An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 24 Second Last Episode)


Episode 24 (Second Last Episode)
The episode start with arjun wake up in the morning and saw haya sleeping peacefully her head was on his chest and her hands were warp around his waist he caresses her hairs and then put her head on pillow gently he get up and gone in washroom he took shower and then came out arjun thought to spend sometime with haya so he wear his normal clothes and came down to make bf after making bf he came in his room with bf in his hand haya was still sleeping arjun put the bf on table and wake her up haya wake up and sat on bed but her eyes were still closed as she was still feeling sleepy arjun smile and said
Arjun:come on babe open ur eyes else I’ll not let u get up from bed saying this he wink and smile naughtily and haya widen her eyes and said
Haya:what did u just said
Arjun:I said what u just heard now leave all that because bf is getting cold so let’s go saying this arjun pull haya and took her to table he make her sit on sofa and serve the bf haya get up and arjun said
Haya:washroom at least let me wash my face
Arjun:ok but come fast
Haya:ok saying this she gone in washroom and after sometime she came out and both had bf after bf arjun before going to office came to haya and said
Arjun:I have a surprise for u
Haya:surprise where
Arjun:not now at lunch
Arjun kiss her forehead and went to office and haya start arranging arjun’s and her clothes for engagement at lunch Arjun came happily at home haya saw him so happy and asked what happened and arjun said
Arjun:remember I told u that I have a surprise for u
Haya:yes please tell me
Arjun:ok just a min saying this he gone out and then come in with Alan and police haya was shocked as alan was arrested arjun came toward haya and said
Arjun:this is ur surprise I told u na I’ll soon find out that what is it that keeping us apart so here it is
Haya:how did u know and papa
Arjun:don’t worry he is save and the man who was working for Alan there is also arrested and now they will be in jail for rest of their life and won’t be able to harm anyone haya was so happy but before police could take Alan haya came and slapped him hard and said
Haya:this is for doing all this with me and arjun I will never forgive u Alan I hate u please just take him from here I don’t want to see him saying this haya turn and arjun came to her and haya hug him tightly and arjun said
Arjun: ssshhh don’t cry now I don’t want to see u crying ever again from now ok
Haya:thank u so much arjun
Arjun: why
Haya:for saving me from Alan
Arjun:I didn’t save u I saved my life
Haya looked at arjun and Arjun lean down and kiss her softly and mumbled on her lips
Arjun:I love u haya
Haya:I love u arjun saying this she fill the gap and kiss arjun and he kiss her back passionately then both release each other and haya hug him in shyness and arjun hug her back then arjun ask haya to have lunch and after that get ready for engagement haya agreed and both sat to have lunch they were having lunch when haya said
Haya:can I ask u something
Arjun:off course sweet heart
Haya:now did u get to know about what Alan had said to me
Arjun:when today I reached hotel I heard Alan talking to someone and he was talking about doing something in ur papa’s company so I called police and arrested him and then the police made him tell the truth and he confessed that’s it saying this he smile and haya smile and nod then after lunch haya left to get ready she came inside and took out a beautiful Net Zari Work Black Lehenga (This One)

And get ready haya was tying her blouse knots when arjun came inside he was totally mesmerized seeing haya she was looking so beautiful that arjun was not able to take his eyes off of her haya saw Arjun and said
Haya:arjun please help
Arjun came in sense and said
Arjun:yeah saying this he came near her and stood behind her and said
Arjun:yea what help
Haya:this knots I’m not able to tie them please tie them
Arjun:off course saying this he hold the knots and haya look up at mirror as she felt his fingers on her bare back haya immediately closed her eyes and Arjun stare haya then after tying the knots arjun warp his hands around her waist leans his head down on her neck kiss there and mumbled on the skin of her neck
Arjun:haya u r making me mad please don’t kill me with ur beauty saying this he kiss her again and haya said in a whisper
Haya:arjun please not now we r getting late for engagement
Arjun:babe I can’t wait anymore
Haya:just wait till we don’t came back please
Arjun looked at haya and said
Arjun:r u serious
Haya nod in yes and arjun smiled and said
Arjun:then let’s go fast I can’t wait to come back
Haya laugh at arjun’s restlessness and said
Haya:wait let me wear my mangalsutra and sindoor
Arjun:wait I’ll do it saying this arjun came and took the box of sindoor in his hand and fill haya’s headline and then took the mangalsutra he smile seeing the mangalsutra because it was the one he brought for her then he put the mangalsutra around her neck and then both turn to mirror and see each other and smiled then both left for hotel after sometime both reach and haya gone to sam and arjun came toward Neil they were talking and after sometime haya came down with sam Neil and Arjun was staring their love respectively after sometime nesam’s engagement happens and then they had dinner after dinner Arya left for home then after sometime both reach home and haya came in room arjun was out haya was waiting for arjun then he came inside and saw haya she was standing in balcony staring the sky arjun came and hug her from behind and said
Arjun:what happened why u haven’t changed yet
Haya:umm actually I……i was waiting for u
Arjun:for me
Haya nod in yes and arjun said
Haya didn’t understand how to say and said
Haya:what do u mean why u don’t know why
Haya get irritated because when they were leaving arjun was like so excited and want it to make her his but now he is like he don’t know anything then arjun said
Arjun:tell me what happened
Haya:nothing saying this she came inside and took her simple red saree and gone in washroom as she left arjun smiled and then after sometime haya came out of washroom and saw the whole room decorated with candles and the bed was decorated with rose petals and with that “I Love U” was written then arjun came from behind and said
Arjun:so for irritating u but I wanted to decorate the room so have to do something like this na saying this he turn haya and haya blushed then arjun lean down and kiss haya passionately and haya kiss him back then after sometime both release each other and arjun said
Arjun: i was waiting for this from so long i never said but i had controlled my emotions a lot and only i know how difficult it is to stay away from u but i don’t want to force u and that’s why I never tried to before arjun could complete haya hug him tightly and said
Haya:I love u arjun please make me urs
Arjun:I love u too haya saying this arjun kiss her neck and shoulder passionately then haya turn and arjun open the blouse knots and kiss on her back after that arjun unpin her pallu and it fall down arjun gently remove it and haya was in skirt and blouse now as haya left shy she closed her eyes and arjun lift haya in his arms and lie haya down on bed and haya covered herself with blanket and then arjun took off his clothes came on top of her haya open her eyes and shiver feeling arjun’s bare skin on her both stare each other lovingly then arjun kiss haya again but this time more passionately and hardly and then they consummate their marriage

Next Episode:Last Episode ?
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 24 episode as I said my both stories r going to end so this one is of 25th episodes and the other one “A Beautiful Revenge” is of 15 episodes and after their end I’m starting the new story “Desires”
I forgot to mention in the intro that Samaira can’t become mother and there is a story behind it everyone knows that she can’t become mother but why they don’t know this and it will be the suspense of the story well leave all this and tell me how’s the episode till then bye tc and love u all a lot and please don’t get sad because of end of this story please ???

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  1. I will miss this story so much. I loved this episode. Can’t wait for the last episode.

    1. Awww thanks a lot dear ??

  2. Finally arya r one. M so happy.

  3. What samaira cant be mother so sad….nice update dr

  4. God…. its killing …

    1. awww please dont be sad ?

  5. awesome missing arya very much

  6. Superb dear. Will miss arya.
    Luv u..

    1. thanks a lot love u too ?

  7. Hai angel dr… It’s aft so long I am commenting.. just because wanted to be silent reader.. so for a last episode I want to comment. .
    U did a awesome work dr… nd waiting for a grand ending…?? keep going my sweetheart. .
    All the best… ???
    Rock with new one….
    Love u… Take care.. ?

    1. hey pooja…yeah long time… But I’m glad that u were reading

      Thanks means a lot dear and will definitely make a great ending

      Thanks and will try to make the new ff also good and unique love u too and tc ???

  8. Thnx angel 4 giving us this ff..did l say l love every parts but ur starting parts were just rocking,, really d journey was too good ..keep writing nd enchanting ppl…n glad to know u, as well,u r so humble writer nd frnd,,looking forward to enjoy ur new ff..nd yes
    waiting 4 d last but not d least part
    #thnx 4 upd regularly
    #love u loads #stay happy #stay safe,stay blessed..

    1. thanks anu means a lot dear ?
      I will try definitely to make the new one awesome and thank u for supporting so much love u dear and thanks once again ??

  9. nice one but upset that u r ending it so fat

    good waithig for the LAST EPISODE

    1. thanks ani but don’t be I’m starting a new ff with the end of “An Imperfect Love Story” and “A Beautiful Revenge” and will post soon ?

  10. Dear,
    Y u always end by 25 episodes….. Please write more episodes atleat 100….dear I won’t miss you because I will read the next story but please write more da….atleat for US….. I have searched the word…tomorrow I will say……but make the ending the best… wishes

    1. hey love,
      Actually I did this because I don’t want to drag the stories but I will think about it as u have said and thanks means a lot to me that u loves my Stories and yeah definitely ??

  11. I will very much miss ur “Angel”ic stories.. loved both of them.. well u hv lessened that pain as u r again coming up with one more story…too sensuous and cute episode

    1. awww thanks a lot dear and I will definitely try to make the new one awesome ??

  12. Awesome, marvellous episode, angel u nailed it my princess. ..Alan got arrested n arya finally accepted each other. ..wowwww awesome episode. ..I’m glad you’re so sweet and humble. …already started new story as this one is going to end…I just love the way you narrate your stories. …hopefully the next one is also as interesting n exciting as your alllllllllll amazing stories are….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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