An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 22)

Episode 22
The episode start with mahi came in room and saw arjun was in study she came in bedroom as she don’t have any cloth she haven’t change and lie down on bed she thought to sleep before arjun come but her luck as she was about to switch off the lights arjun came and stop her and said
Arjun:why r u sleeping in this dress why u haven’t changed
Haya get up and sat on bed and said
Haya: because I don’t have anything to wear
Arjun came close to her and said
Arjun:who told u to wear anything
Haya get shocked hearing him she push him and said
Haya:shameless saying this she turn and was about to pull blanket but arjun snatch the blanket and said
Arjun:go and change
Haya get up from bed and stand in front of him she put both of her hands on each side of her waist and said
Haya:change into what
Arjun:into my shirt its sleeveless u will catch cold in fact u r already feeling cold
Haya:no I don’t want ur shirt and I’m fine
Arjun:haya don’t force me to change it by myself
Haya get shocked and said
Haya:r u mad or what
Arjun:I told u if u refused then
Haya:that doesn’t mean you’ll do what u want ok
Arjun:yes it’s mean I do what I want now go else saying this he pull her closer by holding her waist there was only an inch gap between them both stare each other and haya in this fear that if she didn’t run away right now she’ll loss herself in his arms push him and said
Haya:fine I’m changing saying this she came near cupboard and took arjun’s black shirt and gone in washroom and changed now she was in black shirt and pink legging which she was already wearing she came out and lie down on bed arjun was already on bed she pull blanket and closed her eyes suddenly she start shivering the weather was really cold and she couldn’t handle this much cold arjun feel it and turn to her side arjun saw her shivering and said

Arjun:haya r u ok
Haya without turning to him said
Haya:I’m fine
Arjun turn haya to his side and said
Arjun:god u r shivering haya
Haya:no I’m fine saying this she was turning but arjun pull her closer and covered her with blanket and said
Arjun:no babe u r not fine u r cold as ice what happened
Haya:don’t know I’m feeling really cold
Arjun hugged haya tightly and said
Arjun: jaan I told u na change but no first u want to fight na now see
Haya:please stop scolding me
Arjun:ok sorry saying this he tighten his grip and haya also left herself in his arms after sometime she start feeling good and arjun said
Arjun:r u ok now
Haya:yeah thanks I’m feeling much better now
Arjun make haya looked at him by holding her chin and both stare each other arjun moved haya’s hair from her face and put them behind her ear both were lost in each other forgetting the world forgetting everything except their infinite love for each other then arjun lean down and kissed her on lips softly and haya kiss him back and a kiss become passionate after sometime both released and hug each other tightly and sleep in each others arms peacefully without even saying a word

Next Episode:starting of nesam’s wedding functions and Arya’s cute fight ???
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 22nd episode how’s it well I’m feeling no one is liking my stories as much as u guys used to like it before tell me if u don’t so that I’ll end them ???

Credit to: Angel


  1. Ani

    As I told u please don’t stop. I am busy with my exams so I was not able to comment . But after my exams I’ll surely comment dear. I have also said this in beautiful revenge episode 10 ….

  2. Vivi

    No..don’t say dat..plz don’t end ur stories… I couldn’t comment due to my studies and i barely sleep…also…i love arya.. Alot… soon!!luv ya!!tc

  3. Jannat

    Abeeee yaar don’t do that….i read all epis more than 4~5 times …. I’m always waiting for new one….. all are busy coz its exam time…. but it doesn’t meann that ur ff is not good… it is awesome ….. we all are not just reading ARYA… we r living them…. plzzz don’t stop….. atleast write some more epi…

    n one more suggestion … plzzzz update longer epi as u did in starting … from few epi tht r toooo small….

  4. Anu

    ha ha actually l am rubbing my eyes to confirm coz u upd 22 so soon !! usual l loved it a looot .nd plz yaar don’t even think, to stop this here,,u know na in march many of readers remain busy because of xms ..
    #love ya,,
    #stay happy,,,Stay blessed

  5. KK

    The story line is going good but you should change the place where most of the episode take place. “at hotel”. it should be home instated of staying in hotel. it does not look good even if you own 20 hotels. home is home after all. just a small Suggestion.

  6. Love

    y u under estimate yourself darling….. u know i use to search for words to appreciate you… still i don’t find the exact one….to appreciate your works….sweet heart please continue don’t even have the thought to stop…my wifi is not working so i was not able to comment….please continue don’t stop and as u usually write till 25 episodes please don’t do the same….write more and more….LOVE u darling …..great work….

  7. Kavina

    Please don’t stop. I love all your stories. People are not commenting because of exams. I love your writing skills please don’t stop.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.