An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 25 Last Episode)


Episode 25 (Last Episode)
The episode start with haya wake up in morning and saw Arjun sleeping peacefully she was warp in his arms haya smile and get up to go but suddenly arjun’s gold become tight on her waist and haya looked at arjun and said
Haya:u r awake and u were acting huh arjun let go
Arjun:yes I was awake and were acting because I was staring u as u look so beautiful while sleeping and I won’t
Haya:Arjun please na
Arjun:no saying this he came on top of haya and leans down and kiss her passionately haya kiss him back and then when its become hard to breath they released both stare each other lovingly and arjun whisper
Arjun:thanks for the last night but
Haya:but what
Arjun:but I want it again tonight saying this arjun kiss her neck and haya said
Haya: arjun u r so shameless
Arjun:what shameless I’m honestly saying I want to have u again please I just can’t get enough of u I want u more and more I love u so much saying this arjun kiss her shoulder and haya said
Haya:I’m all yours arjun and i love u too saying this haya tighten her grip on his shoulder and after sometime arjun took haya in washroom and both took shower together then haya came out first and get ready she smile seeing love mark on her body and then came down to make bf she make the bf and arjun also came both had bf and arjun left for office

In Night
Arjun came home from office and get fresh when he came down the lights were off he call haya but she wasn’t there then after sometime arjun heard some noise and turn to look behind and saw haya she was standing near dinning table and was lighting candles Arjun came toward haya and was mesmerized seeing her she was in beautiful Backless Red Lace Dress (this one)

arjun was staring haya she came near him and said
Haya:what happened
Arjun:nothing u r just looking really really beautiful saying this he kiss her forehead and haya said
Haya:let’s have dinner
Arjun:yeah let’s go saying this arjun hold haya’s hand and both had dinner after dinner both talk for sometime and then arjun lift haya in his arms and came in room he make her sit on bed and remove her accessories then he kiss her passionately and took off her clothes and his then both lie down on bed arjun pull blanket over them and both get intimate then days passes like that and finally the day comes when arjun got an award of Most Successful And Young Business Tycoon Of The Year Arya was really happy then

Nesam’s Wedding Day
In morning arjun wake up and saw haya was not there he look for her and then finally found a chit on cupboard he open the chit and this is what was written

“Good morning love
Sorry I’m leaving for hotel sam called me early as she need my help so please don’t be angry u were sleeping so I don’t want to disturb u now bye and come soon I’ll wait for u love u…. UR HAYA”

Arjun become sad as he didn’t even saw her today then he immediately took shower and came out to get ready when he came he saw and his clothes were already on bed he smile and get ready and came down he was going out but saw another chit on door he open it and read

“Don’t go out without bf I already had put ur bf on table have it then go please for me”

Arjun smile and then gone back he sat on chair had bf and then left for office after sometime he reached and call haya they talk for sometime and then both get busy in their work respectively

In Evening
Arjun reached home and gone to get fresh he came and open the cupboard and there was another chit arjun smile and open it and read

“Hi I know u would look for clothes so I already had put ur clothes in 3rd door of cupboard and ur shoes and everything come soon I’ll be waiting”

arjun get ready and left for hotel afyer sometime he reached and look for haya but couldn’t find her then she came with sam and arjun was like wow seeing haya she was looking really beautiful in Floor Length Flared Anarkali (this one)

Haya looked at him Arjun smiled and indicate her that she is looking beautiful and haya blushed then haya make sam sit in mandap and stand with arjun as she came arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:come with me
Haya smile and both came in arjun’s room as they entered arjun hug her tightly and said
Arjun:don’t leave me alone ever again please
Haya:awww my cute hubby missed me
Arjun:u can’t even imagine how I felt without u
Arjun:yeah I felt like a dead person
Haya:don’t say like that arjun please
Arjun:I love u so so so much
Haya:I love u too arjun saying this she kissed his right cheek and arjun said
Arjun:come here
Arjun took her in middle of the room and said
Arjun:here and haya i want to say something
Arjun: i know haya the day when we get married was suppose to be the best day of our life but because of me it become worse but trust me I did everything to save u from Alan and for that I’m sorry
Haya:I know arjun please don’t blame urself and don’t say sorry
Arjun:ok but I want to take the promises again but this time the promises will be mine
Haya:promises but how
Arjun:wait saying this arjun came near a candle stand and took out one candle he put it in middle and then light it with lighter and hold her hand and said
Arjun:My 1st promise
“I’ll always love u no matter what the situation comes”
Haya:I promised the same
Arjun:My 2nd Promise
“I’ll be with u in every problem and will always support u in everything”
Haya:I promised the same
Arjun:My 3rd Promise
“I’ll never ever leave u and will always trust u”
Haya:I promised the same
Arjun:My 4th Promise
“I’ll never let anything bad happen to u and will always protect u from everything”
Haya:I promised the same
Arjun:My 5th Promise
“I’ll always keep u happy and will make ur every dream come true”
Haya:I promised the same
Arjun:My 6th Promise
“I’ll always fulfil my duty toward u and will become a good husband”
Haya:I promised the same
Arjun:My 7th And Last Promise
“I’ll will be with u throughout my life and will never ever make u cry”
Haya:I promised the same
Arjun:now can I kiss my bride
Haya smiled and Arjun kiss her softly and when haya kiss him back he deepen the kiss and both kiss each other passionately then finally released each other to take breath haya felt shy and hug arjun he hug her back tightly and then both came back in hall the wedding was completed and both left for home after sometimes both reached home they came in their room and arjun hold haya and haya said
Haya:arjun what r u doing
Arjun:what couple do after getting married
Arjun:what am I wrong look we took promises so basically we get married again so its our first night so
Haya:arjun u r getting shameless day by day
Arjun:I know that saying this he turn haya and kiss her passionately end he took her to bed lie her down came beside her pull blanket over and they get intimate

The End ?
Hey frds h r u all and how’s the last episode tell me till then bye tc and love u all ???
And yeah I hope this episode is as good as u guys expected ?

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  1. Fabulous ……

    n ha…. i read. love is all i need n… hatred beginning of new love….

    both r best
    actually fir u… there is no word to described ….. ….now u have to suggest me a word for u coz i didn’t find it
    stay blessed …love u…

    1. thanks a lot dear ? love u too ?

  2. Awesome dear missing arya very much pls start new story same name arya.

    1. thanks and yeah I’ll make season 4 ?

  3. So sad yaar zaldi katam hua

    1. awww don’t be dear I’ll make season 4?

  4. Great ff

  5. Wow amazing. Beautiful ending.

  6. if possible plzzzzz come back with arya season 4……….seems like I have become addicted to arya………..and this epi was as fav as ur all epis……loved 4m the core……

    1. thanks a lot and will definitely make season 4 of Arya ?

  7. thnx dear ..l love Arya n gonna miss ’em u loads ,,,take care
    #stay happy #stay safe #stay blessed

    1. just finished Arya season 1 n 2….how do u manage to write such outstanding stroy,, yaar?? n how such cute things come to ur mind Ha?? Plz reveal d secret !! l just can’t get over some of ur dialogue,,still spinning in head n l’m laughing like a fool !! l’m in love with Arya so much,, n eagerly waiting 4 >>season 4..l know u’ll come up soon with our lovey dovey couple Arya once of luck 4 ur new ff”‘Desires”.l know it gonna be rocking..xoxo..thnx 4 ,,,,3 season of u very much ..
      #take care,#May God bless u..

      1. thanks a lot dear and yeah I’ll make season 4 definitely

        thanks for the new ff and love u too ??

  8. Heart breaking moment right now i don’t want ur ff to end…seriously comeback wid arya season 4…ur stories r awesome…really happy dat arya had a happy ending…..waiting 4 ur other stories… you alot!!!hugs n kissesss

    1. aww thanks alot dear for so Much love and yea will make season 4 and will post them soon and love u too ???

  9. Amazing episode as usual dear. Will miss them alot. Hope u’ll come up with season 4 of arya.
    Luv u…tc…

    1. thanks a lot and yeah I’ll make season 4 love u too ??

  10. superb angel i really miss u please continue with another arya story
    and please tell the name of arya’s season 1 and 2 i want read all the season
    thank u

    1. thanks a lot and yeah I’ll make season 4 ??

  11. I loved it. Will miss this story can’t wait for the next update on your new story.

    1. thanks and will update soon ?

  12. Dear,
    I am little upset…but it’s OK…dear the best word for you is ABFOGEI…..guess wt is…??? Awesome brilliant fabulous outstanding great excellent and impressed…. One word is surly not enough…. But please promise me u will write 100 episodes…. U can focus on the life after marriage la? Dear as arjun said I want more…….of Ur episodes… u lots….

    1. hey love,
      Awww don’t be….. Hahaha thanks a lot dear I love it a lot ??
      Actually I don’t want to drag e story so that’s why not so much epiaodes….. Hahaha ? was who sweet dear love u too ???


    1. awww thanks a lot ???

  14. Miss u ayaa
    Awsome episode

  15. Hai angel… today oly got time to read the story…
    Awesome ending dr…? The perfect promises..? Love u dr..?
    U r always different, unique and perfect….
    Catch u in the next story…
    Rock as always. . Take care. .??

    1. hi pooja …thanks a lot dear ?? love u too ??

      U too tc ??

  16. Awesome, wowwww angel it’s superb n beautiful episode n lovely story. …you’re doing phenomenon job my sweeeeeet friend. .keep it up. Love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

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