and saw arjun he hold her from shoulder and help her in getting up he make her stand up and then said
arjun:what happened
haya:no nothing Sir saying this she wipe her tears and was going but she feel dizzy and was about to fall but arjun hold her and said

arjun:what happened u r not fine
haya:I’m ok sir
arjun:no u r not ok come with me I’ll drop u home
haya looked at arjun and stare him she was seeing his this side for the first time his caring nature and she felt good seeing his care for her as he always shout on her and she thought he is arrogant and rude but now she know he is also caring and loving arjun saw her and said
haya came in her sense and said

then arjun make her sit and and sat on driver seat and then haya tell her address haya was resting her eyes were closed she didn’t realized when she fall asleep then arjun stop the car in front of her home he turn to her and saw her sleeping she was looking just like a 2 years old kid so cute so innocent because of wind her hairs were flying and was covering her face arjun came little close and hold her hairs and put them behind her ear as soon as haya feel arjun’s touch she wake up and saw arjun his hand was still holding her left cheek both stare each other but arjun stare her with such intensity that haya’s heart start beating fast and she felt it will come out any moment so she said in low and soft voice

arjun came in his sense and immediately sat straight on his seat then said
arjun:ur house is here
haya look around and saw she was in front of her house she get down from the car and turn to say thanks but arjun start the car and left immediately and haya stood there thinking about arjun then she ring the door bell and a lady open the door and as soon as haya enter inside she start shouting

lady:what is this again late and who was that boy I saw him from window
haya:mam I’m sorry actually I was not able to find any taxi and he is my boss he drop me
lady:no its enough from tomorrow I don’t want u here that’s it don’t know he is only boss or what

haya:no mam u r getting it wrong
lady:I don’t want to hear anything tomorrow I want my room empty u can stay here only for tonight saying this the lady gone in other room and haya gone in her room she sat on bed and cry on the other side arjun was driving but suddenly he stop the car he felt like someone really close to him is not fine he was feeling restlessness then he drive to his home and after sometime he reach and without having food he fall sleep on the other side haya was sitting on table to eat dinner but she was not able to eat so she too came in her room and fall asleep
Next Morning

haya get up she get ready for office and pack her bags and left from there she came in temple and everyone ask her to sing aarti at the same time arjun was passing from there haya start singing and Arjun heard her voice and he suddenly stop the car and said to himself
arjun:haya saying this he look toward temple but there was so many people that he couldn’t see her he get down from his car and stand outside of the temple haya finish aarti and give sweets to everyone as people made a way she came forward arjun saw her and then left from there before she could see him then arjun reach office and after sometime haya and start her work arjun was staring her without his knowledge he is falling for her and he can’t even do anything the more he try to control his feelings the more it become stronger
In Evening

haya was on other floor for some work when she came on her floor she saw arjun he was again scolding that employ whom he punish that day but there was someone else to haya came little forward and saw it was peon he was old and he was sitting on sofa then after sometime the peon came out he was going but he was so weak that he was not able to walk haya came and help him haya ask him where he want to go and he said he want to go out in parking lot as arjun air ask him to wait there haya couldn’t control and ask him what’s the matter and what peon said was a shocked for her
peon:actually beta that manager is not giving me sick leave arjun sir told him before to give me but he didn’t so I came to complain about him
haya:what did sir said

peon:he give me 1 month leave and didn’t even cut my salary in fact he give me 2 months salary in advance and now he said he will take me to hospital

haya was shocked hearing him and thought in mind
haya:everyone is so wrong about sir he is not heartless in fact he is so good just like an angel by that time arjun came and saw haya helping the man he came and open the door of back seat and make him sit on back seat and then arjun ask haya to go and work she made a sad face and arjun sat on driver seat and left haya came in her cabin and said to herself
haya:so good he is with others but will not forget to shout on me but still he is so nice and he is not at all arrogant and rude god why am I thinking about him I just don’t understand this feeling I should focus on finding a new home on rent otherwise I have to live on street today saying this she get busy in work and then after an hour arjun came and sat on his chair haya saw him and take a glass of water and gone in his cabin before coming in she knock and arjun ask her to come in she forward the glass of water and arjun looked at her and said

haya:u must be tired so water
arjun get up from chair he came near haya and hold the glass from where she was holding and drink while drinking he stare haya was shocked and try to free her hand but he didn’t then he leave the glass and said
arjun:don’t do anything like this again saying this he left and haya stare him going

Next Episode: I’m Homeless ?

hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 3rd episode how’s it tell me after reading and one more thing its about my other story which is “Hate: The First Step Of Love”
so the 20th episode is the last episode of “Hate: The First Step Of Love”
so tell me how’s the episode till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???????

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  1. superb dear as always

  2. Wowww arjun was too diff charecter

  3. fantastic

  4. awesome episode but you always suddenly end ur ff i really miss arsam

    1. thanks a lot and its not suddenly dear I told u this before ?

  5. lovely epi. Arjun has many shades here. haya too has some story. waiting for next one.

    1. thanks a lot and yea haya have a past ?

  6. wow! LOVELY EPISODE!! is this 50 shades of arjun?! so many at a time… wow!! haya hates her mom?! why?! both of them seem to have a past

    please post soon.. love you 🙂 :-*

    1. thanks a lot and yes as I mention arjun’s past already in intro but haya’s past is mystery that u guys will get to know in upcoming episodes? love u too ?

  7.’s my first time reading this story and it’s awesome..I loved’s really good..ah arjun wow he is so gooddd..and what character have you decided for haya? I mean like whom does she look? ..really good story..bye love you

    1. thanks a lot dear and u can imagine haya as radhika as hero is arjun and bye love u too ??

  8. Nice dr.. now oly read past episodes. . Carry on.. Rock as always. .
    Till then take care angel..?

    1. Thanks a lot and u too tc ?

  9. Amazing episode dear. It’s totally superb dear. U r really amazing writer dear. Waiting for next update. Luv…

    1. thanks a lot dear love u too n u too tc ??

  10. Wowwww princess my sweeeeeet angel it’s lovely episode….arjun not heartless…arya falling for each other. …she is homeless, where she gonna go now…arya car scene n the peon scene were very nice…loving this story very very muchhhhhh. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads..

    1. thanks a lot dear and love u too ??

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