An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 23)

Episode 23
The episode start with arjun wake up in morning and saw haya she was sleeping peacefully she was totally warp in his arms and seems like she is very much comfortable arjun stare her lovingly and then think in his mind
Arjun:I know babe u love me u really do I can feel it and I can see it in ur eyes there is something u r hiding there must be some reason because of which u did this I know u can’t do this without any reason because my haya is not like that and that’s why I get married to u to keep u close to me to keep u save so that I can find out what’s wrong and don’t worry I’ll find out soon and then we’ll stay happy together and always I promise I’ll love u a lot thinking about this he kiss on haya’s forehead and smile and because of arjun’s kiss haya wake up she saw arjun smiling and he was so close that her heart start beating fast and arjun smile seeing her nervousness and came move close filling the gap between them and hug her tightly haya couldn’t resist and hug him back without even giving a second thought then after sometimes someone knock on door and disturb Arya’s lovely moment arjun get irritated and said
Arjun:who’s this
Pari:sir its me pari I came with bf
Arjun:coming saying this he leave haya and get up to open the door haya get up and sat on bed arjun came out of the bedroom and open the door and took the tray he thank pari and she left arjun came in and saw haya lost in deep thoughts he put the tray on table and said
Arjun:babe come lets have bf na I’m hungry saying this he came toward haya and haya was teary eyes because after so much time she is hearing “babe” from arjun which was with love and care not in anger or hatred arjun hold her hand and both sat on sofa arjun make her eat with his hands and didn’t let haya refuse after bf both left for home after sometime both came home and arjun left for office and haya did all the work then days passes like that its been 2 weeks now since they get married

One Day In Afternoon
Arjun came home for lunch haya was in kitchen then arjun came and saw her working he smile seeing her because she was looking cute he always wanted to see her like this like his wife he came and hug her from behind and said
Arjun:is lunch ready
Haya immediately separate herself from him and said
Haya:yeah almost
Arjun pull her closer again in his arms and said
Arjun:never ever distance urself from me else
Haya stammer
Haya: el…else wh…what
Arjun came close to her and whisper
Arjun:else I’ll do something which will leave u unable to walk away I hope u know what I mean babe saying this he bite her ear shell softly and haya become shocked she can’t handle this now his sudden intimacy and his unacceptable talks then arjun said
Arjun:I’m out come fast with lunch saying this he left and haya breath heavily she was not able to control her emotions but she have to control anyhow then after sometime both were having lunch and arjun ask haya to get ready for shopping as day after tomorrow its nesam’s engagement but haya refused as she have every type of clothes and she don’t need anything but arjun didn’t listen and said
Arjun:I want my wife to look good
Haya:what do u mean I don’t look good
Arjun:u look but u will look more good in clothes of my choice
Haya:the clothes which r in cupboard is also of ur choices
Arjun:I know but these r not wedding type of dresses so go and get ready
Haya:I don’t want to go anywhere
Arjun:babe I’m telling u that u have to come with ur hubby but no its ok if u don’t want to come I’ll go with neil, sam, sona, pari and yeah naina is also coming so it’s ok u stay at home we’ll enjoy saying this arjun start eating his lunch again haya get jealous that he is going with everyone and didn’t even tell her that everyone is coming she was really very angry and said
Haya:ok I’ll come
Arjun:no its ok no need
Haya:no I said na I’ll come with u
Arjun:with me
Haya:yeah I mean everyone is coming that’s why
Arjun:everyone or naina
Haya:off course everyone if naina is coming that doesn’t matter to me
Arjun:ok if u r saying so it is like that then
Haya:yeah it is like that only saying this she get up and gone in room to get ready as she left arjun smile seeing her anger haya came in and said to herself
Haya:what is so good if naina is coming he think I’m jealous no way why I will be I’m not jealous yeah I’m not jealous god he again mess up with my mind saying this she gone in washroom after sometime she came out wearing Casual Black Lace Dress arjun came inside and was stunned she was looking hot very hot arjun came and stood behind her just an inch away haya feel his presence and immediately turn and arjun said
Arjun:change ur dress
Arjun:u r not going out wearing this
Haya:but why
Arjun:because I’m saying
Haya:but what wrong in this saying this she look down at herself and arjun pull her closer and mumbled on her lips
Arjun:babe u r looking too much s*xy in this and I don’t want any other man to look at u like this only I have that right so wear this type of clothes only in front of me and if u really don’t want me to pins u against this wall and do everything right now so go and change because I’m already losing my control seeing u like this u don’t have any idea how badly I want u so please don’t make it more difficult for me now go because if u stayed even for a second here more I’ll definitely lose my control saying this he distance his self from her and said
Arjun:go before I lose myself completely
Haya immediately walk toward cupboard and took out a White With Red Blouse Fantastic Embroidered Saree and run in washroom arjun came out and wait for haya she came after sometime arjun make haya sit and then sat in car and left for mall after sometime both reach everyone met haya and naina came and hug arjun it make haya little jealous no not little but a lot which can easily be seen from her face but she was happy like really happy because alan was not there she felt relief then they did shopping arjun bought so many dresses for haya she felt as if he is going to bought the whole mall and everyone was like “OMG” especially naina, pari and sona they were like “I wish I was his wife” then after shopping they had dinner out arjun insist and pay the bill then they were leaving arjun opened the door for haya and she sit inside everyone was so overwhelmed by arjun’s sweet gesture toward haya and it increased haya’s love ever more for arjun then they reached home and haya came in room first she changed in white salwar and pink kurti she was standing in balcony Arjun was not in room he was in his study as he said he have some work haya was thinking about all the things that happened in past few days arjun’s love and care was increased a lot she was seeing a totally different arjun his sweet gestures the way he treat her he is not treating her like a servant at all as he said in beginning of their marriage in fact he is treating her just like a princess he isn’t letting her do any work he didn’t even let her cook but she insist so he agreed to let her cook but only cooking nothing else she was totally broken she can’t stay away from him now she loves him a lot haya was thinking all this when arjun came and saw her totally lost in thoughts he came and hugged her from behind and said
Arjun:what happened jaan
Haya tried to get away from his arms but arjun didn’t let her go and haya said
Haya:arjun please let go her voice was broken arjun can feel the pain in her voice arjun turn her and said
Arjun:what’s wrong babe why r u crying
Haya:arjun please don’t do this why don’t u just understand I said I betrayed u so please hate me don’t love me don’t care about me just hate me arjun saying this she turn and was going but arjun came in front of her hold her from shoulder and said
Arjun:I will love u and care about u because I do haya listen to me babe please I know there is some reason behind ur changed behavior and I know that Alan is behind all this and u can’t tell me and trust me i don’t even want to know because I’ll find out by myself but u have to promise me that u won’t tell anything to Alan about this and will do as he say ok
Haya:u know everything
Arjun:from the beginning first I have a doubt but then when I asked Alan to let u be my wife and first become rich and I will make him rich he agreed and because of that I become confident that u didn’t did anything wrong and its all because of Alan so when I know everything how can I hate u babe saying this he kiss haya’s forehead and haya immediately hug arjun crying arjun hug her back and said
Arjun:ssshhh no need to cry babe saying this he separate her and wipe her tears and said
Arjun:come now let’s sleep saying this both lie down on bed and haya hug arjun and he hug her back tightly and both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Episode:Nesam’s Engagement And Arya’s Romance …??
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 23rd episode how’s it I hope its long from previous and thanks for all the comments that u guys did on previous episode and tell me how’s it till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???????????

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